Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 658

Chapter 658

Monstrous Toad

"Block it!" LordAsked shouted when he saw Zhang Zhengxiong was already in front of Ajoss.

Swiftly, Zhang Zhengxiong activated Power of Expansion and his upper body expanded. He was like a War God blocking Ajoss fist with his war hammer. Instantly, the ground cracked. Zhang Zhengxiong dropped low while defending against the fist but he did not stumble backwards. Both of them were battling with their strength. He gradually raised his head to look at Ajoss. With a side step, he let the fists slip past him and healed himself.

LordAsked smiled bitterly when he saw that. He could even defend against a special field boss now. God damn it! This is too overpowered! Just how much health and strength are needed to do this?!

Not long after, Zhang Zhengxiong dashed again, activating Fearless Dash and the rings effect. With a flash, he knocked Ajoss at its lower body and followed up with Holy Judgment. Ajoss moved a step backwards due to the clash, trying very hard not to fall. Seeing such opportunity, Lin Le ambushed it. As he jumped high, his tiny body was swinging the enormous war axe under the moon. It was a mesmerizing sight. Activate Blood Rage! His Rage points were full and would not be depleted! Execute! Surging Dragon! Returning Dragon! Armed Destruction! Massive Bleeding! Whirlwind Storm Chop! (Master level of Whirlwind Strike)

Streams of blood burst out! From the left-wing. CloudDragon too jumped up high and hit with Wyvern Kick right after Lin Les successful hit. Spiraling Strike! Mountain Destroying Palm! 13 Combos Hit! YellowSping and the others also started attacking really hard. However, Ajoss smiled coldly and the death aura flowed out from the ground to its wounds, healing them. LordAsked frowned. Only with the Massive Bleeding effect, could our attacks surpass its healing. Yet, the cooldown of Massive Bleeding is too long. Its just temporarily for now. We must keep that skill until the end. Now, we need to figure out how to counter its incredible healing effect.

On the other side, the priests had not much pressure since Little Tadpole was fighting the ghost angel individually. Knowing that the team was facing a problem with the other boss, Little Ye Tian then brought half of the priests with her and rushed over. "Father, Ill leave this to you and Brother PureSoul. I need to help Brother AXiong and the others."

Ye Cang nodded as he continuously shot at the ghost angel. The ghost angel - Enways felt that she was being humiliated and so her eyes were suddenly filled with the Power of Death. Ye Cang quickly shouted. "LilTadpole! Remember the move I taught you! Battling A Female On The Street! First move - Hair grabbing and continuous slap! Spit on it!"

Little Tadpole landed on a cliff and dashed. It reached the boss at the speed of a flying bullet. With a swift motion, it slapped Enways and grabbed her hair. Little Tadpole then pulled her over, slapped her continuously and shot Holy Water Bullets at her. Hearing the scream of Enways, the priests below immediately broke out in cold sweat. This is too cruel.

"Second move! Stripe her clothes off!" Ye Cang was giving out commands and the priests stopped moving. They were all hyped up when they saw a fat toad humiliating a girl. Immediately, they entered into super cheering mode. "Stripe her! Stripe her!"

With everyones cheer, Little Tadpole tore her clothes apart even harder.

"Bastards, so perverted." A few female players were blushing and yet they excitedly craned their neck to observe.

Suddenly, Enways howled and Little Tadpole was knocked to the ground. Ye Cang then shouted. "This b*tch dares to fight back! Throw the acids!"

The priests gradually threw bottles of holy water at her and Enways once again screamed in pain. Little Tadpole then got up and dashed at the boss. When it was slapping her rapidly, Ye Cang was dubbing its action calmly. "Filthy b*tch! Now die! Receive the anger of the amphibian!"

NalanPureSoul facepalmed as he did not dare to look at them. Originally, he wanted to say something. Yet, seeing everyone in his surroundings was so excited, especially the men, he sighed.

"Okay. Okay. Everyone, prepare for the last attack. After this, we need to provide assistance to the frontline!" Ye Cang nodded with much satisfaction when he saw Enway lying on the floor with most of her clothes being torn apart. Seeing Ye Cangs smile, Little Jade instantly shivered.

At last, Little Tadpole took a deep breath and shot a massive holy water bullet at her from close range. Enways died.

"Protect the corpse!" NalanPureSoul immediately shouted and everyone started defending.

Ye Cang pouted and dashed at Ajoss. With a whistle, Little Blue Feather flew down and picked him up.

Only then, NalanPureSoul a sigh of relief. However, he turned to see a bunch of people blushing as if they obtained some special reward.

"Hah, happy moments are always short. How I wish we can fight her again."


"Fighting female boss with Brother Hero is fun! It was as if watching live porn! Hehe!"

"I even thought of the title! Fat Toad Raped Angel (Outdoor Version)."

"With my accurate toss, my holy water landed in between her legs."

"I wanted to toss there too but I dont know which idiot threw his at the same time. In the end, both bottles burst in mid-air as they clashed."

"That one last shot, how I wish I could be" A random innocent female priests class player mumbled. Yet, she looked down and kept silent as many creepy and desperate eyes were looking at her.

NalanPureSoul sighed again after a bitter smile. "The number of skeletons has been reduced. Quickly clear them all and attack Ajoss."

Enways death cause Ajoss to be really mad and it went berserk.

"It went berserk! Healers, prepare your full power!" LordAsked shouted.

"So fast?!" AV, the plant users healing position was disgusting.

"Would you be mad when your wife is being raped? Worst still, raped by Brother Xiongs Big Toad." OldWang rolled his eyes.

"So much fun?! Wheres the video?!"

"Why are you in such a hurry?! Its gone viral. Watch it later."

Ye Cang ordered Little Blue Feather to drop him on a high rock pillar. He took out his ballista and started aiming. The Meteor Shot was accumulating energy. He then summoned another weapon from his shadow. It was another ballista. Enchant Arrow - Flame Shot was prepared. Both ballistas had locked on at the target.

On the other side, Zhang Zhengxiong activated Desperate Prayer, reducing the pressure of the frontline as the damage received was reduced and the healing effect was enhanced in a large area. CloudDragon exclaimed. With this fella, fighting the boss is no longer a hard thing. Not to mention, we have the heavy weapon boss killer too. He then raised his head to see Lin Le pulling the axe from the wounds and blood splattered everywhere. The boss screamed in pain. LordAsked quickly activated Blood Rage from the shield and used the opportunity to smash at its eye. Its eye was then cracked a little.

Moments later, Ye Cang pulled the trigger and both arrows were shot immediately. The spiraling strength of Meteor Shot and the burnt from Flame Shot blinded Ajoss. Its vision was blurred. Yet, everyone was not happy because its eye was recovering at the same time.

"What to do now? Its impossible to drag him out of here." ThornyRose then looked at Little Ye Tian. Little Ye Tian gave it a thought. We could only use holy water to restrain it and then attack all at once. Follow up with two Massive Bleeding to restrain its healing and kill it. Yet, its easier said than done. First, we dont have enough holy water. That thing is something we lack off. Each priest only has one or two bottles. We used a few along the way. So, its obvious we dont have enough for now. Can we continue to drag the battle? No, the loss is too big. So what now? She then sighed. "Father, come back and use Water Totem. We have to fight it head on."
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