Venerated Venomous Consort Chapter 1959

If Gu Xijiu chose to return to her original size now, her dress would be shattered. It would not be so decent to be completely nude in front of a child. Hence, Gu Xijiu did not answer. Quietly, Shen Nianmo studied her expression and questioned, “Are you the maiden of heavenly mountains from the Celestial Devil Continent?” The maiden of heavenly mountains was a character of the novel, the Demi-Gods, and Semi-Devils. She aged more than a hundred years but maintained the appearance of a child. She would never grow or age another day.

The child knew many things. He was indeed a rare talent. After all, he was the son of a man who came from the future.

She gave him a tight smile but did not deny his suspicion. “I have seen you without your pants.”

Shen Nianmo was utterly surprised. She managed to trigger him.

If the same thing came from somebody else, Shen Nianmo would only reply with a snide comment. This time, however, he chose to react differently to the remark that came from the little girl. “Eh, when I was without my pants? What did you see?”

The child was perverted. A child of six years old should not have such thick skin to question something so perverted. He should be more naive and adorable. What else could she see when he was without his pants? She must have seen his private part!

She did not mean to make the topic sound so perverted. She only wanted to show him how old she actually was. He gave her a fixed glare while waiting for her answer. Gu Xijiu refused to continue to the topic any further. She did not want him to make it sound even worse than it already was.

She threw him a glance and answered briefly, “A child should not be so perverted.” Then, she took a leap and was ready to rush into the snakes again. However, Shen Nianmo immediately halted her attempt when he grabbed her wrist. “Wait.”

His quick reflex surprised Gu Xijiu.

“What are we waiting for?”

Shen Nianmo put a finger on his lips and demanded, “The method you are using to catch these snakes is too reckless. I will show you.”

Suddenly, he took out a lute and started playing melodiously. The tune was rather odd. Although the piece of music was not entirely well tuned, it was, at least, pleasant.

Initially, the snakes were circling the Snake Pearl in a mass, but when the music started playing, these snakes suddenly picked up their bodies and swayed along with the melody as if they were dancing. Was it a melody that could control the snakes?

Gu Xijiu looked at Shen Nianmo with disbelief. She had never expected him to know about the trick. However, if he was going to use the lute to manipulate the snakes, why did he even bother to unleash the Snake Pearl at the very beginning? It was an unnecessary move.

She fixed her eyes on Shen Nianmo. He took a few seemingly random modes of movement as if he was setting up a spell. The tunnel was sealed without any ventilation, but at this very moment, his robes were swaying in gusts of strong wind. However, he stood firmly and played his lute freely.

She felt that he looked somewhat familiar. Tears started to roll in her eyes like his presence had just reminded her of something that she had been painstakingly looking for but failed to find.

“Fuyi,” she could not help but whisper his name in her breath.

They were standing close to each other, so he could definitely hear her. He did not stop playing the lute, but his eyes were on her attentively as he whispered, “Hmm?”

Recovering from her preoccupation of thoughts, Gu Xijiu was shocked even by her own behavior. To her dismay, she had definitely gone too far. He was only a child.

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