Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 629

Chapter 629

Silver Dragon Platinum

"Hahaha! Here I come!" Ye Cang received the message of the boss death. Just then, he appeared out from the shadow, reaching out his right hand. CloudDragon, LordAsked, ThornyRose, and the others were shouting at him, asking him to stop. Yet, his hand was reaching the boss like a black hole sucking it in.

Suddenly, Ye Cang felt a bright light shining. Instantly, he was stunned and immediately purified it. However, he was stunned once again as another light flashed. At that moment, CloudDragon, LordAsked, ThornyRose, and Zhang Zhengxiong immediately dashed at him, holding his arms, waist, and legs.

"Player HappyAndCheerful touched Barla."

Ye Cang who regained his vision stared at Little Ye Tian unbelievably. "You!"

"Father, I didnt do it on purpose. If the boss was really touched by you, you would be hated by everyone." Little Ye Tian spoke softly.

"How dare you Little Tian! How could you do such a thing?! I, Brother Le, despise you!" Lin Le who touched the corpse quickly scolded Little Ye Tian. "Brother LilWhite, dont be angry anymore. Little Ye Tian is still young."

Little Ye Tian stared at Lin Le angrily. Why do I have to be the bad guy?! And you still want to fan the flames!!

Ye Cang did not bother about them and dragged himself to Barlas corpse. He touched its skin softly and said. "Im sorry, divine artifact. Im late. Cant believe we missed each other! Is this fate?!"

Chills were sent to CloudDragons, ThornyRoses, LordAskeds, and the others spines as they looked at him.

"Little Tian, come over here." Ye Cang turned over with a smile.

Little Ye Tian hesitated but still, she went over. As she stepped forward, she stopped for a second. "Father. I really did not do it on purpose."

"Its alright. Im not that petty. Come over~" Ye Cang put on a forgiving smile.

"I bet two hundred thousand federal coins that Ye Cang would bite her head." Zhang Zhengxiong who was standing beside Lin Le looked at Little Ye Tian walking towards Ye Cang reluctantly.

"Brother LilWhite was very excited about the corpse this time so I bet five hundred thousand federal coins that he would bite her head and hit her face." Lin Le analyzed seriously.

"......Hey, hey, dont you guys think you guys are being too harsh?" Wu Na rolled her eyes against them and then gave it a thought. "I bet three hundred thousand federal coins that he would beat her ass."

"....." FrozenCloud was soaked in cold sweat. Well, she is indeed team leaders wife.

The voices behind Little Ye Tian made her even more nervous.

Ye Cang then put his hands on Little Tians shoulders. Little Ye Tian immediately broke out in cold sweat, smiling awkwardly. "Father"

"You betrayer! Its time to receive the new eras punishment!" Ye Cang hugged Little Ye Tians head and bit it. Then, he reached out his hand and hit her butt.

Little Ye Tian screamed. "Im sorry! Father! Im sorry! I wont do it anymore! *Cries* *Cries* Ahh! Face! My face! Save me! Save me!"

LordAsked, CloudDragon, and the others shivered as they saw how Ye Cang tortured the child. They then turned around and came to Lin Les side. "What do we got here?"

"Wait a minute, Im watching a show." Lin Le took out a bottle to drink and a packet of nuts.

"You these bastards!" Little Ye Tian was shouting.

Moments later.

"Brother LilWhite, heres what we got from the boss. A piece of platinum equipment with a silver dragon logo, 4 other platinums, 10 black gold, 15 dark gold, 3 skill books, and a second graded guild upgrading disk." Everyone gasped when they heard what Lin Le said. CloudDragon and LordAsked were interested at the second graded guild upgrading item.

Ye Cang was still dwelling on the fact that he missed the opportunity to get the divine artifact. He then took a look at the equipment. Eh?! Platinum light armored boots. The thing I wanted the most! The attributes are great too!

