Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 1874

Gu Xijiu intended to rescue her by rewinding her death, but her attempt had been kindly rejected. With her remaining breaths, Li Mengxia said, “Xijiu, let it happen.”

Death seemed like the liberation of her pain. Gu Xijiu was surprised. “Why?”

Li Mengxia stared into the sky blankly. “I miss him. He never came for me. I shall look for him, then.”

Li Mengxia had always been very optimistic about everything. She rushed around only to get her work done. Also, she had always been single. Gu Xijiu never knew why. At first, she thought Li Mengxia was against the idea of marriage; little did she know that she had always loved the same man.

“Who is he?” Gu Xijiu was curious.

“Overlord Long,” Li Mengxia told her frankly. She finally talked about the name for the last time, the name that had been troubling her for years.

Gu Xijiu was utterly surprised.

Li Mengxia had never talked about her feelings publicly.

Long Siye was doing very well in the Upper Bound. He was now a general, commonly acknowledged as Siye, the Senior Immortal. He even had his own residence in the seventh layer of heaven.

After her death, Li Mengxia would be sent to Hell instead. She would be reincarnated. Even in her death, she would not be able to see Long Siye again. She held Li Mengxia’s hand tightly and told her about Long Siye’s condition, hoping that it would give her a sense of hope to live on.

Li Mengxia was momentarily lost for words. Soon, she responded with a smile and said, “Actually, it is good this way. I only have to know that he is fine. I will be entering my next cycle of life soon. I will start anew, without remembering him. I will be free from the misery of loving him and hopefully, I will be happily in love with another man.”

Her eyes were full of hope. “I am looking forward to the next life.”

Gu Xijiu would not be able to change her mind, and Li Mengxia died in her arms later. Gu Xijiu buried her on a hill with beautiful views.

Li Mengxia was a very good friend. Although Gu Xijiu had become the Lord, their friendship never changed. Gu Xijiu grieved for her death.

One of the perks of being the Lord was that she could find out where her rebirth would be.

Fifteen years later, Gu Xijiu found Li Mengxia in the Haoyue Kingdom. Indeed, she could finally lead a happy, blissful life with her childhood sweetheart. When she found her, they were soon going to be married.

One thing that remained was Li Mengxia’s temperament. She was still the same enthusiastic lady as she used to be. She and her childhood sweetheart were so in love, like an affectionate couple. Gu Xijiu watched as they left hand in hand for an outing together.

She had forgotten entirely about Long Siye after her reincarnation. It was considered a blessing to her. Hence, Gu Xijiu did not interrupt her and left.

Her boundless life had taught her many things. She had seen many bitter moments of separation and death. She had also been through many stages of life, too many to take them all seriously. Nothing really mattered to her anymore. In fact, she became less emotional as time went on.

Did Huang Tu, the previous Lord have the same experience? Did he truly care about anything in his life? Did he really care about anything at all? The affection that they once had was true, wasn’t it?

Her long, boundless life was getting a little boring. How did Huang Tu pass his time? Without any memory about Huang Tu, all she could do was to make random speculations.

Her long years of life seemed to have no end, giving her a profound sense of ennui. Her mission became the only source of joy.

All these years, she had been traveling back and forth between the Upper and Lower Bounds. Every time she heard about the existence of some odd men, she would go and check it out immediately, but none of them was the one she was looking for.

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