Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242 Ao Li

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Suddenly, the Black Tortoise Clans head elder suddenly thought of something and cried out in shock, You Just now, that was the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art?

Earlier, he clearly saw a layer of earth-yellow light halo suffuse on Ye Yuans body. That kind of characteristic was identical with the Black Tortoise Clans already lost Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art!

If without the foreshadowing of the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm previously, the black tortoise head elder probably would not dare to think about this.

But now, he felt that it was extremely likely!

But Long Yan was greatly surprised and said, Kang You, what nonsense are you talking about? Isnt your clans Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art already lost for a million years? How can this brat possibly learn it?

However, Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, Your esteemed self is still somewhat knowledgeable. Thats right, its precisely the Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art!

The Black Tortoise head elders face instantly became extremely fascinating.

There was no need to talk anymore about the power of this cultivation method. Once cultivated to Divine Dao ninth level, no one in this world could breach the defenses anymore!

Even an Origin Deity Realm powerhouse would not cut it as well!

The Black Tortoise Clan naturally regretted for a long time over the loss of this cultivation method.

But did not expect that this cultivation method actually appeared on a human races brat!

Just what are the origins of this human boy? Not only does he know the dragon races Divine Dao martial technique, he even learned the Black Tortoise Clans paramount defensive cultivation method!

If lets say the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm was secretly learned by him, then this Black Tortoise Treasure Body Divine Art that has already been lost for a million years had no way of secretly learning at all!

Just where did this guy learn so many Divine Dao martial techniques from? Furthermore, he even surpasses his predecessors. The four head elders, even them joining hands, were actually not his match!

The black tortoise head elders exclamation pushed the Four Symbols Family Clans shock to another level.

Even a supreme martial technique lost for a million years showed up on this human brat in front of them, this was too surreal.

Right now, they felt like this world was too crazy.

This time, Long Yan finally faced Ye Yuans might squarely, and said with a solemn face, Boy, just what are your intentions for breaking into the Divine Beast Realm?

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, This young master just accidentally entered the Peach Blossoms Forest and unintentionally barged into the Divine Beast Realm. You say what intentions I have this young master really never thought before. However this young master is really quite interested in this place now. This Ye and the dragon clans ties are not shallow. This brother of mine is also the present Divine Realms White Tiger Clans common lord, in possession of a Perfect White Tiger Physique. Its just, I wonder what kind of relationship is there between you guys and the Divine Realms Four Symbols Family Clans?

Only with Ye Yuans words did everyone notice the White Light not far away from him.

Ye Yuans light was too dazzling, resulting in nobody paying attention to the White Light behind.

But now, hearing Ye Yuan say so, everyones faces immediately became fascinating.

Perfect White Tiger Physique!

This Did they still want people to live?

This pair of brothers being born, was it to make people feel ashamed of their inadequacy?

However, Long Yans face fell, and he said, No relation at all! Alright, you guys can leave!

Long Yans attitude made Ye Yuan slightly surprised, and also had a lot more wild and fanciful thought.

Even a blind man could tell that this Divine Beast Realm and the Divine Realms Four Symbols Family Clans were deeply connected.

Long Yan was not blind, then he could only be lying through his teeth.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, This young master wants to leave as well, but that Peach Blossom Forest cant be passed through.

Long Yan said coldly, Thats your problem, what has it got to do with this seat?! This place doesnt welcome you!Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, This young master already showed leniency repeatedly on account of ties with the Four Symbols Family Clans. Could it be that you guys really take this young master to be easy to bully?

An overwhelming aura slowly released. That faintly discernible killing intent made everyones hearts turn cold.

It seemed like this little lord was really enraged!

Suddenly, Ye Yuans brows furrowed, and he said, Since you came, why not show yourself?

When everyone had blank faces, a figure slowly walked out from within the void.

When the four head elders saw the arrival, their faces all changed, and they bowed in salute as they said, We have seen Patriarch!

Different from Ye Yuans expectations, the patriarch was a middle-aged man with a ruddy complexion, brimming with vitality.

It looked like he should be in his prime.

The patriarch sized Ye Yuan up, seemingly wanting to see through Ye Yuan.

But he was disappointed.

Ye Yuan was like a deep abyss, unable to see the bottom with one glance.

Clearly a 30-over years old young man, but looked to have the level-headedness of a middle-aged person.

Ye Yuan was also sizing the other party up. No idea why, this person actually gave Ye Yuan a feeling of seemingly being acquainted.

But this Divine Beast Realm, it was clearly his first time coming.

Ao Li, the middle-aged man suddenly opened his mouth and said.

Ye Yuan did not hesitate, and he said lightly, Ye Yuan.

Your esteemed selfs request is truly making people do things beyond their power. That Peach Blossom forest, only Ancestor alone can return to the Divine Realm. If you want to go out, this seat can send you away through the Lower Realms, Ao Li said coolly.

The words filled all of the clan members with shock.

These words did not sound like much, but actually, it already expressed the patriarchs attitude.

He was not willing to provoke Ye Yuan!

With the patriarchs strength, he was actually so wary of Ye Yuan too!

In their eyes, this was already the Divine Beast Realms greatest concession.

Who knew that Ye Yuan shook his head and said, This Ye is pressed for time and cant afford to waste time. If only the ancestor alone can do it, can you invite him to come out of seclusion?

With Ye Yuans present strength, returning from the Lower Realms was indeed not too much of a trouble.

In fact, he could even return to the Endless World to meet his parents.

It was just that this bout of time-wasting, at the very least, had to take the greater part of a year, even a years time as well, before he could return to the Godsfall Mountain Range.

He could not afford to waste it!

Hearing these words, Ao Lis face fell and said, Your esteemed self insisting on others to do whats impossible, do you really take this Ao to be scared of you?

Ye Yuan slightly heaved a sigh and said, its not that this Ye is forcing people to do what they are unwilling to, but its truly that I cant help it. Hope that Patriarch Ao can forgive.

The aura on Ao Lis body suddenly released. A terrifying dragon pressure instantly locked onto Ye Yuan.

Looks like you want to force this Ao to take action!

But Ye Yuan was seemingly oblivious and said coolly, Im not forcing you to take action. If really only the ancestor alone can do it, then this Ye can only force him out!


Everyone all sucked in a cold breath. This was also truly too arrogant, right?

This guy actually did not even place Patriarch Ao in his eyes!

How strong that mysterious ancestor was, those clan members did not know at all.

But Patriarch Ao Li was an existence capable of suppressing the four head elders!

How could this boy dare to be any more arrogant?

Hahaha Good! Very good! This Ao has already not encountered an opponent in this Divine Beast Realm for many years! Today, this Ao wants to measure on what basis, you dare to say this kind of big talk! If you really can defeat this seat, Ancestor might really come out! Ao Li let out a wild laugh and said.

He was wary of Ye Yuan, it did not mean that he was scared of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was also helpless. He was not a troublemaker, but it was necessary in order to return to the Godsfall Mountain Range.

There was no other choice. He had to stir up trouble this time.

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