Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 656

Chapter 656

The Curse of Tongue Twister

Ye Cang displayed the equipment as he moved.

Agani - Eyes of Resentment (Silver Dragon - Platinum - Abyss - Special Field - Class)
Category: Long scepter
Requirements: 300 Wisdom, 235 Will (half of the amount for necromancer class)
Damage: 40-52
Wisdom +205
Will +135
Wisdom +35%
Will +20%
Mental Attack (Ranged basic attacks are shot out automatically - requires mana to activate): 114-119 of mental attack. Damage would be affected by respective attributes.
Spell power +65
Necromancy power +120
Effect of summoned devils +20%
Magic damage +13%
Recover 2% of health points and mana every 10 seconds.

Transform of Aganis Soul: Once activated, user would be possessed. Necromancy damage +50% but the damage received from holy magic would be doubled. Ignore all physical collision. Last for 2 minutes. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Aganis Magic Shell: Once activated, user would be immune to magic of leveled 6 and below. Those magic would be reflected too. Lasts for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Aganis Vengeful Howl: Chant on the scepter for 3 seconds and instantly make a painful howl to the surroundings, dealing a massive mental and soundwave attack. It would stop anyone who is in the middle of casting and silence them for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Agani - Soul Veil (Silver Dragon - Platinum - Abyss - Special Field)
Category: Jacket / Veil (A special clothing which can be worn outside of armors)
Requirements: None
All attributes +100
All attributes +50%
Movement speed +25%
Physical defense +215
Completely immune to magic that leveled 4 and below.
Recover 3% of health points every 10 seconds.
Mental/spiritual defense +30%
Curse resistance +150
Damage received from holy magic +50%

Release of Vengeful Spirit: Once activated, it releases the resentment in the veil. A large number of vengeful spirits attack the enemies in the surroundings. Targets being attacked have a chance of being terrified. Cooldown: 2 hours.

Lightening of Soul: Once activated, the users soul would be less weight. User can float around. No cooldown.

Skill books

Transform of Blood Soul: Once used, the user could convert 15% of mana to 25% of health or vice versa. Cooldown: 1 minute

Anti-magic Shield (Agani - Necromancers - Rare): Chant 3 devil spirit script and 1 verse. It could cast an anti-magic shield on the target. The skill level and attribute of the user determines the level of magic being immune. Last for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Mental Control: Once activated, it would purify all negative effects and activates 3 seconds of mental immune. Cooldown: 20 minutes.

Summoning of Mage Devil Spirits: Chant 3 devil spirit script and summon 5 skeleton mages from a targeted pile of skeletons. No cooldown time. Maximum number of skeletons summoned is 10.

Curse of Tongue Twister (Fallen World - Rare): Say any words (within 5 seconds). A silencing curse would be cast on the target. In the next 20 seconds, when the target chants a magic, system would add the words into the verse of their chanting. Any stoppage, wrong pronunciation or wrong silent reading would cause the target to be silenced for 5 seconds. In addition, within 1 minute, the target would stutter and its thinking would be slowed down, casting speed of magic is reduced by 30%. If the target correctly pronounces everything, the effect is reversed. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Staring at the equipment and skills displayed by Ye Cang, everyone was glad because there were quite an amount of good stuff. NalanPureSoul was interested in Anti-magic Shield and he even thought about changing his class to necromancers. Yet, when he looked at Fang Ci, he knew that even if Ye Cang did not fight for him, Little Ye Tian would not let go of it so easily. Moreover, Fang Ci contributed a lot in defeating the boss this time. Not only that, in the entire troop, there was only one good necromancer who had summoning powers, rare magic, and most importantly, he was a member of HappyFirmaments. Despite that, NalanPureSoul swore to himself that he would have to get the Transform of Blood Soul no matter what. Even if it was Little Ye Tian who wanted it, he would not let go. This was because his mana usage was so great that he would always be in dire need of mana. The skill allows one to convert mana into health in case of any emergency. Yet, its cooldown was only 1 minute. If it is upgraded, its cooldown might be reduced more and its converting speed might be increased. This might be one of the core skills that I need during PK.

"I wont fight for the Transform of Blood Soul, you can have it. But the Anti-magic Shield belongs to Brother LilFang." NalanPureSoul was relieved when he heard what Little Ye Tian said. He then nodded.

ThornyRose smiled bitterly. Looks like Fang Ci is going to be armed up right now. Little Ye Tian would at least fight three stuff for him. But of course not the veil since it is a functional equipment and a special jacket. I bet she would go crazy to fight for the Transform of Blood Soul and the Mental Control. *Sigh* Why do I always dont get to have these items? All those defensive items would be given to Shaking Bear. I think I should better focus on whats the good stuff in the platinum equipment. As for the curse, it sounds ridiculous. Who the heck would disturb others with tongue twister during a battle. Its useless in a serious battle. If the tongue twister is too easy, it would just put oneself in trouble.

"Scepter, Anti-magic Shield and that summoning spell. They all belong to the necromancer class so I directly give it to LilFang." Everyone did not object to Ye Cangs action. Even though some were interested in the Anti-magic Shield, they knew Fang Ci was the one who contributed the most in defeating the boss in the air. They were fine to give him the shell and also the other two since they were not interested at all. Now, it was the most important thing that they had been waiting for.

"No objections right? Okay, they are all yours LilFang." Ye Cang handed three equipment to Fang Ci who seemed to be shy. He then took the Curse of Tongue Twister. "I would take this. Those who want it, challenge me to a tongue twister."

LordAsked and CloudDragon immediately kept quiet. The reason that BracesGirl had gone insane was because of his tongue twister.

"Although those three are exclusive to a certain class, you guys have taken four equipment. As for the remaining stuff, including the platinums, HappyFirmaments would be excluded. Is it alright?"


"Its very kind of us that we didnt ask you to pay for the loss of rewards! Dont you be inconsiderate!" LordAsked shouted.

"You guys always love to blame me for unreasonable stuff. Well, Im used to it. Its up to us guys then." Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders and handed the remaining stuff to CloudDragon. He then learned the Curse of Tongue Twister and used 3 skill points to upgrade it to expert level.

Curse of Tongue Twister (Expert level - Rare): Say any words (within 8 seconds). The target would be silenced, stunned, turn retarded and will be forced to repeat these words. In the next 1 minute, when the target chants a magic, system would add the words into the verse of their chanting. Any stoppage, wrong pronunciation or wrong silent reading would cause the target to be silenced for 5 seconds. In addition, within 2 minute, the target would stutter and its thinking would be slowed down, casting speed of magic would be reduced by 55%. If the target correctly pronounces everything, the effect is reversed. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

However, Ye Cang gave it a thought. I should try it one time. Not long after, he instantly cast the curse on Little Ye Tian as he started chanting all those words.

Instantly, Little Ye Tian broke out in a cold sweat. Its formed with language of demons, fishman, humans, elves, beastman, lizardman, and many others. I think its the tongue twister, Theres A Lama[1] From the East. But the problem is the speed is too fast! Even if I repeated it accordingly without bothering about the content, it would take me 10 seconds and more! Besides, father managed to finish it and added a Morse code of Lets see whether you would still betray me! at the end.

Immediately, Little Ye Tian was bombarded with many negative effects. Father plus this skill...Its totally...
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