Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305 Luo Jians Sword

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Upon exiting the Myriad Treasure Tower, Ye Yuan was blocked by Zhang Shun and another person.

Sir Ye, youve made us search for you bitterly. This disappearance is a months time! Zhang Shun said with a bitter smile.

Ye Yuan was clear in his heart, but pretended to be puzzled and said, Find me for? I heard that the Myriad Treasure Towers cultivation rooms were pretty good, so I came here to cultivate for some time.

Zhang Shun was stupefied and said, Cultivate?

You, a fellow with a damaged divine sea, cultivate what?

Bullshitting wasnt done like this, alright?

Ye Yuan smiled but said nothing. Was cultivating alchemy not considered cultivation?

Zhang Shun laughed dryly and said,Ha,its like this, Eldest Miss became seriously ill and has no appetite for food and drinks. Second Miss said that youre the closest to her, so were asking you to return. Maybe it can make Eldest Miss take a turn for the better a bit.

The two of them kept watch for so long and felt that Ye Yuan might have perceived a little something. Hence, that was why they made up a lie to trick Ye Yuan back before talking.

There were too many people on the streets, it was hard to make a move.

Actually, it was not considered a lie either.

Because Liang Wanru was really almost dying!

Sure enough, Ye Yuans face fell, and he said, Whats going on?

Zhang Shun revealed an upset expression on his face and said, This Zhang doesnt know whats going on either. Its just that this period of time, her mood became more and more dejected, and she had less and less appetite for food and drinks. Now, she already cant get down the bed!

Ye Yuans brows furrowed and said, Go, return to the Liang Family.

Ye Yuan walked in front. Zhang Shun and the other person exchanged a glance, secretly ecstatic.

But Zhang Shun discovered that a guy in worn-out clothes and bristly stubble was currently hugging a sword and following them unhurriedly.

Zhang Shuns heart sank. This guy, he actually could not fathom him.

The Myriad Treasure Tower was not far from the Liang Family. Ye Yuan sped up and entered the Liang Family very soon.

Zhang Shun discovered that that sword-hugging man actually wanted to enter too, and could not help stepping forward to stop the other party.

This brother, this place is the Liang Familys manor, please stop!

The sword-hugging man seemingly did not hear his words at all, walking over straight towards him.

Zhang Shuns face fell and was about to make a move with another person.

But when the two of them just had this thought, only to see two gusts of strong wind arrive with a howl.

The two peoples gaze turned intent, their bodies abruptly stopping.

Two strands of broken hair floated down. The two peoples backs were instantly matted in cold sweat.

Such a quick sword!

The two of them did not see how this gruff man attacked at all!

They did not doubt in the slightest that as long as that sword earlier was somewhat deeper, the two of their heads would definitely be gone already.

In the time where they were dazed, the sword-hugging man already followed Ye Yuan in.

Senior, wheres Wanru? Ye Yuan asked in a solemn voice.

Inside the dungeon at the backyard. Ill lead you over, Dustless said.

Under Dustlesss guidance, Ye Yuan found the dungeons entrance very soon.

The ones watching the dungeon were all mortals. Ye Yuan sent them flying with a punch.

Inside the dungeon, Ye Yuan found the gaunt and thin Liang Wanru.

Her two eyes were sunken, her lips purple. Clearly, she was already deeply poisoned.

However, when she saw Ye Yuan, that dead gray eyes finally glowed with a trace of light.

Ye Yuan felt his heart ached. Such a kind-hearted girl, why did she have to suffer such unfair treatment?

He squatted down by the bed and said softly, Come with me, alright? This place already has nothing worth for you to look back anymore.

Liang Wanrus eyes revealed a look of struggle. Finally, she still nodded her head.

Ye Yuan let out a deep sigh. At this point, this girl still had a hint of sentimental attachment.

He reached his hands out and carried Liang Wanru, walking straight outside.

