Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 602

When Xu Que and Liu Jingning left the area a lot of cultivators were gathering in they kept a low profile and didn’t draw attention of many people.

In such a noisy, crowded place, cultivators were constantly coming and going. Some people went to scout the Celestial Burial Valley in advance. Some people decided to leave on the spur of the moment.

However, Xu Que, who left with Liu Jingning and a dog, was a little bit eye-catching.

“What? The guy who left just now looks quite familiar!” a man murmured to himself from behind Xu Que with a frown.

Someone beside him turned around and took a glance. “D*mn!” he said. “I know him! He’s the Lightning Rogue!”

“Holy sh*t! No wonder he’s so familiar to me! I remember when he was fleeing, he took a dog with him!”

“Exactly! The butt of that dog is bald! That’s him!”

“The Lightning Rogue is here! Let’s take him down! We have to erase this despicable man from this world!”

Many people who had been injured by the lightning which had been intended for Xu Que suddenly recognized him. And they were furious.

Luckily, most of the cultivators had come here with the main forces of the big families and sects, so they hadn’t seen Xu Que before.

Those who had been struck by the lightning were cultivators Xu Que met on after setting off from Desolation City. Therefore, their headcount was not very high, and their uproar didn’t draw the attentions of most people. Also, most of the cultivators who had been tormented by Xu Que were still in Desolation City.

Around 100 cultivators formed a revenge team immediately. They started to chase Xu Que, shouting, “Kill the Lightning Rogue” with rage.

Those uninvolved were quite curious and began asking about the Lightning Rogue.

The big shots of the big families and sects were also distracted by the noise. After learning they were chasing a man who always stabbed others in the back, the big shots soon lost their interest. After all, the main purpose for their being here was to kill Jiang Hongyan!

As a cultivator who had reached the summit of the Infant Transformation Stage, Jiang Hongyan didn’t deserve such a big scene. However, the identity and talent of Jiang Hongyan were both way too extraordinary.

The Jiang Family worried that Jiang Hongyan might seize back power after crossing her tribulation. The other big families and sects worried that Jiang Hongyan’s return might strengthen the Jiang Family, which could throw off the balance between them.

Therefore, they all shared the same target, and they could only rest assured after Jiang Hongyan’s death.

The most important part of the alliance between these Holy Sons and Holy Virgins was their agreement that the one who killed Jiang Hongyan would be the number one Holy Son or Holy Virgin in the East Continent.

So, the big families and sects had attached much importance to this issue. It seemed they had come here to kill Jiang Hongyan, but really they wanted to assist and protect their distinguished Holy Sons and Holy Virgins when they strived for the reputation of number one in the East Continent.

“Jiang Hongyan was quite good in those years. It’s a pity that her magic art is incomplete. I will definitely be the one who kills her!” Xiao Munan, the Holy Son of the Heavenly Demon Sect, spoke coldly with a chilled expression. His voice was saturated in an overbearing, domineering aura.

As he spoke, some cultivators at the Golden Core Stage and the Original Infant Stage became quite pale as if they had been burdened by an enormous pressure.

“Lord Xiao is so majestic!” The Holy Virgin of the Bai Family replied with a faint smile. “However, I remember you once tried to woo Jiang Hongyan. But your courtship was rejected. Your hatred originates in your love, right?”

Her words caused an uproar among everyone listening.

Did the Holy Son of the Heavenly Demon Sect try to woo Jiang Hongyan? Was his courtship reject?

My God! I didn’t expect something like that could happen to the majestic Xiao Munan!

The Holy Son of the Heavenly Demon Sect’s face darkened. Apparently, Bai Lingrui provoked him by raking up his embarrassing issues.

“Hmph! I was too young and too naive back then. But I remember you were a copycat following after Jiang Hongyan in those years. You always called her ‘Sister Hongyan’ so that you could get elixirs from her. Since the relationship between you and her is so good, why are you here now?” The Holy Son of the Heavenly Demon Sect snorted sarcastically.

His words astonished everyone.

Even the powerful Bai Lingrui used to be a little girl following Jiang Hongyan!

She is the successor of the Azure Lotus Treasure Appraisal Art! I didn’t expect her past to include this! The little girl has evolved into a Holy Virgin coming here to kill Jiang Hongyan!

The Holy Virgin of the Bai Family’s face also darkened. However, soon an innocent and lovely smile appeared there instead. “As you say, I was still a little girl in those years. How could I know the meaning of being haunted by misfortune? Now I’m grown and know I should have the East Continent’s interest in mind. I can’t allow Jiang Hongyan to turn the East Continent into a misfortunate land!”

