Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 543

Fireproof Meat Wrap Monster

Ye Cang, Lin Le, Fang Ci, Little Ye Tian, and AV were the first sub-team to taste the food.

On the other hand, SpyingBlade and Zhang Zhengxiong were on guard. Chills went down their spine while looking at them rolling on the ground and starting to have a convulsion after eating the burger patties sandwiching organs. OtherShoreWatchingAV then recalled the time when he officially joined Happy Firmaments as a member. The benefits were great but… His neck then snapped and his health points dropped to zero. Zhang Zhengxiong quickly cast revive on him and helped him to get up. With tears in his eyes, AV took another bite and experienced everything again.

After the first sub-team had finished, it was the second sub-team's turn. Then, everyone started to eat the sashimi platter. As expected, it tasted delicious after adding the seasoning wine. They were at ease for a second until they laid their eyes on the finale. The meat wrap was still moving. Zhang Zhengxiong mumbled. “Isn’t this too torturing? There is something moving inside…”

Ye Cang then put out the fire and pulled the knot tied by spider silk. He immediately appeared beside Little Ye Tian with Shadow Step as he sensed danger. A ‘hand’ then slashed where Ye Cang was just now. Everyone gasped. As the wrap slowly cracked, an unknown creature popped out of it. It had functioning organs except that they were not covered and a burnt eyeball located at its head was looking at them. The secret sauce flowed out from its body like pus. Everyone felt dizzy for a second as the malodorous stink filled the atmosphere. The cooked meat started to twitch and its body was expanding due to the heat. It then let out a familiar cry that could usually be heard from Ye Style Dishes.

“Wow, Brother Lil’White, you’re so good. You can even cook a monster…” Lil Le said with respect and Ye Cang nodded. “Looks like my cooking skills have reached grandmaster level.”

SpyingBlade and the others did not know whether to cry or laugh. God damn it, he can even cook biological creatures now. We better not mess with him.

“Congratulations, you’ve completed an alive dark recipe! You received 10000 experience. Please name it!”

“Fireproof Meat Wrap Monster.”

Fireproof Meat Wrap Monster (Advanced Boss, Dark Recipe, Unique Creature): Your cooking skills have granted the recipe a life. The reason it formed is that the demon’s blood, fire elemental crystal, organs, and others created an unknown reaction. Hence, it turned into an extremely dangerous creature. It’s not afraid of fire, poison, and curse. It has high physical resistance and regenerative ability. Its weakness may be ice and water.

“It isn’t afraid of poison and fire. It has high physical resistance and regenerative ability. Weakness may be water and ice.” Looking at his product, Ye Cang said proudly.

Everyone felt uncomfortable and smiled bitterly.

OldWangFromNestDoor quickly chanted to summon his water elemental; Wu Na had also started to chant her Chilling Wind; Ye Cang already had his Tidal Wave ready in his hand.

Ye Cang reached out his hand and the Tidal Wave splashed at the meat wrap as it madly ran towards them. It caused quite an amount of damage. When the water hit its high-temperature body, the smelly steam made Wu Na feel ill and so her Chilling Wind was disrupted. She quickly switched places to chant the magic. It was the same on OldWangFromNextDoor’s side. He ran to somewhere far away to get prepared to summon the water elemental. Just when Zhang Zhengxiong was about to get closer, the smell got more malodorous than before after the evaporation. His reactions were slowed down due to it and he seemed to be having a hard time pinning it down. FrozenCloud, SpyingBlade, and Lin Le quickly rushed to help him. On his way there, Lin Le took out three fire elemental crystals and changed them to the water elemental ones. The giant blade then glowed. He obtained Water Split Chop. He brandished his blade at its waist, dealing very high damage. Having the water splashing at the wound, it was hard to recover.

Noticing that the people who were having a close combat fight with it were once again stunned and were receiving damage continuously, Ye Cang immediately unleashed Healing Tide. The streams of water then flooded the area, dealing damage to it and healing the others at the same time. Unfortunately, FrozenCloud was knocked away by its hand. Instantly, she lost 70% of her health points.

FrozenCloud gasped. My equipment may not be as good as Shaking Bear’s but I’m already one of the top grappler and tanker at this level. God damn it, it almost killed me! “Don’t let it hit you! The damage is insane!”

Little Ye Tian quickly swung out the Healing Chain, light element area healing spell and Healing Light to greatly recover everyone’s health. Besides that, AV was also summoning the Flower of Recovery and Flower Fragrance skill to reduce the stink and to heal them up.

Ye Cang swiftly changed his scepter into Water Spear and pierced right into its skull with Dashing Straight Thrust. Swinging his weapon, he jumped to dodge the incoming hand attack. Once again, he used the Dashing Straight Thrust and flew to its back like a swallow. After that, he activated the Shadow Frost Strike and stabbed its heart. The bright red heart cooled down dramatically, dealing impressive damage. “Attack its outer organs!”

SpyingBlade pondered. Thank goodness that its speed isn’t very fast, if not we would be dead! This steam is f*cking annoying, reducing my reflex and movement at least by 30%!

Wu Na pierced into its liver with the ice spear. On the other hand, OldWangFromNextDoor successfully changed the earth elemental to the water elemental, becoming the team’s main attacker. The water elemental’s magic was never-ending and its damage was extremely high. However, the steam that it caused was also getting troublesome. Little Ye Tian and AV were more pressured. Little Ye Tian then pondered. Not good! She shouted. “Stop the water element attacks! At least for a while! Things are getting worse! The water elemental magic will only stop its regenerative ability temporary! Retreat! We’ll fight it when the steam has faded away a little!”

The close combat people quickly ran away from the steam that almost killed them and started circling it. Although it was dangerous, they successfully dodged all the vomits thanks to their speedy reaction. Besides that, little tadpole had saved them many times with its tongue. Since it knew how to cast Healing Light, water elemental healing magic and water elemental magic, it had become the team’s third support. However, Little Ren was in serious danger as the smell of the steam posed a big threat to him. Its sensitive nose made him suffer to the point of almost losing his battle power. Little Ye Tian frowned because tigerkin Little Ren was the team’s source of attack power. I guess I have to make a gas mask for him in the future.

Little tadpole wrapped tigerkin Little Ren with its tongue, cast a Healing Stream on him, and swallowed it to protect it. It then fled with the team while attacking at the same time. Wu Na was pissed off as she ran on the marsh. Why is this thing so hard to kill? Half an hour has passed and it’s still not dead yet! How did that freaking Ye Cang come up with this thing?! Staring at the organs ‘bleeding’ on the meat wrap’s body, chills were sent down her spine. This marsh is truly a disgusting place.

The water and mud in the marsh had restrained the team’s movement and also the creature’s who was chasing after the humans that created it. As the steam slowly began to fade away, its wounds were starting to heal. Suddenly, Ye Cang stopped. “Tactics! Rapid Pursuit! Powerful Attack! Prepare the water elemental magic to restrain its regeneration!”
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