Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 650

Chapter 650

Lin Sen

Lin Hai. The small house at Songyang coast.

Ye Cang was sitting on the riff, staring at the waves. The cold breeze blew through his silver hair.

"Father" Little Ye Tian appeared like a video image.

"When the Dark Tide comes, help me take good care of them." Ye Cang stared at Little Ye Tian with a smile.

"Father, you"

"You should know that Im different from any ordinary artificial human. Im also different from Eve thats created from Adam-01s genes. Im a mutant from a mixture of everything. Adamn-01, Eve-01, Chrysanthemum Emperor, Blood of Lin Sen and even the hormone of the crack of void."

Through Ye Cangs memory, Little Ye Tian more or less knew of the nature of that experiment. It was crazier than creating me. Wait, no. It cant be described as crazy. It was a pure delusion of creating a hyper dimension carrier in humans history. But the experiment didnt have any results because it was destroyed by fire. Father was the only survivor. If father is considered a successful one, then its super scary. But, it couldnt be. Adams and Eves successful ones have high intelligence; the Blood of Lin Sen would turn artificial human cruel and bloodthirsty. In this aspect, father could control himself. Meanwhile, we arent sure of the uses of Chrysanthemum Emperors gene. As for the hormone of the crack of void...father must be super scary at this part. Little Ye Tian knew Ye Cang had the ability to reproduce his cells endlessly and to resist medicines. He would not be killed by any poison, no matter what. Once he got used to the poison, the poison would not cause any effect and yet it would catalyze the speed of his reproduction of cells.

"Then, you should have known my identity as well. Even though I dont have the passion to save mankind, I dont wish to see mankind heading towards destruction either. Because when the time comes, we would all be buried by Salvation. Human and artificial humans. They are both mankind. You must remember this." Upon saying this, Ye Cang hugged Little Ye Tian and caressed her head. "The most important thing for me is to protect you guys. Little Tian, if I was no longer here one day, you must replace me and take care of them."

"Father, why" Little Ye Tian sensed something wrong as she asked in tears. However, Ye Cang interrupted her. "Little Tian, promise me that, okay?"

Looking at Ye Cangs faint smile, Little Ye Tian nodded slowly. Then, she buried herself into Ye Cangs embrace. Ye Cang was caressing her hair while staring at the waves quietly.

On the other hand, Lin Le was snoring while having a sweet dream. Once in awhile, he would rub his little belly. Suddenly, an innocent voice appeared in his mind.

"Lele, Lele"

"What?! Damn it! Who are you?!"

"Im your ancestor" A while-haired and bloody-eyed child smiled wickedly.


"God damn it! So unmannered! How dare you scold me! Lele cant take it anymore! Lele must scold back! Im your daddy!" Lin Le rubbed his belly while picking his nose in the dream.


"Im Lin Sen!"

"Im Lin Le!"

"......Im the guardian of the Lin family bloodline - Lin Sen!"

"Dont understand. Speak human, you little demon!"

"......" The white-haired child was stunned. He actually called me little demon?! His smile was turning into a more evil one. Just then, Lin Le smashed his head. "Laugh? What are you laughing at?! Stop laughing! Go go go, go aside and play sandcastle! Quickly get out of my dream! I was dancing with Agogo Bear just now."

"How do I get out of here?" Lin Le looked left and right but Lin Sen was dumbfounded after what happened. Moments later, he saw Lin Le took off his pants, accumulating energy. Suddenly, he heard a shout. "Oh, it points this way! The exit must be there!"

"......" Lin Sen was getting insane. How is he LinLins inheritor? "Wait for me, Lele! Dont simply run away! It is very dangerous if you get lost in the sea of consciousness!"

"My d never lies! Quit following me! Go away! So annoying!" Lin Le was running naked.

"......" Lin Sen rolled his eyes. What kind of logic is this?! Your d*ck is a radar detector or a compass?! Just then, both of them reached the Star Sea in the consciousness. Staring at the endless Star Sea, Lin Sen facepalmed as he thought of his great great grandchild LinLin (Chrysanthemum Emperor). Well, sometimes its unpredictable when it comes to talent. Those incredible talents always appear on weirdos. Yet, he forgot that he was the top one of the Great 10 killing machines in recent history. He was also the one who created the Big Disaster virus which could destroy the world, the one who killed millions of people in the island nation. He turned numerous strong players with just sanleng thorns[1]. He even killed the prime minister of island nation, turned him into dumplings and forced the legislators to eat them. They were also forced to say oishii[2] at the camera.

Staring at the beautiful Star Sea, Lin Le started dancing the Agogo Little Bear dance. Lin Sen was looking at him. Even though Lin Les dancing was not bad, it could not be said to be the greatest. He then instantly imitated Lin Les dance moves. He did look like a real Agogo Little Bear.

Seeing Lin Le staring at him with jealousy, Lin Sen smiled coldly. "Do you want to learn? I can teach you."

"Really?! Quickly teach me! Quick!"

"This dance is not meaningful. Learn Jazz from me."

"Dont force me to smash you."


"Alright. Besides this dance, you still have to learn the blood aspect from me."

"Whatever, teach me Agogo first."

"Then, lets do the accepting apprentices ritual. Kneel before me."

"Brother Le has given you enough respect. And yet, you still want to act! Take this punch! Hehe, its actually monkeys touch!"

"Hmph, petty tricks! Do you really think Im stupid? Burning of Backyard!"

The two of them crashed into each other and started fighting, attacking each others private parts. They were rolling back and forth on the field.

When Ye Cang returned to the house, he saw Lin Le was radiated with bloody aura. It was as if the bloody aura was filled with devilish aura. He then frowned and slowly closed his eyes. Because of his gene connection with Lin Le, he arrived at the location where both of them were fighting. Lin Sen pushed Lin Le away and the sky and ground started changing. Lin Le was stopped on the field as if his foot was glued to the ground. Lin Sen was shocked when he saw Ye Cang. How can he come here directly?! He has the Lin familys bloodline too?! Impossible! With a flash, he appeared before Ye Cang and reached out his hand.

Ye Cangs eyes were filled with chills and then Lin Sen said softly. "Ive no bad intention. I just want to confirm on something."

Only then, Ye Cang relaxed his fingers. When Lin Sen touched Ye Cang, he shook his head with a bitter smile. He has LinLins aura, my blood, and he is a creature of void. Has humanity become insane enough to experiment on such stuff?! But it doesnt seem to have much effect. A chill was then sent down his spine. He saw a white-haired guy wearing an iron mask being tortured with his arms and legs locked up. The eyes behind the mask suddenly opened and Lin Sen immediately let go of his hand. With a doubtful face, he looked at Ye Cang and shook his head. "Im the guardian of his bloodline. You dont need to worry."

"Lin Sen?" Ye Cang stared at him.

Lin Sen held his head high as he turned and walked towards Lin Le. Ye Cang then disconnected the link of the gene of consciousness and left Lin Les room. He mumbled. "Blood Sea - Lin Sen"
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