Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 644

Chapter 644


A call from someone suddenly made Ye Cang curious. He gradually frowned. #1?

"Silver Demon, if you dont need the fragment, you can ask ColdMoon and the others to let it go."

"Why do I have to hand over something that I found? Besides, maybe it might be useful for me...In short, Ill settle this matter. Its time for #10 to repay my brother. Even though I have taken it back, I would have to make him pay for the interest right?" Ye Cang yawned.

#1 was silent for a moment and sighed. "Alright, its up to you. My daughter is feeling better. Thank you."

"Thats our promise. Theres one more anyway." Ye Cang then ended the call.

On the other side of the phone, it was a fine-looking gentleman, wearing a pair of glasses. His looks were average, nothing special. He was sitting at the side of the bed, caressing a girls face. He covered her shoulders with a blanket and got up to the balcony, staring afar. "Silver Demon"

And this man was #1 from the 10 Commandments - The Fool.

He recalled the first time he saw Ye Cang. It was when Ye Cang was fighting in madness with the last energy he had left as if he was a reaping hook taking in lives of the mutants. At last, he then sat on a throne of corpses. These dazzling silver eyes and the white hair painted with blood made him look like a death reaper. The Fool knew that it was a must to get him as he would be a good weapon to fight against the Salvation.

"You can save my brother?"


"In return?"

"Join me. Be my weapon. No matter how great and strong you are, a persons strength is limited. If you want to protect him, you alone would not be enough even if you are really strong. I believe you have noticed that by now. There will always be a time where a person is being careless. But, an organization, a strong organization can achieve your goal."

"Okay. As long as I can save AXiong."

A smile was then written on The Fools face. The original intention of establishing the 10 Commandments was to gather the strong ones from nine different fields to battle against the Salvation, those bunch of idiots. Yet, what came to his surprise was that the first one he asked to join was a monster. A monster which could completely crush the other nine monsters. Upon thinking about it, he smiled bitterly.

Imperial City. A park in Sky area

"Leader, I heard that ColdMoon and Hunting Flame who have a fragment of Big Disaster are in a park in Sky area. They seem to be waiting for someone." Qing Yun was hiding somewhere far away, observing the two of them with infrared binoculars.

"Get the hell out of there! Youre gonna lose your freaking life! Get your ass back here now!" Ren Long shouted.


"Get back here! Now! Quick!"

"Hey" A deathly voice came from behind. Qing Yun turned around to see a long blade being held high and a chilling pair of eyes. Her heart sank for a second.

"Why do I see you wherever I go?" A white skinny hand grabbed the hand that was holding the blade. At first glance, Qing Yun knew it was Ye Cang. Yet, ColdMoons deadly glare made her speechless. Ye Cang pulled out his contact. "Hey baldy, you owe me one favor again."

"Quickly go back. This isnt something you can handle." Ye Cang signaled Qing Yun to leave. Staring at ColdMoons cold eyes, QingYun felt like she would be beheaded any second later. She then swallowed and left.

"I was joking with her though. I heard the baldys voice from the phone." ColdMoon said with a monotonous tone and shrugged her shoulders.

"I know. If not, she would be dead by now. She wouldnt even have had the chance to hear your reminder and turn around to see you." Ye Cang smiled and put his arm around ColdMoons shoulder. The two of them then walked towards the gazebo in the park where Hunting Flame was at.

Meanwhile, Hunting Flame was leaning on the stone chair with a can of beer in his hand, greeting them.

There were many freshly grilled foods on the rock table. Ye Cang and ColdMoon then sat down.

"Leader." Hunting Flame took out the sealed bottle containing the fragment of Big Disaster. Through the glass, Ye Cang stared at the blue crystal. "Ill try to make a reagent with it. If it is successful, maybe you guys can regain the price you paid for losing those feelings."

"Leader, you dont have to care about us actually. Besides, in this field of career, maybe it is better to lose those feelings." Hunting Flame smiled bitterly and ColdMoon remained silent while eating the grilled garlic chives. She then frowned and scolded. "Its so spicy, cant you make it less spicy?"

"Oops, I forgot about it." Hunting Flames scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Let me try." Ye Cang then took a skewers of ribs. "Hmm...it is a little spicy but it is still fine. Well, you guys just try it when the reagent is done. If you dont feel like it, keep it. Who knows, it might be useful in the future."

"Leader, whats your plan?" HuntingFlame was curious.

"Separate the emotional energy inside it. I would then absorb all the negative energy and unknown source of energy, using my body as a medium to produce an enhanced reagent that has my genes." Ye Cang then opened a can of beer and hung the sealed bottle containing the fragment on his belt.

The two of them did not say anything. Suddenly, Hunting Flame frowned. "They are here."

"You guys settle those on Pandoras side. A warning would be enough. As for #10, let me handle it." Ye Cang wiped his mouth and put on a faint smiled. As his eyes shone, he turned into a white thunder and disappeared. Hunting Flame continued to drink his beer. "#10 must have gotten out of his mind. Among all the people in the world, he just had to make leader angry."

"I remember leaders brother was almost killed by #10s men." ColdMoon laid her hand on the long blade.

"Ya, so he killed #10s assistant leader and everyone that besieged him. Since then, he forever disliked #10s men." Hunting Flames laid on the stone chair and turned around to the three men and one woman walking towards them. "If youre thinking of taking it back, its impossible. Its better for you to go back so that you wouldnt suffer so much."

"How do I know its impossible when I havent even tried?" The woman on the lead smiled.

"I believe you wouldnt want to." All of a sudden, ColdMoon appeared behind her, holding one of the womans thin arms. The woman immediately turned around and then noticed her right arm was gone. Moreover, her shoulder was only then bursting with blood. ColdMoon threw the arm to the muscular guy at the side. "Also, I wont kill you guys because of the relationship between leader and Mandala. But I would only say it once. I hope you guys understand."

ColdMoons monotonous voice terrified the four of them. The woman was blaming herself for not being able to get anything and was no match for her. Since ColdMoon knew about Mandala, they knew Silver Demon and Mandala had a kind of relationship between them. With a sigh, they left with the broken arm. Looks like its impossible to get the fragment.

With the help of the men beside her and the medicine, the woman connected her arm back on. She then took out her contacts. "Elder Mandala"

"I know what happened over there. Is Silver Demon there too?" A feminine voice was heard from the phone.

"I dont know but" As the woman heard screams coming from the other side of the park, she zoomed in the scene of a white-haired guy bullying #10s men. She sent the image.

"Come back first. Ill explain it to them myself."

On the other side of the phone, a beautiful woman was lazing on a vintage sofa. Her sexy body would cause many to be horny. She was mumbling something in hatred. "Heartless white rabbit"

She then lifted up her skirt and turned to look at the five fingers mark on her fairly white skin. Did he have to use such a skill?! It wouldnt disappear for my entire life.
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