Barlas Path (Platinum - Abyss - Special field)
Category: Light-armored gold boots
Requirements: Strength 220, Constitution 150
Defense: 85
Strength +70
Dexterity +35
Constitution +60
Strength +15%
Movement speed +25%
Reduces the effect of movement speed being slowed by 50%

Powerful Leap: Launch a powerful assault to a target in the front. The first target that one hits would be stunned and damaged. The next damage would increase by 50%. Cooldown: 15 minutes.

"Our side would take this pair of boots. Is that alright? As for the platinum with a silver dragon logo, we would discuss it later." Ye Cang asked. He then wore them and listed out the other equipment. The other three platinums were taken by Freedom Alliance, Mad War, and Lords Reign each. Meanwhile, the other equipment were also distributed evenly among everyone. Lastly, it only left five important equipment which everyone was interested in.

Mad One-eyed Mask (Silver Dragon - Platinum - Abyss - Special field - Barla)
Category: Mask
Requirements: None
Defense: 60
Strength +100
Dexterity +70
Constitution +80
All attributes +15%
Damage received reduces by 25%
Damage +25%
Speed +100
Armor penetration +60

Eye of Barla: Open the eye on the mask and one would enter into madness. Damage received increases by 50%, damage increases by 50%, speed increases by 200, immune to most of the magic which would affect ones will. Lasts for 2 minutes. Cooldown: 2 hours.

Second graded guild upgrading disk: Well...you know

Massive Shockwave Splash (Barla): Accumulate energy for 3 seconds and unleash a one-time destructive semi-circular shape shockwave splash. It also causes the ground to crack and rocks to shoot out from the ground. It reduces movement speed, knocks away and stuns enemies.

King Kong Skin (Barla): Defense +40%. If the damage received is less than 50% of the defense points, the user would not receive any damage.

Terrifying Roar: Instantly make a frightening roar. There is a chance of terrifying the target and deal soundwave damage. It stuns, interrupts, and silences the target.

ThornyRose frowned. Its easy to distribute the equipment and skill books. Four groups, one group each. But I definitely wont let go of the guild item. I must fight for the reward and the pride of the guild.

Little Ye Tian took over the guild disk. "Lets bid for the price. The highest bidder takes it. As for the money, we could distribute evenly among the four of our guilds. Pay half in cash. Or we can roll the dice."

CloudDragon knew that in terms of money, he would not have more than her. So, he chose to roll the dice.

"I agree with rolling the dice." NalanPureSoul said and then turned to whisper at ThornyRose. "But you cant let Lin Le participate in rolling the dice."

ThornyRose sighed. These fellas do know about it.

"I agree too. My luck is not bad after all." LordAsked wanted the item very much since it was everyones effort. However, he was fine with not getting it anyway.

"Brother, Ive never seen you roll more than" Ji Xie said something.

"Damn it! Which sides are you on?! Which side?! Which side?! Dont you dare to say a thing! Dont you dare!" LordAsked then smashed his head.

"Lets roll then." CloudDragon nodded.

"Okay, Ill go first." Ye Cang then took out the dice and prepared to toss. ThornyRose, Zhang Zhengxiong, FrozenCloud, and Wu Na immediately stopped him. "Cant you just wait for a second?!"

"Trust me. Rolling a 100 is easy." With much struggle, Ye Cang still managed to toss the dice. 0.

Everyone gasped. 1-100. Theres no 0 at all! And yet, you can get a 0?! They looked at Ye Cang with fear.

"Did you guys do something to my dice?" Ye Cang stared at everyone angrily.


Everyone then chose to ignore him. ThornyRose gave it a thought. We cant let Lin Le play. Looks like we have no choice. I need to do this on my own. Lets try my luck and see. She then silently tossed the dice. 1. She then remained silent and kept away the dice. Staring at Ye Cang angrily, she said. "Shaking Bear, you go."

"Okay!" Zhang Zhengxiong then took out the dice and walked to them.
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