Luo Jian was just like a shadow, following behind Ye Yuan unhurriedly.

Today, I, Ye Yuan, owe you a favor! Ye Yuan said when he passed by Luo Jian.

Luo Jian did not speak and did not indicate anything either. he still followed Ye Yuan just like that.

Upon exiting, the dungeons entrance was already surrounded by a large group of people.

The two people in front were precisely Liang Mingyu husband and wife.

Ye Yuan, you ungrateful and despicable villain! My daughter saved you, but you actually repaid kindness with ingratitude and injured our Liang Familys guards! Liang Mingyu shouted.

Ye Yuan looked at him, a hint of cold light flashed across in his eyes.

It was said that even a tiger would not eat its own cubs, this Liang Mingyu was simply worse than a beast.

Heh,what did I say? That beast tide that time was probably done by this boy himself! He coveted that whores beauty, thats why he would deliberately draw the beast tide to play out a hero rescuing the beauty! Wang Pianran fanned the flames at one side.

Liang Mingyus brows furrowed. He was rather sensitive to the word whore.

His daughter was a whore, then what was he?

But at this time, it was clearly not the time to fuss over these.

Ye Yuan discovered that this family was simply unreasonable.

Liang Wanru being born in this kind of family and was actually able to maintain her original nature was truly not easy.

Repaying kindness with ingratitude? Or is it having diabolical ambitions? Miss Wanru saving me, thats what I owe her. This young master will naturally repay her. As for you guys, what has it got to do with me? Ye Yuan said coolly.

What a joke! Wanru is my daughter, her saving you is naturally the Liang Family saving you! You didnt think to pay and actually even abducted Wanru! Today, you can forget about walking out of the Liang Familys gates, Liang Mingyu said coldly.

Ye Yuan smiled and opened his mouth to say, Repay? I wonder if I hand over the beast taming art, would you all be satisfied?

When Liang Mingyu and Wang Pianran heard beast taming art, the three words, their eyes all lit up, their emotions becoming agitated.

But Liang Mingyu was rather shrewd. How could he display his own greed so easily?

Humph!Boy, dont give me that! You barged into the Liang Wanru and abducted Wanru, this is an unforgivable crime! Put down Wanru right now and surrender obediently without putting up resistance. Perhaps this family head can still spare your life! Liang Mingyu said with insidious plans.

Ye Yuan gave him a glance with a smile that was not a smile and said, Family Head Liang, you really want to lead the life of a whore and also expect a monument to your chastity! However, not only does this young master want to go out today, I even want to bring Miss Wanru along with me. If you have the capabilities, come and try stopping.

Finished talking, Ye Yuan carried Liang Wanru and walked straight out.

Heh,a crippled boy actually dared to boast so shamelessly! Do you think that by relying on that fellow behind you, you can break out of our Liang Family? Youre also looking down on the Liang Familys strength too much!

Liang Mingyu gave a cold laugh. Instantly, over a dozen figures surrounded Ye Yuan and Luo Jian.

Looking from these peoples auras, they were actually all initial-stage Grotto Profound powerhouses!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Over a dozen figures assaulted Ye Yuan at the same time, not giving Luo Jian the slightest opportunity to save people.

But right at this time, everyone felt a blur before their eyes. Over a dozen gusts of fierce wind abruptly howled past.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Blood light suffused!

The dozen over figures were directly sent flying out by these dozen over gusts of strong wind.

Liang Mingyus pupils constricted and looked at Luo Jian in disbelief as he cried out in shock, Gale Sword! You youre the Myriad Treasure Towers Luo Jian!

Luo Jian rarely showed face in public, but his Gale Sword was very renowned.

The moment he attacked, Liang Mingyu finally recognized him.

Such a swift sword, who else could it be apart from Luo Jian?

Ye Yuan is my Myriad Treasure Towers guest alchemist. Whoever touches him, shall be the enemy of the sword in my hand! Luo Jian spoke for the first time.

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