Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 704

Xu Que was quite speechless!

He had only mentioned this Roc poem in front of Duan Jiude once when he was in the Five Elements Mountain!

Now the poem, which was marked with “The author: Xu Que of the Exploding Heavens Faction,” was found in the North Sea. There was no one in this world, except for Duan Jiude, who could do immoral things like this!

“Xu Que, what more is there to say about this?” the young Roc cultivators asked, as they stared at Xu Que coldly.

Liu Jingning was quite embarrassed after reading this poem!

She knew the author could only be Xu Que, according to the style of the poem!

“I swear with all my moral principles that this poem wasn’t composed by me! This is definitely a slander!” Xu Que raised his hand and said seriously.

“Hmph! Who else could have done it? This poem,if it was written by Duan Jiude personally, has been widely spread throughout the North Sea area. It has caused great humiliation to our tribe! The author of this poem, no matter if it’s you or Duan Jiude, will be severely punished by us!” the female Roc cultivator snorted coldly.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows and said, “You are so unreasonable! How dare you send a punitive expedition against me before sorting out the situation! Do you believe I can eliminate your stinking Roc Tribe with my ‘Three Punches of a Farmer’?”

“Heh, Three Punches of a Farmer? Do you really think we believe you killed a Patriarch at the Form Synthesis Stage with three punches? Even if what you said is true, our Roc Tribe has dozens of powerhouses at the Form Synthesis Stage. You can’t scare us away!” A male Roc cultivator sneered at Xu Que.

“Shut up!”

Suddenly, a stern shout was heard from a distance!

Then, an enormous figure raced over rapidly. It was a mountainous Roc!

Its wings were so big that they could even cover the sky! With magnificent momentum, it landed in front of those Roc cultivators and became a sexy but serious beautiful lady!

“Eighth Elder, whatbrings you here?” The young Roc cultivators changed their expressions and stood in awe.

“Hmph! I was afraid all of you would have lost your lives if I didn’t come here! Fellow cultivator Xu’s strength has exceeded the Form Synthesis Stage! How dare you question him?” the beautiful Roc lady scolded severely.

“What?” the young Roc cultivators’ eyes widened in terror!

They didn’t expect this severe Eighth Elder of the Roc Tribe would say that Xu Que was more powerful than the cultivators at the Form Synthesis Stage! She even addressed him as Fellow cultivator Xu! This meant Xu Que was much more senior than those young Roc cultivators!

Couldthe absurd hearsay that Xu Que killed a Patriarch at the Form Synthesis Stage with three punches be true?

At the thought of this, the young Roc cultivators broke out in a cold sweat from fear!

If it was true, it meant they were wandering at the threshold of death just now!

“My fellow cultivator Roc!” Xu Que replied with a smile as he folded his hands.

After all, no one could refuse 12 smiles! Although the Roc lady didn’t smile, she managed to stop a fight! Moreover, that Roc poem was composed by Xu Que indeed!

Fellow cultivator Roc?

Hearing Xu Que’s reply, the beautiful Roc lady twitched her lips and said calmly, “I rank the Eighth in the Roc Tribe, and my name is Yi Bamei!”

“Oh, fellow cultivator MeiNo, fellow cultivator Yi, it is nice to meet you!” Xu Que nodded his head earnestly without any embarrassment. He was quite curious about her name, which was a little bit weird for a lady!

Yi Bamei just ignored Xu Que’s comments. She looked at the white paper in Xu Que’s hands and asked calmly, “Fellow cultivator Xu, you said this poem was not composed by you. Do you know who composed this poem?”

“Duan Jiude! It must absolutely have been Duan Jiude!” Xu Que replied without any hesitation.

“Duan Jiude? I’m afraid he is not so talented!” Yi Bamei said coldly. She even said the “talented” with emphasis, as if she was sneering at Duan Jiude!

“It’s him! Frankly speaking, I have always admired the Roc Tribe. Therefore, I once composed a poem to pay you compliments! This poem was only read by Duan Jiude! I didn’t expect Duan Jiude would be so shameless as to modify this poem into such a shabby style!”

