Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 651

Chapter 651

Penis Soup

Avci (Endless Hell).

"Thats Lin Sen?"

In the darkness, there was a white-ironed masked person who mumbled. Upon saying, the person smirked and slowly closed her eyes. Not far ahead, there was a white-shirted fairy sitting on the metal chain above the lava. With the chin held up high, the fairy stared at the person who was suffering as if the fairy would never get bored doing so. The time was running.


The white-ironed mask person looked at the direction.

"How does love feel like?"

"If you have it, its wonderful. If you lost it, its painful."

"Is it worth it?"

The person in punishment did not answer immediately. Yet, a gentle and kind smile was written on the face despite going through the endless torture. "Yes, it is."

The fairy girl then wondered and silence filled the atmosphere between them.

Virtual world. 12.00p.m. The game started punctually.

ThornyRose logged in right on time and yet Ye Cang was slightly before her. When ThornyRose was the first person whom Ye Cang saw, he sighed. Just when ThornyRose was about to go wild, FrozenBloods voice came from behind. "Darling!!"

Ye Cang then swung his hands. "Low profile. Low profile."

FrozenBlood then pushed ThornyRose away who was blocking her view. "Stupid Rose, blocking the perfect view of my darling!"

"......" ThornyRose was shocked and her jaw dropped. She did not know how to react. Does this mean Im insignificant?!

On the other side, ElegantFragrance burst into laughter when she saw that. Just then, she rushed over as she saw Lin Le logged in while scratching his butt. "Lele!"

"Go away! Go away! Brother Le doesnt have the mood for autographs." Lin Le single-handed stopped ElegantFragrance and picked his nose with the other hand. He was still bothered by the little demon that appeared in his dream last night. With a swift motion, he brushed off his mucus on Little Ye Tians ponytail. Little Ye Tian did not know because her back was against him

Moments later, Zhang Zhengxiong, OldWang, and AV logged in too.

"Hehe, Brother Xiong, you missed the fun because you didnt come to Imperial City last time. Lolly, the hottest girl in the servant cafe...her service was totally...hehe" OldWang smiled pervertedly.

"Heh, OldWang, you are quite lucky ya. Managed to dodge my brothers visit. Do know that it was all because I prayed for you. When are you going to bring me along?" Zhang Zhengxiong knocked OldWang with his elbow and smiled.

"Me too! Me too! Oh my god!! What a beauty!" AV was shouting when he saw the cute images projected by OldWang.

SpyingBlade craned his neck and glanced at the photos. "Not bad...wheres this?"

Zhang Zhengxiong then casually took out his contacts. "Sister-in-law Qian, OldZhao wanted to go to the girl servant cafe and have sex with girls that looked like 12 years old with the costume. Whats worse is that he wanted me to tag along. Quickly advise him!"

"......" SpyingBlade gasped. Just when he wanted to reach out his hand, Zhang Zhengxiong laughed loudly. He then put his arms around SpyingBlades shoulder. "I was just kidding with you. Lets arrange a time and we all go to have a look."

MaroonRed, the new member who was going to join their talk suddenly turned around and walked towards Wu Na.

"Even though she is the hottest, I still think that Sister Little Tian with a girl servant costume is the best." After hearing AVs words, Zhang Zhengxiong and SpyingBlade looked at him with a weird expression. He then took back his words. After giving a thought, Zhang Zhengxiong patted his shoulder. "Brother, you can do it definitely. I wish you will be long-lived."

"......" SpyingBlade smiled bitterly. Indeed, they are the members of Happy Firmaments. There isnt a single ordinary person except for me.

"Brother LilWhite, Im sorry that my brother embarrassed himself in front of you." LordAsked headed to Ye Cang with Ji Xiao following behind him. Ji Xiao did not look happy.

"Nah, its okay. Brother Xiao is just expressing himself." Ye Cang smiled.

"Quickly prepare and well continue. The Europeans are battling the large special field and their speed isnt slow. Dont let the Round Table of Knights and Union Alliance be ahead of us. Besides, FlameEmperor is doing something too." CloudDragon knew what Ji Xiao did at the train station through the Friendly Channel, especially the creepy tap dance.

"Do you have any information about FlameEmperors doings?" NalanPureSoul interrupted them.

CloudDragon shook his head. "Its hard to get info from them. I roughly know what FlameEmperor is preparing for."

"Before we continue, lets replenish our food status." Ye Cangs words interrupted their thoughts. Everyone was freaked out, especially when Ye Cang put on his signature I-have-a-new-recipe smile. "......"

Soon, Ye Cang took off his wolf head hood and used it as an apron. He took out a white cloth, tied it on his head and started preparing the ingredients with his smelly cooking knife. With a sorrowful face, Zhang Zhengxiong was helping him to prepare a big pot.

Everyone was worried as they saw the ingredients Ye Cang took out. The gigantic bones of the skeleton demon, a big can of secret sauce of bug organs and fluid, the penes of ogres, goblins, iron rock pig, giant rock bear, mad bull and many others penes. Staring at the various kinds of penises, even CloudDragon had goosebumps. MaroonRed, Wu Na and the other girls gasped and their faces turned pale. FrozenCloud, the elder ranked taster who had been eating Ye Cangs food from the beginning was also shocked when she saw all kinds of cylindrical objects as she covered her mouth. Meanwhile, GreenDew kneeled on the ground, hugging her head. With much fear, she said. "No. No. No. No."

There were seven giant pots. Ye Cang then separated the penes into seven portions, for himself and his members, CloudDragon and LordAsked. For each of them a bite. All the penes were from boss ranked creatures. Not long after, he poured in the mixed slime gel and added those penes into it to boil. He even added bones of the skeleton demon at his members pots but added the bones of elite spirits to the others.

"Do you guys think thats all? I still have some good stuff!" Ye Cang swung his hands as he saw everyone looked amazed. He took out the pickled toad-eat-kagu-bagu-maggots, a large amount of secret sauce and self-made slime organs bile juice cocktail and poured them in. After that, he began to prepare the eyeball skewers, fried testicle, and some sashimi of different creatures.

Everyone was totally speechless after seeing what happened. It was as if they were all petrified. Some felt numb and some had goosebumps. With the malodorous smell in the atmosphere, MaroonRed was staring at numerous balls coated with unknown stuff frying in the pan. "Thats..."

OldWang whose face turned pale felt chills surging through his lower body. "You wouldnt want to know. Sometimes, I wish I dont know anything at all. Isnt that great? If I could spend my time studying hard and not putting all the energy into this stupid virtual game."

"......" Zhang Zhengxiong and the others nodded slowly. Selling sweet potatoes on the street can also be a wonderful thing to do. Why did we want to be professional gamers in the first place? *Cries*

"Brother" Ji Xiao mumbled as he pinched his nose.

"What?" LordAsked shivered when he saw all those food.

"Do you still think that Im a pervert?"


Deep in the Death Valley, there was a gigantic beast staring at the Skull Peak. Its skin was blue and its large hands were equipped with black metallic gauntlets.
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