Unfortunate Luck Chapter 7

7 Sorry

"Sir how can I give up the career of my dreams or give up on the person I love, this is not a choice."

"You have to choose one."

Lisa sat in shock for some time and the finally deciding her answer she replied "Sorry Oliver, I love you a lot but if I have to choose I will choose to fulfill my dreams and I promise I loved you with all my heart so I won't marry anyone if I cannot marry you."

After saying this she ran out of the house crying. Oliver got up to follow her but was stopped by his dad.

"Why did you do this dad, I love her. How could you do this to your son?"

"We will be leaving now. Take care."

"Dad, how can you leave without answering?"

He went out without saying a word, Oliver broke down and started crying but Christen followed him behind.

"Dad, you have to tell me why did you do this?"

"I just wanted to check if she needed money or work hard. I was satisfied by her answer but I want to see if she stands for her decision or returns back. Don't tell your brother it is just a matter of 3 days. I don't have bad intentions." He spoke with water in his eyes "Stay with him and comfort him."

"Okay dad, I am with you."

"Thank you, Sweetheart."

Both of them cried the whole night.

Next day Oliver called her into his office "I will leave everything and be with you."

Lisa had to be rude to convince him not to do anything stupid "How can you trust me I left you for my dreams and you want to leave everything for me. Don't be stupid."

To avoid crying in front of him she quickly ran out of his room and into the kitchen and started working tears blurring her eyes. Her words hit Oliver like a sharp knife and he broke down too. They did not talk to each other for two days but both of them were broken inside.

On the weekend her show was perfect and with a smile her face her day went well because she was diverted from the thought of Oliver.

After that she was offered to work abroad for the most famous hotel so she agreed to it.
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