Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 705

“I would like to travel thousands of miles, just like the roc, I would never want to be a man who hates to leave his lovely home where his children were living, just like the swallows or the sparrow; we should work hard while we are still young, in this way, we will not be criticized by others due to our laziness when we got old;with the help of the wind, the roc could fly upward ninety thousand miles, when the wind dies down a bit, it could still sail above the enormou sea easily; it is so magnificent that even the universe and the Kunlun mountain are shadowed, when it moves its wings, the entire sky would be covered by the dust, the mountains would shake, and the rivers would also flew faster.”
While Xu Que was chanting ancient Chinese poems one after another, everyone present was greatly impressed by his talent. At the same time, his Acting Tough Points were exploding so fast that the System almost went out of control.

The last time Xu Que had made so many Acting Tough Points was back at the banquet in the Fire Nation when he acted tough by impersonating the great poet Li Bai. He never thought he would be able to make such a huge amount of Acting Tough Points by chanting a few poems. Soon, he had made almost 10,000 Acting Tough Points.

All the people in the audience, including Yi Bamei and Liu Jingning, were completely stunned.

In the Cultivation World, a knowledgeable cultivator could never be popular. The most important thing for a cultivator was whether his Taoist Connotation was powerful or not. Still, it was acceptable for a cultivator to make a few poems to entertain himself in the long years of cultivation. Otherwise, no cultivator would waste his time studying literature or such things.

What surprised everyone the most was that Xu Que was not only powerful in regard to his Taoist Connotation, but also in regard to his knowledge.

I only asked him to recite for me the original of the poem changed by Duan Jiude, and he easily chanted so many brilliant poems. Each poem sounds wonderful and classic!

Yi Bamei’s heart beat rather fast. Although she did not consider a knowledgeable cultivator good, she was sure that if she could ensure that those poems were heard by others, the reputation of the Roc Tribe would be even better! Even though she herself could not believe some parts of the poems chanted by Xu Que. She asked herself if her tribe was really this powerful.

“He is really…really good!” Liu Jingning was wonderfully amazed and never thought Xu Que could be this knowledgeable. Just as the saying goes: a thug with knowledge was really dangerous.

Just a few minutes ago, the cultivators of the Roc Tribe were still pissed at Xu Que and wanted to take his life. Now they were all deeply touched by Xu Que and felt ashamed of themselves.

We are so foolish. Yes, he is right. Only someone like Duan Jiude could make all those nasty poems. Someone like Xu Que would never do such a thing!

Yi Bamei looked at Xu Que and said with a serious face, “I am such a fool to have bought Duan Jiude’s words! My friend, don’t worry, I promise you that we will make this up to you!”

“Never mind! After all, I know what kind of person Duan Jiude is. He shames all of us! It is normal for you to fall into his trap. I won’t hold this against you.” Xu Que waved his hands.

Yi Bamei was a bit surprised. She had been told that Xu Que was a very indecent man, but now she thought Xu Que was a knowledgeable, generous, and merciful man.

Yi Bamei said to Xu Que with great respect, “I am ashamed of the rudeness of the four young cultivators of my tribe!”

Then she stared at the four youngsters. “Apologize to Xu Que, now!”


The four youngsters stood in front of Xu Que and bowed deeply. “We are sorry about what we did just now! Please forgive us!”

“It’s fine. From the first day of my cultivation, I have told myself that I have to be a determined and generous man. My mind is broad enough to contain hundreds of rivers, so I would never be angry with you!” Xu Que said with a bright smile and made the five cultivators of the Roc Tribe admire him more.

Liu Jingning was amazed by what she saw.

He is a generous man whose mind is broad enough to contain hundreds of rivers? This is absurd! He is the meanest man I have ever seen! That nasty poem must have been written by him; otherwise he would not as quickly chant a new poem to praise them.

“By the way, my dear friend, why do you come here? Can it be possible that you, like the others, is concerned about what is happening in the Infinite Sea?” Yi Bamei asked gently, her mild tone in contrast with her serious face.

The four young cultivators were surprised; it was the first time they had seen such a gentle Yi Bamei. But they were still afraid of her, so they did not talk and lowered their heads instead.

Xu Que smiled and nodded. “Yes, you are right! I have been told that Dong Genji is already in the Infinite Sea with some Patriarchs and intends to collaborate with them to open the lock there, so cultivators from the other side could come to invade us. I, as a member of the four continents, have the responsibility to protect our families. I come here to make my own contribution!”

“I am afraid that it is already too late!” Yi Bamei shook her head.

“What?!” Both Xu Que and Liu Jingning were surprised.

“Calm down please, things are not as bad as you think. My tribe had already worked together with other Patriarchs and managed to stop them. But the lock is too fragile and was broken a little bit by them. Some cultivators from the other side came to this side already, and by the time we repaired the lock, they had already disappeared!”

“Then, where are Dong Genji and those Patriarchs?” Xu Que frowned and asked in a low voice.

“They are gone. Now my tribe is discussing, with other Patriarchs, trying to make a negotiation with them!” Yi Bamei shook her head.

“I don’t think there is any need to discuss anything with them. It’s just a waste of time. Just kill them!” Xu Que said.

“If only we were powerful enough, we would have killed them all! Among those who managed to come to our side, some are in the top level of the Form Synthesis Stage. Besides, there is a cultivator who is almost in the Crossing Calamity Stage.” Yi Bamei said ,and she was extremely worried.

She did not want to admit that her tribe was not powerful enough, but she had to. After all, across the four continents, no one was in the top level of the Form Synthesis Stage, not to mention a cultivator who was almost in the Crossing Calamity Stage.

A cultivator of the Crossing Calamity Stage was incredibly strong.

Once a cultivator stepped into the top level of the Crossing Calamity Stage, he could get into the Mahayana, the Great Vehicle Stage. Then he would become an Immortal Cultivator after he went through the 99 Heavenly Tribulations.

After the lock was set on the four continents, no one could reach that level anymore.

Now many cultivators of the Form Synthesis Stage had come to this side, along with a cultivator who was almost in the Crossing Calamity Stage. Even if all the Patriarchs collaborated, they could not possibly win.

“Do you know where they have gone?” Xu Que asked.

He remembered that Liu Jingning had told him that these cultivators had come for the Ancient Bronze Hall.

I spent a few months to come here, and they have probably gone to the East Continent. If this is true, Jiang Hongyan is in a much more dangerous situation.

Thinking of this, Xu Que clenched his fists even tighter.

They must have gone to the East Continent. I should have come here earlier!

Yi Bamei then said, “My dear friend, I know that the relationship between you and Jiang Hongyan is a special one, and we know she is trapped in the Ancient Bronze Hall. But please be careful and calm down, you have to realize the fact that those cultivators are really powerful! Why not wait until we have thought of some good ideas and had a discussion with those cultivators?”

“Calm down?!” Xu Que sneered. “I am sorry. I come from the Exploding Heavens Faction. When I move, I am as ferocious as a tiger; when I stand still, I am as fearless as a wolf. I am tall and my penis is 18 centimeters. I can have sex every night without feeling tired. In my life, I will never calm down. I only know how to fight and screw!”

He turned around and left.

With everyone standing there surrounded by his loud echoing voice.

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