After saying that, Xu Que clenched his fists with deep hatred and resentment. He even punched his chest with his fist. Then, he said,clenching his teeth, “I don’t care that he framed me. The point is that he modified my poem without my consent. This is a humiliation for the Roc Tribe and for me! We shall never overlook his mistake!”

“Oh? You composed a poem to commend the Roc Tribe?” Yi Bamei looked at Xu Que with interest. Apparently, she didn’t believe Xu Que’s nonsense!

“Of course!” Xu Que replied earnestly.

A thoughtful smile appeared on Yi Bamei’s stern face. She said sarcastically, “Fellow cultivator Xu, would you please recite your poem to prove your innocence?”

The rest of the four young Roc cultivators also smiled coldly!

For them, their Eighth Elder respected Xu Que’s strength, but wasn’t terrified by him. Now she was about to reason with Xu Que to find out the real author of that poem.


Xu Que agreed by waving his hand without any hesitation. Then, he looked up at a 45-degree angle and started to recite the poem with deep feeling, “There is a kind of fish in the Northern Underworld of which the name is Roc Fish! The Roc Fish is so big that its length is over thousands of kilometers!”


All of a sudden, Yi Bamei and the rest of the young Roc cultivators were shocked!

The first line of the poem recited by Xu Que was almost identical with the lines on the white paper, but the second sentence was different!

The Roc Fish is so big that its length is over thousands of kilometers!

This line was quite extraordinary and vividly described the majestic appearance of the Rocs!

At the same time, Xu Que started to recite the following lines, “When it evolves into a bird, its name is changed into the Roc Bird! The back of a Roc Bird is so vast that its length is over thousands of kilometers! When the Roc Bird flies majestically, its wings are like clouds which cover the sky!”


At once and all together, the young Roc cultivators gasped, their eyes widening with disbelief.

Yi Bamei was also stunned on the spot, as she didn’t expect Xu Que could recite that poem!

Moreover, compared to the poem that humiliated the Roc Tribe, this one was well-written. All the lines of this poem emphasized the overbearing size and momentum of the Roc Tribe!

Liu Jingning also opened her mouth a little because of surprise.

This little brat is always careless and casual. I didn’t expect he could be so well-educated and talented! Liu Jingning murmured in her mind in surprise and couldn’t help but look at Xu Que with new eyes!

“Fellow cultivator Xu is really talented! It seems we have wronged you! I shouldn’t have believed what the bastard Duan Jiude said! I hereby apologize to you on behalf of the Roc Tribe and also appreciate your poem!” Yi Bamei looked at Xu Que sincerely. The contempt and sarcasm in her beautiful but cold eyes had disappeared.

It was not because she was impressed by Xu Que’s talent, but Xu Que’s poem really sang the praises of the Roc Tribe!

“Wait, please don’t interrupt me. I still have other poems to recite!” Xu Que raised his hand to stop Yi Bamei at this time.

After that, he looked up at a 45-degree angle again and put his hands behind his back as if he was a talented poet. Then, he started to recite in a serious fashion, “The Roc Bird flies up together with the cyclone. It can cover 90,000 kilometers skyward with one flap of its wings!”

“If it lands when the wind stops, its momentum could still blow all the water from the ocean.”


The young Roc cultivators gasped again!

Yi Bamei and Liu Jingning were shocked again!

Ding! “Congratulations to the Host Xu Que in acting tough successfully. The reward is 2,100 Acting Tough Points!”

Xu Que took a step forward, and continued to recite by waving his sleeves, “The Roc Bird could cover 90,000 kilometers and stir the cyclones by flapping its wings! The blue sky is on its back, the cities of human beings are under its wings!”

Ding! “Congratulations to the Host Xu Que in acting tough successfully. The reward is 2,300 Acting Tough Points!”

Xu Que took another step forward, “The Roc Bird could create a 3,000-kilometer-long wave, which is like 100,000 people walking forward side by side! The Roc Bird could beat all other big birds in cyclones, the young swallows could only compete with each other in mild rain!”

Ding! “Congratulations to the Host Xu Que in acting tough successfully. The reward is 2,400 Acting Tough Points!”

Xu Que took another step forward.

The young Roc cultivators, Yi Bamei, and Liu Jingning were totally dumbfounded by Xu Que’s diversified poems about the Rocs!

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