Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 624

Chapter 624

Inked Brush

Upon thinking that the two demons were about to leave tomorrow morning, OldWang felt reassured. "Little Jade, I"

"I just want to rest and empty my mind now."


Moments later.

"Did you have fun today?"

"Dont force me to slap you."

"Why dont we watch a movie or something? What happened just now was crazy."

"What movie?"

"Your choice."

"The Herbs Rain Droplet."

"Well...I wanted to watch The Diary of Goddess."

"Eww...those kinds of movies arent interesting."

"Okay, why dont we take half of both sides? The Goddess Rain Droplets. I remember I saw this name before."

"The Goddess Rain Droplets? Why does the name sound wrong to me? Well, lets just watch it then."

"Oh damn! There are 7 versions of this movie!"

As the movie was played, Little Jade did not know whether to laugh or cry. "This is a porn movie"

When Little Jade saw the goddess was playing with various strange-looking toys happily, her jaw dropped as if she was watching some horror movie. She had the urge to watch but also knew that she was not supposed to be watching. OldWang complimented the movie. Never thought that they would find such a rare girl to film the movie. Besides, in the battle of mahjong, the way to take the pieces and the rules are totally...hehe Who on earth would think of that? Using that part to play mahjong.

Next day. Morning.

Ye Cang saw OldWang and Little Jade looked tired and sleepy. "Little Jade, give me your phone for a second."

With much confusion, Little Jade gave it to team leader. All she wanted now was to return to Imperial capital and rest.

Ye Cang calmly took a photo to their exhausted look and shared it in the moments. We didnt sleep yesterday night~ Guess what we did~ Hehe~ (shy emoji)

Lin Le also used OldWangs phone to share something. Even though my d*ck isnt that big and strong like Brother Les, it is still more than enough to have a battle last night. Little Jade Jade~ (smirking emoji)

Brother LilWang, youre a badass. Can you dont say such things in public? Im shy~ Ye Cang continued to share emotionlessly. At the side, Xie Yuer was soaked in cold sweat. Thank God that he doesnt know my number.

I dont care~ I dont care~

I Hate you~ Hate you~ Hate you~ (act cute emoji)

Little Jade and OldWang were in a total mess standing outside the train station.

"Okay, we should go now." Ye Cang reminded OldWang to take out the drawing. OldWang hesitated. I thought he forgot about it. With a sigh, he took it out from his bag and handed it over. Litte Jade received it with curiosity.

"OldWang put in a lot of effort for this drawing." Ye Cang complimented OldWang. As she took out the sketching board, she was shocked. The creature in the painting was crooked, the limbs were shooting blood and worst still the blood from the legs was shooting at the ground. This is obviously blackmailing! Besides, it is a f*cking anatomy! (because it is naked) Also! Why is there leg hair?! Angrily, she stared at OldWang. Yet, seeing OldWangs helpless look, she guessed that team leader and Lele were part of this. She sighed. "Not bad."

"Just not bad?" Ye Cang frowned and Lin Le was not too happy about the comment.

"It is marvelous." Little Jade immediately changed the comment. Since Im going back to the Imperial capital, I better not cause myself any trouble in the end. But I think boss wont take off all my clothes and dump them at the station, right?

Ye Cang gradually nodded and Lin Le rubbed his hands. "Thats more like it."

As Ye Cang turned around, OldWang and Xie Yuer instantly became alert. OldWang was mumbling. Not me. Not me.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about it. LilXiexie, lets exchange our numbers so that next time when you come to Lin Hai, I can welcome you." Ye Cangs words made Xie Yuers heart sink. Seeing Lin Le also took out his device excitedly, she exchanged numbers with them, smiling bitterly.

As the two of them witnessed how Ye Cang and the others boarded the train, they immediately felt relaxed. They then sat on the bench.

"Actually, team leader is a good person."

"Oh. How much is left in your card?"

"*Cries* *Cries* Senior Yuer, please spare me some money. Youre team leaders friend so it means we are friends too. Besides you also ate the nine changes thing"

"*Sigh* If I was given a chance, I wouldnt eat it Alright, you can use my ID for meals in the canteen and other spendings. Maximum of 1 million federal coins."

"Oh yeah, since that fella is so strong, what about you? Whats your specialty?"

"Well, if you really want me to say. I eat salty tofu instead of sweet ones."

"Wow, thats so impressive." Xie Yuer pretended to be shocked for a second and slammed his head. "God damn it! I also eat salty ones! Stop folling me!"

"Im just kidding. Just kidding. Okay. Im basically useless. If you really want me to say something, I only know a little martial arts, painting, and Chinese calligraphy."

"I would like to try your martial arts." Upon finishing her sentence, Xie Yuer ambushed him. With a bitter smile, OldWang made a backflip and pull out the brush from the drawing board. The inked energy then flew out in thin air. "You will see drawings and poems."

OldWang blocked Xie Yuers attack with the brush. As he swung the inked brush, streams of inked flew out. Xie Yuer could not help but back off. OldWang then quickly grabbed his drawing board and slipped away. "Thank you Senior Yuer for the financial support! I gotta go!"

Xie Yuer was speechless, staring at his back. Able to implement painting and drawing into martial arts. What a pussy. But he actually knows such unique martial art! Not to mention, I didnt benefit from it too.

In the train, Little Jade was sitting in between Ye Cang and Lin Le. She was worried especially when the two of them were staring at her calmly. She was totally uncomfortable.

Knowing that Ye Cang was at Imperial city, Ji Xiao once again boarded the train headed to the Imperial capital. When he saw the two of them in the coach, he broke down mentally. He sighed when they noticed him. In front of the female servant, he started to take off his clothes and pants and put them into his bad. Then, he hung a signboard on himself and calmly laid on the floor. "I give up in resisting. Come on"

"......" Ye Cang and Lin Le were shocked.

When the train stopped at Lin Hai, Ye Cang and Lin Le said goodbye to Little Jade.

After the two of them left, Little Jade turned around to look at Ji Xiao who was sitting in front of her naked with a signboard. She knew who he was so she nodded. "Hi there."

Ji Xiao nodded. "Hi."

Upon greeting, he stared outside the window and sighed.

Little Jades eyes then laid on the signboard. It was written Im sorry. I shouldnt have lost my determination to fight. It is not fun for the bullies. From now onwards, I must fight till the end! Fight! Fight! Fight!

The passengers in the train were not shocked after witnessing what had happened to Ji Xiao. Instead, they seemed to be used to it. After all, it was not the first time seeing it at the station and the train.
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