Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Identity

Chapter 357: Identity

In the imperial city, by the little river. A waning moon hung in the sky.

"The signature you wanted" Ye Cang walked out of the darkness. His white hair looked dazzling in the night.

"Thanks, you even had to send it over" SpyingBlade his wheelchair over. He saw Ye Cangs peculiar appearance that looked just like in the game. White hair, white brows, white lashes, and pink eyes. He faintly smiled and took the picture.

"Coming all this way, you must have a reason." SpyingBlade stuffed the picture into chest pocket.

"I can help you regain all motor function, but you have to become my successor" Ye Cang got straight to the point.

"If youre serious, then I promise you" SpyingBlade said straightforwardly. He didnt want to keep seeing CompassionateStar run around for him since he had already lost most of his motor functions. Even if he received medical treatment, the best it could do was prolong the process.

Ye Cang took out a needle, and then stabbed it right into SpyingBlades heart. SpyingBlade felt like his whole body was getting torn apart. The feeling in both his right arm and right leg returned, followed closely by a sharp pain. He felt as if his muscles were being torn and bones fractured.

Ye Cang calmly pulled out the needle and watched SpyingBlade writhe in pain as the veins all over his body throbbed. His adaptability was very good. He turned and looked at the moon as he waited. Artificial human. The original intention of creating such a person was to benefit mankind. To overcome disease. To fulfil mans dreams. Gradually, people began to diverge from that way of thinking. They became weapons. The path for man to evolve to the top of the galaxys food chain. However, the day that man creates weapons that they can no longer control, will be the the start of doomsday. Ye Cangs IQ was low and he didnt walk an overly inhuman path. Little Ye Tian was a much more serious problem, but she could control her thoughts because she understood emotions and learned love.

SpyingBlade gradually woke up. He felt like he could sense every pore in his body. He slowly stood up from the wheelchair and exercised the limbs that he couldnt even feel just earlier. He could sense that his body was now much stronger. What kind of needle was that!?

"I cant tell you right now. Youll know in the future. Tomorrow, come to my seaside cottage for a talk and Ill help you set up your identity" Ye Cang saw that SpyingBlade was looking at the needle in his hand and said indifferently.

"No need to wait for tomorrow. Lets go together." Although SpyingBlade didnt know Ye Cangs true intention, but he was willing to trust him. He now had two enormous favors to repay.

"Alright" Ye Cang faintly said. The two of them rode the hovering train back to Lin Hai.

"The third room on the right is yours. Its already been cleaned. Come with me, lets go to the Dragon Group first and get you an identity" Ye Cang pointed out the room to SpyingBlade, then brought SpyingBlade to the Dragon Groups secret base in Lin Hai. SpyingBlade was full of questions. He had been among those big families when together with CompassionateStar so he knew about the Dragon Group. Was this guy a high level officer in the Dragon Group? To be able to give someone an identity wasnt something a normal person could arrange for.

Ye Cang saw that Fang Ci was there having a virtual meeting with Ren Long about something. Not bad, to be able to be so calm against that baldy. Theyre probably talking about the cooperative research. I think Cold Moon messaged me about that before. He shook his head and walked inside.

Ye Cang passed through the scanners and arrived in a big room. A woman with short black hair was projected. She had a heroic appearance and a pretty face, which made her look dignified. SpyingBlade couldnt help being shaken by her aura. It was hard to believe that this aura was coming from a woman.

"Tomboy, help him arrange an identity" Ye Cang said indifferently.

"Cant you speak a bit more nicely? Silver Devil" The woman side.

"Seducer Devil1?" SpyingBlade thought about this code-name of his.

The woman quickly finished SpyingBlades identity, and added him into the 7th group. Then she sighed and disappeared.

Facing SpyingBlades doubt, Ye Cang walked while explaining. "Silver Devil isnt the code-name I use here. Youll know about it later. In the Dragon Group, I have a lot of code-names, but the most common is White Thunder"

"White Gutter2?" SpyingBlade made a strange expression. Why is it that if his nickname isnt perverted, then its scummy?

Ye Cang spoke of his intended retirement and about the 10 Commandments. " so, I hope that you and Fang Ci can have some influence in the organization so that it wont become corrupted. My purpose in the organization is to defend the worlds peace. The organization has both extremists and those who work steadily."

"Youre one of the steady ones?" SpyingBlade nodded thoughtfully.

"No, Im considered an extremist. I only do extermination missions and communication with the Dragon Group. I dont care about the rest. For now, Ill continue to be the leader of 7, but I hope that in the future, either you or Fang Ci will take it over" Ye Cang explained.

"I more or less understand. You want to hide behind the scenes and goof off, but youre afraid that if you leave, the organization will be taken over by bad guys for bad things, so youre looking for a lid to cover it up with" SpyingBlades words made Ye Cang freeze. His summary made a lot of sense. Ye Cang was left speechless. "Thats right"

"Who was that woman earlier" SpyingBlade smiled bitterly, recalling that dignified woman.

"The leader of Dragon Groups first division, the Female Red Dragon - Tomboy. The leader of the 7th division which you are in is Dragon Blade - Baldy" Ye Cang replied.

Hey, dont add strange nicknames after peoples cool code-names. SpyingBlade broke out in cold sweat.

Ye Cang pushed open the meeting room door. "Baldy, hurry and finish up. A man shouldnt nitpick over these minor details. You should live up to your bald head"

"F*ck off! Its because I didnt discuss these details that you could scam me last time! I lost 3 years of wages!" Ren Long roared.

Fang Ci broke out in cold sweat wondering how Team Leader negotiated with the Dragon Group.

"Hurry and give me money, otherwise Ill tell your wife and tomboy what you said while you were drunk last time. I even have a recording~" Ye Cang said with a good-willed smile.

"You!! F*ck, you win Ill remember this!" Ren Long agreed, and pointed at Ye Cang for a long time, unable to retort, before giving up and saying something that doesnt fit his image.

"LilFang, you show SpyingBlade the ropes. There should be another meeting soon. Ill talk to Cold Moon. You two work hard." Ye Cang said, leaving behind SpyingBlade and Fang Ci who were staring at each other.

Fang Ci began to give SpyingBlade a more detailed explanation about the Dragon Group and the 10 Commandments, their relations and operations etc. SpyingBlade finally understood. The things Ye Cang had told him were all words shrouded in mystery. These arrangements were fine, he needed to become someone worthy of CompassionateStar. His first step could be to climb the ranks of this illegal organization.

1: Silver Devil has the same pronounciation as Pervert in chinese, so I made a sort of fitting nickname that sounds similar.

2: White Thunder has the same pronounciation as Scum in chinese, so I made a sort of fitting nickname that sounds similar.
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