Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 643

Chapter 643

Return To Imperial City

"Lele, calculate the cost for them!" Ye Cang pulled Lin Le over and Lin Le started to count by fingers. "Allow me to calculate in details. 1 times 1 equal 10, 2 times 5 equal 4, 3 times 9 equal 210, 7 times 7...how much is 7 times 7 again? Argh, whatever...it is approximately 1 million after rounding up. Oh, Lele also used 1000 gold coins to activate a skill - One rich, dick big. You guys have to pay me for this"

"......" Everyone was speechless. Do you always round up when you do your accounts?

LordAsked immediately swung his hand. "Each of us will repay you 1000 for the material cost. As for your skill, what kind of skill costs you 1000 gold coins?!"

"Lele, show them. Its alright." Ye Cang ordered Lin Le to show them the description of Power of Money - One rich, dick big. The three of them were instantly soaked in cold sweat. No wonder his damage is this high. This skill actually gives me a 300% increment?! It is indeed costly. Each of them then gave him 250 gold coins. Even though they were crying inside, they were glad that at least they got some great equipment in return.

On the other side, BlackIce was staring at Lin Le. That giant axe and Blood Rage give him quite an amount of increment. Recalling the moment of being chased by him across the streets in Really New Village, she had mixed feelings. The scum in the past has now turned into a player up to par with Chrysanthemum Emperor in such a short period of time. The three of them are now the emperor rank players in China even though the scene of them being entitled was unbearable.

YellowSpring was even more depressed. Im getting further and further away from him. His growing speed is extremely scary. That battle instinct and battle intelligence of his are terrifying. You think youre toying with him. Yet, when that thought appears in your mind, youre already near death. He then clenched his fists and his eyes were filled with the will to fight.

"Okay, were done with distribution. Lets go rest. LilWhite, go and ask those two ogres about the next special field boss. Get some information." ThornyRose set up the tent and started a fire. Ye Cang then enquired them about Andons other assistant. Soon, he returned to the team and asked them to follow him. Upon arriving at the north-west cliff, he activated his night vision and pointed at the valley below. "There. The Death Valley. Andons other assistant, the Bone-crushing Fist - Ajoss is there. The mad fist ogres are below there, resting. After you pass through the Death Valley, it would be Andons place. As for the others, I would have to use the Eagle Eye to check it out during daylight."

Everyone once again returned to the fire place.

"Lets logout. This weeks weekend is here too. And try to go get" CloudDragon had not finished talking when Lin Le shouted.

"The Sisters Affair is about to start! Quickly logout!"

Instantly, Ye Cang and the others logged out.

"...some intel." CloudDragon shook his head with a bitter smile.

ThornyRose sighed deeply.

Lin Hai. Half-moon lake.

Staring at Zhao Xiangyu repeatedly piercing at the bullseye he set up for her, Ye Cang was lost in his thoughts. It was as if he saw her dancing. Just then, a soft shout interrupted his thoughts. He then noticed the fast speed of the sword and he smiled gladly. "Youre really getting there. Cutting in a vacuum. Continue the practice and feel the change of flow in the air. This is the key to mastering the shockwave and spiraling."

"Got it, master!" After getting a compliment from Ye Cang, Zhao Xiangyu nodded her head happily. Suddenly, Ye Cang appeared before her and examined her arms and joints on her lower body. "You can now regularly practice the dash I taught you. Get familiar with it. When you can feel the flow in the air and get the trick of shockwave, Ill teach you a new footwork."

"Really?! About that, master, the new footwork is?" Zhao Xiangyu was excited. She knew how great the martial arts Ye Cang taught her are, simple and yet powerful.

"Stepping on the air." Upon saying, Ye Cang jumped into the air and did a reversed dash repetitively. It was too fast to clearly see what he did. And then, he landed at the back of Zhao Xiangyu and tapped her shoulder. "Good luck in practicing! But dont be too harsh on yourself. If not, you would injure yourself. Lastly, dont ever let go of the basics. Instead, you have to increase the amount of sets you do every day slowly. I know it is boring but if you want to be an expert with that talent of yours, this is the price you have to pay."

Zhao Xiangyu turned around to see Ye Cangs faint smile. She was surprised and yet excited. Even though I have some skills to fly, it is still impossible to reach masters speed. I couldnt even catch his shadow. With a bitter smile, she said. "Master, is my talent not good enough?"

"Nope, your talent is better than most of the people. You are considered a genius. However, a hardworking idiot would beat the genius and the lazy genius would be defeated by fate." Ye Cang smiled and Zhao Xiangyu was shocked. She then gradually bowed with respect. "I got it, master."

"Well, there are also some insane people who are better than the geniuses." Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. "Gotta go, still need to catch up to the floating train to Imperial City." Zhao Xiangyu instantly thought of Chrysanthemum Emperor who became the sole player to be deified at the age of 13. Rumours say that there isnt anyone on earth who could defeat him. He even set his target on the universe and went to find his opponents. Upon hearing Ye Cang saying that he was going to the Imperial City, she was curious. "Master, why are you going Imperial City."

"Nothing much. Just visiting my friend. Alright, you should go back and rest earlier." Upon finished saying, Ye Cang jumped into the air and disappeared after a few dashes.

Staring at Ye Cang who disappeared under the moonlight, Zhao Xiangyu was thinking about something. That footwork must be related to the air resistance. If not, master wouldnt emphasize the flow of the air and its changes. Meanwhile, the shockwave and spiraling should be using the air to make it.

On the other side, OldWang sneezed. "I have a bad feeling about this"

Floating train station.

Ye Cang was leaning on the sofa, staring at the message on his phone.

"SilverDemon, if you have some time, please come to the Imperial City. Hunting Flame and ColdMoon discovered a fragment of Big Disaster. Pandora and Xs people had intervened. Its messy over there. 10,000 Souls and Salvation seem to be making some moves too."

Ye Cang frowned. Fragment of Big Disaster. Why didnt Hunting Flame and ColdMoon notify me in the first place? He then called ColdMoon. "Whats going on?"

"Sorry to bother you. But everything is under control, Hunting Flame and I would settle it." ColdMoon said in a monotonous tone.

"This matter is too great. If you and Hunting Flame didnt settle it properly, you guys would be in great danger. The fragment of Big Disaster is too troublesome." Ye Cang sighed and then changed his tone. He spoke in a serious manner. "Wait for me. Dont rush it, especially you."

"I got it."

Ye Cang ended the call. Through the windows on the floating train, he stared at the night sky. Fragment of Big Disaster. A few hundred years ago, it was the end of the virtual world. It was all due to Lin Sen. At last, his grandchild, Lin Qing destroyed the body and prevented the destruction of the world. However, the virus would still turn into fragments of Big Disaster through the virtual world. These fragments contain massive power to change and energy. Whenever the fragment appears, everyone would fight for it. And now, we got it. It would be impossible to hand it over to others. Looks like it is impossible to prevent He then sighed deeply.
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