Hearing her words, the onlookers nodded in agreement.

Right! She was still a little girl then. How could she know the seriousness of this issue?

However, some people still sneered at her. Bai Lingrui was not an innocent girl. She seemed to be simple and naive, but actually she was a cunning and evil woman.

Unbridled laughter burst out in the crowd at this moment.“Are you really enjoying this dog-eat-dog game?” With a blade of grass in his mouth, a man in white leaned on a tree and stared at them with humor.

Xiao Munan and Bai Lingrui became furious immediately. “Huang Zaitian, are you looking to die? Come here and let’s fight!”

Huang Zaitian?

People were surprised.

This recalcitrant young man was Huang Zaitian, a guardian of the Carefree Building!

Many people became serious. The Carefree Building was not a big power in the East Continent. However, the big families and sects didn’t want to offend it.

The Carefree Building had been established by a group of genius cultivators. Any one of them could have acted as the Holy Son or the Holy Virgin in any big family or sect. However, they had chosen to set up the Carefree Building instead.

The reason that the big families and sets didn’t offend them was that the Carefree Building would be extremely powerful in the future. Even if they didn’t have a powerhouse at the Form Synthesis Stage now, when these genius cultivators eventually reached that stage, the Carefree Building would be the most horrible power in the East Continent.

If the Carefree Building had been earlier discovered by the big families or sects, they would have been eliminated. Now these genius cultivators had reached the Void Training Stage, so it was impossible for the big families or sects to wipe out the Carefree Building.

This Huang Zaitian was just a guardian of the Carefree Building. It was rumored that his strength could equally match the strength of Xiao Munan and other powerhouses. Therefore, Huang Zaitian was also an outstanding cultivator among the current Holy Sons.

“Ha! I don’t have time to play with you,” Huang Zaitian said grimly. “You’re making a commotion hunting Jiang Hongyan. It startled our building head, who came here to check it out. We had no choice but to follow him!”

“What? Is Dong Genji also here?”

Everyone’s demeanor changed. Even the expressions of the Elders of the big families and sects darkened.

“Dong Genji” was a name that caused many people to feel dread. Even some Holy Sons and Holy Virgins became frightened upon hearing it.

As the building head of the Carefree Building, he was also at the core of the genius cultivators like Huang Zaitian. Now he was at Level 9 of the Void Training Stage. It was said that he once fought against eight Holy Sons at the same time whose cultivation stages were identical to his. Instead of being defeated, he won and seriously wounded three of the Holy Sons!

Dong Genji was quite a vicious man. Dapper in appearance, he could talk cheerfully and humorously with anyone while hiding a dagger in his smile.

“Ha-ha, is the hypocrite Dong Genji also here? Why doesn’t he show up?” someone laughed heartily. It was Xiao Taixuan, the Holy Son of the Eight Directions Green Dragon Sect.

His words immediately silenced the whole area.

Huang Zaitian became serious and looked at Xiao Taixuan with a cold smile.

The rest of the surrounding people were also shocked. Many people knew Dong Genji was a hypocrite. But only a few people dared say that, and Xiao Taixuan was one of them.

“Xiao Taixuan, aren’t you a bit too unforgiving?” Huang Zaitian asked. “Our Building Head just seriously wounded you and made you spit blood during the trial. Is it necessary to slander him like this in public? Are you a man who can’t afford to lose?” he snorted.

“Ha! He might have made me spit blood, but I also ruined his magical artifact! He doesn’t want to show up now. Could it be that he still misses Jiang Hongyan and is going to see her now?”

Does Dong Genji adore Jiang Hongyan?

The crowd was totally confused.

However, some insiders knew Jiang Hongyan was the top among her peers and that Dong Genji was number two. He was a rare talent slightly inferior to Jiang Hongyan. Dong Genji also adored Jiang Hongyan. He had tried to woo Jiang Hongyan, but all of his efforts were in vain.

Patter! Patter!

At this moment, Huang Zaitian slowly stood on the tree. He clapped and, ignoring the Elders of the big families and sects, coldly said, “Indeed, our Building Head is with Jiang Hongyan now. I’m here to deliver a message for him: You can prevent Jiang Hongyan from crossing her tribulation and you can ruin her cultivation achievements. However, the one who kills her will be the enemy of the Carefree Building!”

Hearing his words, the crowd gasped.

Dong Genji is really diabolical!

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