Unfortunate Luck Chapter 8

8 Thank You

After signing the contract for working with them, she invited Oliver for dinner to tell him everything. He agreed and told her that he would bring his parents too. Lisa was confused but at last she agreed.

That morning Oliver's parents had visited him and told him everything about that day and they wanted to meet their daughter in law.

Lisa cleaned the house, set the table after cooking the food and at last after cleaning the kitchen she dressed up nicely.

The guests arrived on time and as usual they were all impressed by her cooking skills. After the dinner she made her announcement "I invited you here to tell that I will be working with the most famous restaurant abroad and I wanted to apologise Oliver for being rude the other day but it was just to help you out for not making stupid decision. I am sorry."

"I also have some good news for you." Saying this he explained about his dad's behavior the other day and told her that they are very happy to have her as their daughter in law.

"This is the happiest day of my life but there is a problem I will be working there for 2 years"

"No this is not the problem, we will marry as soon as you return."

She smiled and said "Sounds great." And then turned towards his father for conformation and he nodded saying "This is perfect and I am really sorry for what I did."

"You should not say sorry, I want to thank you for entrusting your son to me."

"Thank you Lisa for Being the part of my life."

Then they spend the next whole week together and on the day of departure Oliver accompanies her.

"I will keep visiting you so don't you dare make a new boyfriend by serving your food."

She laughed and said "I will try only if you promise to visit me regularly." They hugged each other and cried for a long time and finally departed. Oliver visited her every 2 months and the used to enjoy a lot.

After 2 years she was the most famous chef in the world and when she returned, they had a grand destination wedding. Then they had frequent tours abroad and worked together for 'The Dinner' and the restaurant that Lisa had opened.

They did not have happily ever after because that is not possible in real life but they faced all the problems together and Cindy worked with Lisa as her partner as usual always by her side.
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