Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 637

Chapter 637

Skull Peak

Ye Cang sat beside Alajaja superiorly, toasting with every fishman. The fishmans faces turned red after drinking the poisonous drink as if they were in total madness. They have this reaction to my wine? Maybe I should let Alajaja try the black dragon kill. Even though it wasnt much left, Ye Cang took two bottles out and gave them to Alajaja and its assistant - Yolijaja. After smelling the disgusting black dragon kill, they drank it in one shot.

The two fishman roared like a dragon. Their pupils started to change as if it was turning into a dragons eye. Scales and bones were also grown on their skins. Their sizes had grown bigger too. They then stared at Ye Cang with much gratitude.

"Congratulations, through items, you have helped the chief of the one-eyed fishman tribe to evolve into dragon-eyed fishman. The tribe wishes to join the Goddess Citys troop. Do you agree?"

Ye Cang was dumbfounded but he chose to agree. I didnt know the excrement of black dragon king is this powerful. Yet, Ye Cang did not know that black dragon rarely excretes. They only excrete once every 300 years. Hence, the excrement consists of most of the nutrients and is something very precious. Not to mention, the black dragon kings excrement. Thinking that he had half of it left, Ye Cang pondered. I must use it wisely. I must not waste it. I better cook it with extremely good ingredients.

On the other hand, Ye Cang asked more about Aludo while waiting for the people to catch up. As most of the players had arrived, the troop passed through the waterfall cave under Alajajas and its assistant, Yolijajas lead. Along the way, Ye Cang relayed the information to everyone. The Mad Axe - Aludo, is one of the strongest One-eyed Ogre Warrior in Thousand Peak Mountain. It is from the pure bloodline of the royal One-eyed Ogre and also Andons assistant. That mad axe of its executed most of the rebels head and hung them on the top of the peak. Ye Cang then pointed at the peak opposite them. On top of it, there were many giant creatures skulls hanging on the rock pillars. It was a marvelous sight. "Hence, it is called Skull Peak."

Alajaja asked the one-eyed fishman to set up the giant wooden bridge. When walking on the wide bridge, everyone could not help but take a look at what was below them. They then exclaimed that the landscape here was dangerous.

CloudDragon, Little Ye Tian, ThornyRose, and the others were thinking about the next boss while walking. A giant mad axe warrior with special field. The information is roughly like that. LordAsked then looked at Ye Cang. "Did it tell you about Aludos weakness?"

Ye Cang shook his head.

Alajaja said something to Ye Cang.

"It said that the place would be far away from any source of water and it is very dry. They cant help us anymore as they can only wait for us here." Ye Cang roughly translated it. Everyone could not help but sigh. CloudDragon and the others then asked the members who did not join the attacking Thousand Peak Mountain troop to come to Dragon Meteor Peak to gain reputation.

As they entered into Skull Peak, their pressure had increased. The ogres here were way stronger and tougher than those back there. VastSea and the others did not dare to go head-on and took turns to restrain them. However, Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le were getting braver as they battled. Their tempers were getting out of control too. With Lin Le swinging the heavy weapons, Zhang Zhengxiong went head-on to block everything, cooperating with Lin Le to get kills. In addition, SpyingBlade was there to reduce the enemies movement speed and Ye Cang shooting their eyes with his ballista from afar. They were very effective.

"God damn it! I should have asked the wicked businessman to make me a few ballistae. They are useful when fighting against giant creatures.

ElegantFragrance saw that Ye Cang summoned a weapon from his shadow once in awhile. It was a light ballista. Ye Cang lent it to her and then changed to use guns.

When refilling his ballista, Ye Cangs chest felt heavy as he saw Little Dream and Weak Sauce cheering for them hundreds of meters away. Whats the point of them being here?! Thinking that Weak Sauce had a motivating dance aura that gave a 1% health increment, he sighed. I should have pierced it to death back then.

Maybe it had sensed Ye Cangs annoyance, Little Dream was embarrassed and its eyes started to turn fantastic.

Seeing that a giant hand was about to splash on her, ThornyRose pondered. Shit! Cant dodge it! I can only defend it! Just when she raised her shield and prepared to use the momentum to backflip, the hand suddenly changed direction and smashed at the ogres at the side, constantly hitting their heads. ThornyRose was confused. An illusion? We dont have an illusionist here that can control this creature, do we? Everyone could barely stop it for a second. Who was it? Urgh! Whatever! "FrozenBlood, LilDino, YellowSpring, lead a few people to follow the ogre that was controlled by us! Help it to kill others! Reduce VastSeas, LordAskeds, Shaking Bears and Lin Les pressure!"

"Ill go too!" CloudDragon then dashed towards the direction.

Staring at CloudDragons back, ThornyRose felt reassured. His back always calms people down. Is this how a Heavenly King ranked player is? As she turned around to look at Ye Cang flirting with NalanPureSoul, she sighed. Is this my future husband? She once again sighed deeply. Luckily we still have Shaking Bear, Lele, and SpyingBlade. Just when she looked at them, the three of them were peeing at the edge of the hill after killing some elite ogres.

"Brother LilXiong, the theatre version of Sisters Affairs is going to be released today." Lin Le moved aside to dodge a giant hand attack, calmly shook his body and zipped his pants.

"Whats the trailer about? I forgot to watch." SpyingBlade kept his d*ck into his pants and slashed the ogre's leg veins whereupon the ogre started to fall.

"Its said that it was the battle of b*tches. Besides, ADaos mysterious nun which was also his ex-wife would appear. I bet it will be interesting!" Zhang Zhengxiong zipped his pants and turned around to smash the ogre off the edge. The three of them were chatting happily as then returned to the battlefield.

ThornyRose facepalmed. Omg. SpyingBlade, Sister Qian would be so sad to see what youve become.

"Stop dreaming, Sister Rose! Youve daydreamed for a very long time!" Little Ye Tians voice appeared out of nowhere. ThornyRose was frustrated. Me daydreaming?! Look at your father! He is flirting with a guy behind there! With a bitter smile, she headed to the left wing for support. Seeing Little Ren landing beside her, ThornyRose shouted. "Little Ren, give me a lift!"

The tigerkin Little Ren then put ThornyRose on its shoulders. With a few hops on the rock pillars, it entered the battlefield with its duo blades slashing like lightning.

On the other side, VastSea was knocked away by the stick of an ogre. He was heading to the edge. Just when Ye Cang was about to order Little Blue Feather to save him, a shadow that seemed like a whip then appeared in a flash and saved him. Ye Cang smiled. AXiongs Little Tadpole is not bad though. That tongue of its saved many of our lives. Besides, its health recovery is up to par with Little Ye Tians. "Little swordfighting, do you want me to teach you how to masturbate? Im the one who corrected AXiong wrong way of masturbating though."

NalanPureSoul felt like he was about to go crazy. "......"
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