Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 621

Chapter 621

Nine Changes of Dragon Dance in Plate

Recalling the sorrow from yesterday, Ji Xiao saw the mini cinema and sighed. Ill watch a movie to cheer myself up. What?! Why is there a couple? The back of the girl is so hot and she is even from my school. There are still two boys harassing her. Because of the darkness, he could not see who they were. However, he stood up and shouted. "Those two in front please behave yourself. It might affect Oh shit!"

"Brother LilWhite, the voice sounds familiar." Lin Le stood up and saw Ji Xiao. Instantly, an evil smile was written on his face. Youre dead.

Ji Xiaos heart sank as he saw Ye Cangs white hair. No! No!

"Yo! What a coincidence!" Ye Cang smiled at Ji Xiao.

Xie Yuer frowned. Isnt that Ji Xueers cousin brother? Ji Xiao from the Ji family, brother of Ji Wenjun. Even though he is a little idiotic, he isnt someone you want to deal with. She then reminded them. "He is from the Ji family, you guys"

She had not even finished her sentence when the two of them jumped on Ji Xiao.

"Dont hit my face! Team leader! Ill take my pants off on my own."

Usually, when the movie had ended, the environment would look saddening. Yet, there was a naked man walked out of the cinema. There was a signboard in front of his crotch, written Sorry, I shouldnt be shouting in the cinema and masturbating

Seeing Ji Xiaos tragedy, Little Jade and OldWang confirmed how scary Ye Cang and Lin Le were. Meanwhile, Xie Yuer was smiling bitterly, seeing Ji Xiaos obedient look. I bet this isnt the first time he got beaten by those two. But, taking his clothes off directly without saying a wordthey seem to be super familiar with this...it is scary. Were these two fellas from the team that specializes in capturing affairs?

The three of them were nervous as they were forced to follow Ye Cang and Lin Le everywhere for fun and to show off how sweet they were. Not long after, they finally made it to dinner time.

"Okay, it is dinner time. OldWang, give me your card." Ye Cang said softly. After much hesitation, OldWang handed over the card. The day is about to end. He stared at Little Jade who was in his embrace. The two of them looked at each other pitifully.

"Oh LilXie, is there any shop that is most expensive and most high class?" OldWangs heart sank upon hearing what Ye Cang said. Little Jade felt lucky that it was not her card. Lin Le then patted her shoulder. "Give me yours too. Just in case, it is not enough. I can use it to help."

"Can I say no?" Little Jade was crying. OldWang did not feel that sad after her card was also taken away. Karma *sigh*

"It should be Grand Glorious, one of the top ten resort in the world. You can eat and play whatever you wish to." Upon finishing the sentence, Xie Yuer saw OldWang and Little Jade staring at her angrily. She sighed. I was forced too.

"Lets go then." Ye Cang signaled Xie Yuer to lead the way.

They then arrived at Grand Glorious. It was circular in shape, looking luxurious. Xie Yuer led them to the east door. Thousands of Begonia flowers were everywhere and they were amazed.

ThornyRose and the others who were watching the live stream stopped doing their jobs and enjoyed the video. They even planned to have a gathering at AVs bar.

"Wow, this LilWang is so generous huh. Going to the Grand Glorious." ThornyRose was swinging the glass of red wine.

"Show off your head!! FFFFFFFFFF." FrozenBlood sighed as she saw ElegantFragrances angry look. "LilFragrance, you are not on par with me. I somewhat can be considered as team leaders second wife. How can Lele forget about you so fast?"

"About that...his fiance which is me, is here, please. Mind your words." ThornyRose looked at FrozenBlood in doubt.

"Besides, it is one-sided love in your case." ThornyRose sighed.

"So? It is just sooner or later for me to be his wife. I liked him first. That deep and empty eyes. That torturing personality. So handsome~" FrozenBlood shrugged her shoulders.

ThornyRose facepalmed. Just what kind of sin did I make in my last life?

