Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 649



Xie Yuer was really afraid of Ye Cang especially since she saw that Ye Cang finished the homo drama while yawning with a total calm face. Thinking that it was the same person who almost killed her, she shivered. She then closed her eyes to feel the changes in her body. Through the screen, she tested her neuro reflexes. Indeed, its been overall enhanced and now, there are some talent changes too.

"You should concentrate more on the supernatural skill you obtained after unlocking the first lock. Bear in mind that if you havent mastered it, dont fly too high. You would end up dying." Ye Cang said without looking away from the TV.

"Then, what about the second lock?" Through Ye Cangs words, Xie Yuer deduced that there was not only one supernatural skill.

"I dont know. Everyone is different. Some obtain a supernatural skill while some obtain a physical ability. There are also some that obtain multiple skills or even senses. It isnt predictable. All I know is that lock picking is related to your own experience. For example, if you are in dire need of water, unlocking it would give you a skill or power thats related to it." Ye Cang then pointed at his shoulder and Xie Yuer looked at him in total confusion.

"Dont you understand? Massage me!" Ye Cang complained.

Xie Yuer rolled her eyes against him and kneeled behind Ye Cang. As she started the massage, Ye Cang sighed. "Such low understandingwell, now you should know what kind of sect the Lockpicking Sect is."

The sect and ability are indeed very strong but the nameit sounds like some villages burglary team. Not to mention, lock picking is freaking dangerous. It shocked the hell out of me. Xie Yuer complained secretly.

"Then, which level are you at master?" Xie Yuer was curious.

"Its a secret. But I can tell you whats the first supernatural skill I got from unlocking the first one. Im able to foresee the trajectory and attack pattern that is going to happen in the next second." Xie Yuer gasped when she heard what Ye Cang said. She then recalled Ye Cangs incredible speed. Adding with the ability to foresee attack pattern and trajectory. This is However, she did not know that Ye Cang didnt tell her the entire truth. As for now, Ye Cang could foresee the future for more than just 1 second.

"Then, when can I unlock the second one?" Xie Yuer continued to ask. After unlocking the first lock, she seemed to know where the second one was located at. Ye Cang then stretched, sat upright and looked at her into the eyes. "Martial arts and lock picking are the same. It requires many practices to improve. One must not rush it unless you have extremely good talent. You can then ignore the negative effect. Lockpicking Sect and the other sects are different. We dont need to meditate to calm your heart. Ours is very casual but we do emphasize on the body requirements. This is because the way we practice would bring much more burden to the body. Actually, you can already unlock the second one. But, before that, you should ignore everything and just focus on training your body and qi. Later on, remember how I guide the qi and let it flow. In the future, you just have to follow the way I taught you and practice. As for the Great Qi Art, you dont have to give up. Wait until your body is familiar with the repeating flow, you can practice that yourself."

Ye Cang knew her qi sect is the Great Qi Art. In the first 6 levels of it, it is considered a moderately ranked qi sect. But, as the levels increase, it would get harder. When one reaches level 7, it would be much harder. It can be considered as one of the strongest qi techniques in the current league. However, it is really a hard one to practice. Only two people have reached all 10 levels for now. One was Mencius [1] and the other one was Chrysanthemum Emperor.

"Repeating flow is?" Xie Yuer asked in a low tone.

"A type of moving skill. It can be and cannot be counted as a type of qi art at the same time. Anyhow, it would be useful for you." Ye Cang did not know how to explain it to her because he himself did not have qi inside him. He replaced it with energy and will.

Repeating flow is a moving technique which Ye Cang invented himself. Using the simplest and most direct way to move the energy in the body (qi) effectively. When the body remembers the flow and the lock picking path which was guided by Ye Cang, one doesnt have to move it on purpose. The qi would repeatedly flow inside the body to enhance oneself. Zhao Xiangyu was also surprised when she discovered it recently. She did not have to practice qi now even though it would be best if one could spend some time to practice and increase the speed of the flow. Yet, to her, it was more important to improve her body parameters for the next lock.

After remembering the Repeating flow, Xie Yuer did not understand why Ye Cang would be willing to teach her without keeping anything. Even though he almost killed her just now, she knew in the end he saved her too. In order to force out her inner talent, he had no choice but to be cruel. Upon thinking about it, she wondered. Since he has taught me qi, there should be some skills or something right? "Well, master, do our sect has any skills or techniques? For example, your Karate Chop kind of skill?"

"Of course. I was just about to talk about it. From today onwards, you must fix an attack pattern and a pose. You need to Karate Chop the wooden dummy for at least 10 thousand times." Xie Yuer was dumbfounded when Ye Cang said this. Thats how you practice your foundation?!

Looking at her expression, Ye Cang said seriously. "Give up on those complicated skills and just focus on strength and speed. Hence, you would only need the foundation. You would only need this one simple stand and a stable skill which was obtained from a long period of training. When you have the speed and strength, it doesnt have much difference in power. It would be very hard for your opponent to dodge your attacks."

Upon finished saying, Ye Cang immediately swung a Karate Chop at Xie Yuer throat. She quickly tried to block it. Even though she was able to see the attack coming, she knew she could not have blocked it. Her heart sank for a second. At last, the Karate Chop stopped precisely 1mm before her throat. "Before your arms wanted to block, my attack has reached your vital spot. To us, complicated attacks are useless. Our motto is to finish off the opponent with the simplest, fastest, and cleanest skill. Although the training process may be boring, it can be treated as training for your mentality. Besides, every skill is made up of the simplest stuff. Once you have completely mastered the meaning of this skill, it could be said that you have mastered everything. Learning other stuff would be as simple as ABC. But, when the time comes, you wouldnt find learning other stuff meaningful anymore."

Xie Yuer was digesting what Ye Cang said. Ye Cang did not bother her anymore and turned around to continue the drama. He then looked at the time. "Its almost time to go. I would come and guide you when Im free. Also, dont be tempted to unlock the second one. Get your foundation solid first."

As he finished saying, Ye Cang jumped out of the window and disappeared in the night sky. Xie Yuer was staring at the window where Ye Cang left. What a weird fella. But, it was indeed strong. Just then, she recalled what the lady from the Dragon Group said. Now, she finally understood it. If master white-haired goes serious in the Five Schools Competition, I bet no matter how many lives everyone has, it wouldnt be enough.
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