Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 654

Chapter 654

Agani and Adoka

"All the priests change your target to the one in the air! The remaining mages who know healing skills increase your healing effect! Ill take care of her! Brother LilFang, back me up!" Little Ye Tian rode on Little Ration and flew over along with her shield and her silver scepter.

On the other side, Fang Ci was prepared with anti-mental magic.

Looking at Little Ye Tians tiny body, NalanPureSoul thought about it. Indeed, she is the only one who can do it. This type of boss is hard to restrain in such an open area even if its for paladins. Its best to use magic type paladins or priests to deal with it. From the past experiences I had, these bosses have a strong immunity to elemental magics. They would even have a reflecting shield that reflects those magics. Worst still, they have magics that disturb ones Will and a silence ability. This makes it troublesome.

Ye Cang then looked up.

Tortured Screaming Enchantress - Agani: The vengeful spirits who suffered a lot of torture would gather together to form a vengeful soul. The one which has the most resentment would absorb a mass amount of hatred and form an abnormal body. This creature is afraid of holy magic. Its specter residue and ghostly hair are extremely precious material.

"Little Tadpole, go and help Little Tian." Ye Cang kicked Little Tadpole. Little Tadpole was always frightened of Ye Cang at all times. In its memories, it was being tortured by this man ever since young. This man always forced it to learn some weird stuff. No matter if it learned those stuff well or not, he would force it to eat things that even devils wouldnt eat. But of course, when it didnt learn well, the food given would be even worse. In just a second, it dropped low and jumped to Little Ye Tians side like a missile.

"Attack!" Ye Cang pulled out his scepter from his shadow and turned it into a Shadow Blade. Dragging the blade, he jumped up and many black slashes landed on the skeletons.

"Lele will crush yall!" Lin Le took a lot of gold coins and turned them into power. He also activated Berserk and charged with his handcart like a Bull Demon King[1] who had gone mad.

"Everyone follow Lele! Restrain the boss!" ThornyRose caught up to him with Charge Attack and the rest followed.

Moments later, Lin Le and the boss clashed together as if it was a collision of two trains. Lin Le was then knocked a few meters away. Pain surged through his arms and he felt as if his body was about to collapse. He then immediately activated Brains Blood Circulation to neutralize the pain and dizziness. Meanwhile, Adoka was also stunned for a second as he stopped charging. With his knees on the ground, Lin Les eyes shined in red and pouted. "Lele will go all out at you! Crush you to death! Crush you to death!"

Lin Le got up and charged at it again. His eyes were filled with madness. Seeing such a scene, LordAsked mumbled. "Mad Devil Le. The name suits him a lot."

Both of them clashed again. Yet, this time both were in a defensive state. Even though Lin Le looked battered and exhausted, his action made everyone fired up.

"Brother Le is the real driver! Doesnt do hit and run!"

"F*ck! My Big Brother Le can directly compete with the boss in terms of strength! But we are still here wasting our time with these skeletons! God damn it! Lets go all out!"

Zhang Zhengxiong jumped and slammed its head with his hammer. Thunder Strike! "Motherf*cker! Are you bullying me because Im slow?!"

Ye Cang suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Climbing onto Adokas arms, he kept his scepter and pulled out his guns, shooting non-stop. He even blinked to dodge the chain at the same time. Then, Lin Le pushed away his handcart and took out his war hammer. *Dang* He blocked the chain. Massive Bleeding!

With a charge, a blood-red giant blade strike flashed! Adokas stomach was wounded! Massive fluid burst out.

Ye Cang bent over to dodge its bite. "Attack the spot which Lele opened! This fella has both physical and magic resistance! Our only chance is to attack whats below these fats!"

Upon finished saying, he tossed the lightning lance at its eyes. He jumped on the lances hilt and did a backflip like those Olympic platform divers. With a smooth motion, he shot the skeletons with his guns.

A shadow flashed over and Lin Le moved aside to create an opening. CloudDragon then struck his iron knuckles into its stomach.


Dark green fluids once again burst out. CloudDragon raised his eyebrows and successfully dodge it. Staring at the green smoke coming from his right iron knuckles, he said. "So corrosive! Ive lost 70% of my health immediately."

Ye Cang who was shooting gracefully in mid-air saw the huge arm coming at him. He smiled and kept his guns in his right. He then clenched the air, retrieving the lance from Adokas eye. While floating in mid-air, he bent slightly to dodge the swing. With a smooth motion, he pierced the lance on its arm, held on it and made a flip. Despite being on Adokas swinging arm was like riding on a roller coaster, Ye Cang was surprisingly calm. He dropped low and refilled the guns with crystals. When the arm was swung to its highest point, he started shooting on rapid-fire again.

"Why do I always feel like he is acting?" ThornyRose looked doubtful when she saw Ye Cang showing his shooting skill so gracefully in the air.

Meanwhile, Lin Le activated the dual-wield mode. Surging Dragon! Returning Dragon! Armed Destruction! Giant blade strikes flashed continuously. LordAsked was also there taking turns to attack and take cover. He was satisfied with the new shield as he managed to control the wings effectively.

On the other side, Little Ye Tian did not have much trouble dealing with the other boss since the necromancer, Fang Ci was helping her. All she had to be aware of was the enchantress scream attack and mental attack.

"Little Tian, usually these enchantresses have some screaming skill as their ultimates such as Death Scream. You must be careful about it. It might reduce the number of members." NalanPureSoul reminded her.

Even though Little Ye Tian received his reminder, she had thought about it before. These screams usually kill targets instantly. Many players are afraid to face these attacking type of boss. Those players who have instant kill skills dont have much effect on the boss. Yet, it is the other way around where the boss has instant kill skills, it would be one of the most troublesome bosses. It all depends on ones Will. Despite this, it would only have a small percentage in affecting the chances of the instant kill skill being successful. No matter how tanky you are, you would still die. Its just a matter of the amount of percentage. But of course, you can opt those players who have Will immunity out.

Little Ye Tian was not worried about herself because Fang Ci had skills to counter those instant kill skills. He would definitely protect me. Besides, Brother Fang Ci is a necromancer himself. So, his resistance to devil spirits magic skills is high. Yet, the others dont have. It would be best to block it and the ones that can block it are only Little Tadpole and me. Maybe Brother Fang Ci has a chance too. Hence, I must predict her timing to scream.

The battle had reached its climax by now. The troop did not only have to deal with two bosses but also the endless swamp of the skeleton army. Therefore, lack of resources had become the main problem. If they were to maintain such strength in a short period of time, it would be fine. But once the time is prolonged, the priests would be the first to suffer from a lack of mana. NalanPureSoul had no choice but to replace Little Ye Tian and took over the command in order to create some time for the priests to recover and rest. Soon, the mages also entered into the recovery stage. The physical damage dealers had to increase their damage to hold on. Even though the pressure at the frontline was getting higher, the armys spirit was getting higher too. They did not seem exhausted or frightened.
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