On the other hand, Ye Cang arrived at a sky-logo room. The room was luxurious as there was a golden dragon, phoenix made in jade, emerald lions, agate stones, and ashtray. All of these were top class.

OldWang and Little Jade were looking at Ye Cang ordering food from the menu. Their hearts were already bleeding. "Well, give me everything thats most expensive. Thats all."

"Sir, are you sure?" The waiter asked in doubt because they did not look like some rich people.

"Yeap. Im sure. Use this card for payments." Ye Cang took out OldWangs card.

"And this too." Lin Le handed over Little Jades card.

The waiter took the cards and left after mumbling something. It seemed like the waiter checked the amount inside the cards and said that they could upgrade to president suite. It was exactly the amount. She then quickly went out and prepared. Moments later, a bunch of handsome guys and pretty girls came in. Yet, Ye Cang swung his hand. "Get out. Ill still pay you the money. We dont like crowded and noisy places."

OldWang and Little Jade stared at the golden dragon phoenix jade sculpture at the wall faraway. *Cries* *Cries* My money!!!

"Thank you Brother White-haired, boss, hero, our reborn parents, master, father." Those people then quickly left after complimenting Ye Cang with all different phrases.

Staring at OldWangs and Little Jades sorrowful look, Xie Yuer shivered, especially when she heard Ye Cang saying that everyone here was friends. She immediately shook her head. Im just a passerby. Im really not close to them. Please.

As the dishes were served, Ye Cang examined them one by one, analyzing how it was cooked and done. The chef was shocked when Ye Cang actually accurately described how it was done. Even though his comments were harsh and useless, the chef could only nod as the white-haired was the master. "Ive learned my lesson. Please teach me next time. This meal is on me."

Ye Cang then smiled. "Good."

OldWang and the others were confused. How can a master chef and a dark recipe master chef communicate in a common language?

Little Jade stared at the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall as Lin Le opened the lit. An ultimate abalone was scooped out. The soup cooked with seafood and expensive ingredients was poured out and the aroma filled the atmosphere. However, Little Jade was sad deep down in her heart. *Cries* *Cries* 180 thousand federal coins! Mama! My 1.8 million federal coins! I dont even dare to buy a huskars fur clothing and it was used for this *Cries* *Cries* Mama!

OldWang saw Xie Yuer picking up a claw of the emperor crab which was nearly 160cm in diameter. The claw was as big as a humans upper body. The tasty and white crab meat popped out as Xie Yuer cracked it. Then, she immediately ate it. "Wow! Too delicious! It is even more gentle than tofu!"

*Cries* *Cries* 2.8 million federal coins!! *Cries* *Cries* I wanted to buy a house in the Imperial city! Team leader! You are inhuman! Return me my money! Even though that was what OldWang thought, he did not dare to show his expression in front of Ye Cang who was drinking the prawn soup with a smile.

Although Ye Cang had examined all the dishes, there was one more left. He then mysteriously opened the lit in the middle and shouted. "Dinosaurs penis with Nine Changes of Dragon Dance!"

Xie Yuer had only heard rumors about this dish. It is a legendary dish where it is limited in supply. It only appears on the menu when the time is right. Besides, the chances of it appearing is not more than 5 times in a year. Looks like his luck is not bad since he could happen to order such a dish. But...it seems like Xie Yuer then stared at the thick pillar where there were nine different colors of dragons spiraling around it and flowing like a river.

"This is super good for you guys since you guys might need it for tonight." Ye Cang then cut a big piece of it professionally with all nine colors and placed into OldWangs and Little Jades plate.

The two of them were confused. Should we eat? The dish seems weird though. Dont eat? NO way! This shit is freaking 19 million federal coins!

OldWang then put the nine-colored penis into his mouth and it exploded. Nine different tastes rushed into his mouth and triggered his nerves. His duodenum started to feel warm and even his private part felt the same too. The nine different tastes were obvious and distinguishable in the beginning but then it turned into a complicated and ever-changing taste in the end. It made one horny and shy at the same time as if all the senses were triggered at the same time.
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