Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 703

The son of the Li Family could not move at all and almost spit blood when he heard what Xu Que had just said. On one hand, an eel was swimming through his body, which was causing him great pain; on the other, he was pissed off by Xu Que.

You want to put an eagle into my body? Screw you! How could you possibly put an eagle into my mouth?

What happened next really shocked the young man’s sister who was standing beside him. Xu Que took an eagle, that was half a meter long, and was about to put it inside her brother’s mouth.

“Open your mouth!”

“No!” The son of the Li Family could no longer bear it. He was suffering a great deal, both mentally and physically. Suddenly, Liu Jingning cut off his head without any hesitation.

His sister was completely stunned and could not move at all. Her entire body was shivering.

Although Liu Jingning was called the Devil, compared with Xu Que, she was so much milder. The real Devil is Xu Que! Why on earth did we in the Li Family offend him in the first place.

The young woman was in huge grief and sorrow and misery.

He is indeed a tough figure. Clearly, he has got the strength to kill anyone he wants, but he prefers to torture someone both mentally and physically. What’s worse, he does all this while smiling. He is as horrible a person as Duan Jiude, or even more horrible than he!

“By the way, if I am not wrong, I believe you just sneak attacked me, right?”

Xu Que smiled at the young woman of the Li Family. She was terrified and forced out a smile. “There is no need for you to kill me, I will finish myself!” Then she took out her sword and cut her own throat. She even destroyed all her veins, in case Xu Que brought her back to life to torture her.

Xu Que was not surprised by her sudden suicide, as if he had already realized this would happen. Then he sighed, “I meant to say I think you are quite a beauty. I wouldn’t mind making you my maid. What a pity, you have killed yourself.”

“What?” The young woman of the Li Family spit out blood. “Why didn’t you say it out loud in the first place?”


The young woman fell onto the ground facedown and died.

“You never let anyone die easily, right?” Liu Jingning rolled her eyes.

Hearing this, Xu Que defended himself. “She attacked me first. If she hadn’t done so, I would probably have let her go. You saw it yourself, she intended to kill me with a Silver Worm of Thread Shadow. If I hadn’t gotten my own Taoist Connotation, I would have been killed. What a cruel woman she was!”

Xu Que shook his head and did not regard his behavior as cruel. Moreover, he had killed more people than he could remember.

Hearing what Xu Que said, Liu Jingning thought it was reasonable enough and nodded.

If I were sneak attacked by someone, I would not let that someone go. After all, the Cultivation World is really a tough one. Once you step in here, you can never get out safely! A cruel man will not live until the end, but a merciful one definitely will not live a week. Besides, it it were not for Li Tangshan, my father would still be alive. If Xu Que had not killed them, I would have had to kill them myself!

“Jingning, you should keep the Silver Worm of Thread Shadow yourself. I think it can be very helpful.”

Xu Que took out the Silver Worm of Thread Shadow from the dead body of the son of the Li Family and put it inside a jade box. Then he handed the box to Liu Jingning.

Liu Jingning shook her head. “I can’t possibly take it. It is too precious a thing. If we continue to feed it, I am sure it will soon grow into a holy worm!”

“No, no, no! If I take it myself, Buttface might eat it! I think it’s better if you take it. For example, you can throw it at anyone who dares to ask you to marry him!” Xu Que joked.

Although the Worm of Thread Shadow was quite precious, Xu Que didn’t think of it as something valuable. Besides, he did not have the time or energy to feed a worm at this moment. However, if someone asked him to feed some holy beasts, like a young dragon or a phoenix, he might have a go at it.

“So you mean you would come to the Utopia Faction to say you want to marry me in front of everyone?” Liu Jingning smiled at Xu Que.

“I have already done that, you silly. See? The Silver Worm of Thread Shadow is one of the betrothal presents for you.” Xu Que laughed.

“You are really a playboy. I will tell this to Hongyan when I see her. I hope she gives you a good reprimand,” Liu Jingning said, taking the jade box.

Then the two quickly headed to the nearest Teleportation Device.

During the next five days, the two transferred from one Teleportation Device to another and headed to the north. At last, two months later, they arrived at the Teleportation Device in the North Sea. For a cultivator, two months was not a big deal.

In the last two months, the news of Xu Que’s killing of a Patriarch of the Form Synthesis Stage had already spread across the West Desert, the East Continent, and the North Sea. Some cultivators were surprised by it, some cultivators did not believe it,and some thought it rather ridiculous.

