Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1243

Chapter 1243 Mysterious Background

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Fool! This boy definitely doesnt know how terrifying Patriarchs strength is!

When Long Yan saw Ye Yuan courting death and provoking Ao Li, he had a look of disdain.

The other three head elders had looks of agreement. They were all aware of Ao Lis strength.

Ye Yuans defense was indeed very powerful. But wanting to withstand Ao Lis attack, it likely could not be done.

Ye Yuan did an inviting hand gesture and said coolly, Please!

Ao Lis face turned cold, and he said in a solemn voice, What an arrogant young boy. Do you really think that youre invincible under the heavens? Since you know the Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm, then Ill use this move to challenge you!

A terrifying dragon pressure enveloped all present in an instant.

Heh,Patriarch Ao is the most talented patriarch of my Divine Beast Realm in 100 thousand years! His bloodline already evolved to the sacred rank! I dont believe that this Ye Yuan can still overturn the heavens! Long Yan said with a look of disdain.

But very soon, his expression became fascinating again.

Under Ao Lis dragon pressure, Ye Yuan was still leisurely and calm. A faint aura released from his body.

Including Ao Li, all of the clan members were greatly astonished.

Peak sacred rank bloodline!

Just missing one last step, and he could step into divine rank bloodline!

A human, how was this possible?

Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

Ao Li forcefully pressed down the astonishment in his heart, a Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm attacking flagrantly.

At once, heaven and earth changed colors because of it!

Divine rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm!

This Ao Li actually comprehended divine rank dragon wave too!

Being shock was just shock; Ye Yuans Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm still shot out without the slightest hesitation.



Two dragon roars surged to the sky!

In 100 thousand years, two mighty divine rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palms clashed head-on for the first time!

This kind of spectacle originally could not be seen in the same era at all.

But today, it appeared!

This was a clash between two great dragon race peerless geniuses!

Is my eyesight failing? This human boy actually comprehended dragon rank dragon wave too!

Is this guy really a human? Could it Could it have been a mistake?

Why would the divine rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palm appear on a human! I comprehended for several hundred years and only just reached the initial-stage heaven rank!

Ye Yuans consecutive attacks refreshed the senses of the four symbols clan members again and again.

This human was simply here to kick down the dojo, crushing the pride in their hearts to smithereens.

Even someone as stunning as Patriarch Ao was also overshadowed in front of Ye Yuan.


The collision of divine rank Coiling Dragon Heaven Devastating Palms could be described with startling the heavens and shaking the earth.

That terrifying undulation made everyones countenance change because of it.

Ye Yuan suffered the impact of the recoil force, his innards churning.

But Ao Li was even more miserable. He was directly blasted flying ten thousand feet away by Ye Yuans blow

At this time, a trace of fresh blood even hung at the corners of his mouth. Clearly, he had already suffered considerable internal injuries.

Nine Transformations Golden Body!

Ao Lis gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was unbelievably shocked.

The reason why he lost was that he was defeated by the Nine Transformations Golden Body!

Dont look at how Ye Yuans Nine Transformations Golden Body was just that tiny bit, the compounding on martial techniques could not be underestimated.

After all, this was the fleshy body that only Deity Realm powerhouses could possess!

Ye Yuan said coolly, This Ye just wants to return to the Godsfall Mountain Range, everyone better not push people too far! With this Yes strength, massacring all of you clean isnt impossible either!

Ye Yuans words made everyones faces change.

He challenged the entire Divine Beast Realm with his power alone here!

But now, even Patriarch Ao LI was not his match. He really had the strength to exterminate ones clan and was not joking around.

Ao Lis expression flickered incessantly. Could it be that the entire Divine Beast Realm had to lower their head to this human brat?

Since thats the case, your esteemed self should stay here a bit for two days. This Ao will attempt to communicate with Old Ancestor.

Finally, Ao Li still lowered his proud head.

Ye Yuan nodded his head but did not say anything.

This place seemed to not welcome them. Although Ye Yuan was curious, he could not deign his own status either and insist on figuring things out.

The urgent matter on hand was still returning to the Godsfall Mountain Range and finding the Kunwu Divine Wood.

The rest was all not important.

It was just that the gaze that the Four Symbols Family Clans looked toward Ye Yuan with were filled with fear.

Especially those juniors who yelled and wrangled at Ye Yuan before, only then, did they know how ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth they were.

If Ye Yuan really wanted to kill them, they would have handed over their lives no matter how many they had.

Just like this, Ye Yuan temporarily stayed in the dragon clan.

It was just that his residence was like a forbidden ground. Everyone all stayed far away, not daring to approach him.

White Light, what do you think? Ye Yuan asked White Light after settling down.

Previously, White Light did not speak all along, which was very different from his style.

Ye Yuan knew that White Light definitely had some ideas.

Big Brother, I cant put my finger to it as well. I keep feeling that I have a very familiar feeling towards this place! White Light had a rare deep contemplation.

Ye Yuans brows raised up, and he said, Its not odd that you have this kind of feeling, but why do I have this kind of feeling too?

White Light looked at Ye Yuan rather amazedly and said, It would be the between bloodlines, right? I feel that the Divine Beast Realms demon races bloodlines are even purer than the outside worlds! The strength of the demon races here is more than a level stronger than the outside world on the whole!

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, This statement may hold true for you, but it doesnt quite make sense for me. When I entered the Divine Realms dragon clan, I never had this kind of feeling before either. But arriving here, theres a feeling that I cant explain clearly or understand. How strange!

White Light thought about it and said, Big Brother, back then when I went to the Dark Forest, I kept feeling that there was something calling me. Now, entering here, this feeling is even stronger! I say could I have come out from here?

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard that and said, How is that possible? When I met you, you were just Tier 1, and your mother was just Tier 2! Unless, that isnt your biological mother! Do you feel that a Tier 2 demonic beast can walk out from here?

White Light could not help being stifled when he heard that and also felt that he was thinking too much.

Between this Dark Forest and Endless Forest, the two were still separated by the God Prohibited Demon Region.

How could a Tier 2 demonic beast possibly walk out?

Moreover, White Lights mother was just an ordinary demonic beast.

Perhaps theres that trace of divine beast bloodline, but it was already faint to the point that it could be disregarded.

At this time, the Li-er who did not speak all along suddenly opened her mouth and said, Big Brother Yuan, seems to me that it isnt impossible either!

Ye Yuans eyes lit up, and he said, What do you mean?

Li-er said, Big Brother Yuan, isnt your Atavism Dragon Soul also hard to come by in a million years? Which is also to say that, during these one million years, only you alone possess this kind of divine soul. Then, isnt this a phenomenon of atavism? Although White Lights mothers bloodline was thin, perhaps her ancestor came out of this place?

Li-ers words made Ye Yuan and White Light sink into deep thought.

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