Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 657

Chapter 657

Flying Fat Toad

On the other side, NalanPureSoul somehow got the Transform of Blood Soul Skill Book. Meanwhile, LordAsked took Mental Control and CloudDragon got to choose two of the platinum equipment. As for the remaining stuff, they were distributed evenly among the four teams. After that, they continued to move forward.

After the victory against the previous boss, everyone was hyped up despite the shortage of mana and energy became more serious. Little Ye Tian was worried. Even if we manage to reach the end, do we still have the energy to fight? Nope! We must move faster! "Father, lets activate our tactic abilities together! If not, the troop wouldnt hold long! We would be too exhausted when we meet the boss!"

Ye Cang had also noticed the weird behaviors of the troop. "Close-ranged combaters enter into defensive mode! Mages, take turns to recover for one last time! Prepare for the last charge!"

As the troop stopped, the close-ranged combaters increased their attacks to defend against the incoming skeletons. Knowing the mages had recovered a lot, Ye Cang raised his right and swung forward. "Tactics! Charge! Pursuit! Powerful Attack!"

At the same time, Little Ye Tian activated Tide of Moon from the inner circle. Ye Cangs Tactic Ability - Charge allowed the entire troop to obtain a one-time ability - Charge. Instantly, the entire team advanced quite a distance due to the charging ability and granted buff. At last, they passed through the valley and reached an opened area. There was a gigantic ogre smirking at them. "Alusa! Yoka!"

Bone-crushing Fist - Ajoss (Leader - Abyss - Special field - Ogre): The strong and evil leader of one-eyed ogre shaman which evolved from a normal ogre shaman. It has strong power and a few magic and status buffs. Its crystal is useful to those shaman class players. Also, its eyes and brain are extremely precious top-class ingredient.

"He said, You guys would be the new resident here. " Ye Cang translated and then shouted back. "Yokajaka! Lalajagaga! Lujass! Wawa!"

"Roar! Roar!" Ajoss howled at ThornyRose in madness as if it wanted to tear her apart.

ThornyRose had a bad feeling about it and quickly turned to ask him.

"I said. Resident your ass! The female human beside me said that she wants to stuff you back into your ass, you this idiot that looks like a humans reproductive organ. " Ye Cang translated calmly and yet ThornyRose shouted at him. "You just cant stop putting me in trouble, can you?!"

Ye Cang was stunned for a second and said in a serious manner. "Arent you a tanker? Im putting my life at risk to help you to build up the hatred but you didnt even bother to thank me and yet you still scold me? *Sigh* I feel so sad"

"Darling helped you to build such great hatred and youre mad at him? *Sigh* As your sister, Im not siding with you this time." FrozenBlood quickly added in.

"Thats right! Thats right!" Lin Le and the others added more. ThornyRose ground her teeth and saw LordAsked looking at her with an are-you-scared expression. She knew it would be useless to make a fuss about it and so she kept quiet.

"Stop the chit-chat. The devil spirits behind us are about to pack us up." CloudDragon reminded them.

"Lele and little swordfighting." Ye Cang then looked at both of them. Without saying a word, NalanPureSoul immediately summoned the Flame Demon and started chanting magic. Meanwhile, Lin Le rapidly took out all the molotov cocktails and threw them at the path behind them. The great sea of flames shut off the path for the devil spirits to reach them but also shut off the only path for them to retreat. This is a big gamble. It was either they win or they die here.


Ajoss then knocked the ground and a stream of white death energy flowed out from the cliff and ground behind it. An angel-like enchantress appeared in mid air. Even though it was in the form of an angel, it was still filled with a strong sense of resentment and radiated a death aura. From its body, numerous struggling faces of souls burst out while vengeful spirits and skeletons broke out from the ground.

Ye Cang squinted his eyes.

Efella - Enways (Leader - Abyss - Special field - Ghostly Angel): Even though it looks like an angel, it isnt related to angels. Its just a rare high-level vengeful spirit in the spiritual class. It has the devil spirit resurrection and transformation abilities. Usually, they are differentiated into four levels, Efella, Effeya, Efellass, and the last ghost angel - Erayshala. Its residue and ghost wings are precious. This creature is not afraid of most of the holy elemental magic. Yet, combination of holy + thunder elemental, holy + water elemental and holy + fire elemental magic are effective towards it.

"The one in the sky is equivalent to the priests role among the devil spirits. It can be resurrected and is not afraid of pure holy elemental magic. But combination of holy + thunder elemental, holy + water elemental and holy + fire elemental magic can injure it heavily." Ye Cang relayed the message to them. Little Ye Tian immediately planned everything. The number of players who can handle holy and fire elemental magics is the highest, then followed up is holy and thunder. Combination of holy and water is the least but I think the holy water bottles could do much damage to it. "Priests, prepare your holy water bottles! Little Tadpole would be the one restraining the boss!"

"*Croak* *Croak*" Little Tadpole said and Little Ye Tian sighed. Little Tadpole could not fly and its magics are mostly pure holy elemental. Upon thinking about it, a pair of cute little glowing wings grew on Little Tadpoles back. The wings were not fast but it was flying up slowly.

"......" Little Ye Tian wiped away the cold sweat and seemed glad. With the experience gained along the way, it probably leveled up. It should be its new skill.

Everyone in the troop gradually sweated coldly.

"Honey, I think I saw a toad flying."

"Yeap, its Brother Big Diamonds fat toad."

"Fat Flying Toad."

"Good name."


CloudDragon was speechless. God damn it! Is this toad inevitable?! Great health regeneration, excels in grappling, good supporting, nemesis to devil spirits and now it is freaking flying! Yeap, thats right. A toad that just grew wings and flew in the air! Yet, its freaking fat!

What made CloudDragon even more speechless was Zhang Zhengxiongs creepy voice. "Well...since when can it fly?"

Hey, hey, hey. Its flying right now and you know nothing about it?! Did you ever care about your pet companion?! What a waste...

Zhang Zhengxiong then turned around and roared, charging forward.

"Roar!" Tigerkin Little Ren roared too. CloudDragon then felt the hype building up in his body. Moments later, it turned into shadows swinging its dual-blades, hopping here and there. Bones were sent flying everywhere. I bet no one could win against this tiger in one-on-one combat right now. Then, what about the other pet companions of theirs? Turning to look at the center of the troop, he saw the little demon and the dream deer spirit dancing the most popular Agogo bear dance and cheering for them.

What made everyone glad was that Little Tadpole was heroic with the wings. It was continuously slapping and spitting at the ghost angel, here and there. It completely did not need any help from the priests. The toad and boss were like a little girl being chased by her angry dad who had a big belly, slapping her and spitting at her. Slapping sounds and screams were heard from the battle between them.

On the other side, an elite pirate was exhausted from killing the skeletons. Suddenly, the saliva of Little Tadpole splashed on his face. Despite his body being sticky, he was energetic. The others quickly tried to grab the saliva dropped when they saw this. Even CloudDragon, LordAsked, ThornyRose, VastSea, and the others did the same in order to reduce the burden of the healers. At this moment, ThornyRose started to doubt her life. Before meeting him, I was as beautiful and graceful as a rose. But now, Im eating biological weapons and drinking swill. I even find refugees food delicious. Worst still, Im receiving saliva from the toad flying in the sky. *Cries* *Cries* My god! Although you didnt pamper me in the past, you treated me not bad. But why now...
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