“Three years ago, everyone knew that Xu Que could not even kill a cultivator of the Void Training Stage, since he had not got his own Taoist Connotation. Now he is able to kill a Patriarch of the Form Synthesis Stage, and it only took him three years?”

“Anyway, this is just a rumor. We should not buy it!”

“If even this sort of ridiculous rumor can spread, what’s wrong with the people here in the Cultivation World?”

“Obviously, this is all Xu Que and his Exploding Heavens Faction’s doing. The reason is to get us all scared of him, simple as that!”

Some cultivators were even mocking Xu Que.

Soon, the news that Xu Que and Liu Jingning were going to get married also spread out.

“My goodness! It is said that Xu Que has given some betrothal presents to the Utopia Faction and is going to marry Liu Jingning.”

“Has the entire Utopia Faction gone mad? Xu Que has got countless enemies in this world, and the Utopia Faction chooses to make connections with him at this critical moment?”

“Wait for a moment, can this rumor really be true? The Utopia Faction would never accept Xu Que’s request of marrying Liu Jingning.”

“This is really peculiar. You know what, someone said that they saw Xu Que and Liu Jingning heading together to the North Sea. Even cultivators from Influential Factions do not dare to attack them and choose other routes to dodge them.”

“My god! This is really crazy!”

While the cultivators were discussing all these issues, Xu Que and Liu Jingning arrived at the North Sea at last. The two walked out of the Teleportation Device and found a freezing world in front of them.

The reason why the North Sea was called a North Sea, obviously, was that it was indeed a sea, part of the Infinite Sea. Due to the changing rules of this world, it snowed here all year round, and the entire sea was frozen. It covered a huge area, as huge as the other three continents added together.

There were numerous powerful Factions living here, and the most powerful one was the aboriginal tribe that lived here, the Roc Tribe. The Roc Tribe was one of the few tribes that had still managed to keep their bloodlines pure, and they enjoyed the same reputation as the Nine Tailed Demon Fox Tribe in the South Continent.

The Roc Tribe were the tyrants of the North Sea, and there were many extremely powerful cultivators in the tribe; in particular, it possessed the most cultivators of the Form Synthesis Stage.

Even the Jiang Family and the Gong Family in the East Continent did not dare offend the Roc Tribe. In fact, the place where Xu Que and Liu Jingning descended now was under the control of the Roc Tribe. As soon as the two walked out of the Teleportation Device, four rays of light flashed toward them.

As they got closer, Xu Que saw that there were three men and a woman with wings on their backs. Every time they moved their wings, they could move at least a few hundred miles. Obviously, the four cultivators were from the Demonic Beast Clan. “You two! Who are you and where do you come from?”

After all, the Teleportation Device here was a big one, and only cultivators from the other three Continents could use it. Recently, many Patriarchs had come to the North Sea via Teleportation Devices dotted in the North Sea. Due to this, many cultivators of other Continents came here, and this had turned this region a bit unsteady. So all the Teleportation Devices were currently being monitored .

Xu Que only wanted to find out where Dong Genji was and did not want to get into any trouble, so he answered politely, “My name is Xu Que. I simply pass here. I mean no harm at all.”

“Xu Que?”

Hearing this, the four cultivators got extremely furious and shouted, “You are the one who insulted our Roc Tribe. I never thought you would have the balls to come here! We want to kill you!”

All of a sudden, the four cultivators dashed toward Xu Que.

“What’s going on? I don’t think we have even met before!” Xu Que was shocked.

Liu Jingning was also stunned and looked at Xu Que with surprise, wondering what Xu Que had done to upset the Roc Tribe.

“Don’t play the fool with me!”The woman shouted and was about to hit Xu Que.

Xu Que moved to the right a little bit and easily dodged her. Then he frowned. “This is the first time I have ever come to the North Sea. I don’t think I have ever done anything to offend the Roc Tribe. If you don’t stop now, I will make you suffer!”

“How dare you deny it? Look at what this is!”

The woman sneered and threw a piece of paper at Xu Que.

Xu Que frowned and caught the paper.

“There is a fish in the North Sea, and it is called the Roc. It is so huge that it can not fit in a pot of average size. It can change into a bird, which can be also called a Roc, which is so enormous that it needs two barbecue grills to grill properly. I would cut it into two halves and sprinkle plenty of sugar on one and a bit of pepper on the other! After enjoying this delicious Roc, I would take off for adventure. (by Xu Que)”

“Screw you! Duan Jiude!” Xu Que cursed after reading it.

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