Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 659

Chapter 659


Swiftly, Ye Cang returned to the inner circle and activated Water Totem for the mages.

"I got it! Little Tian, I've got an idea!" Ye Cang clapped and said after thinking about the solution.

Little Ye Tian and OldWang felt something was wrong when they saw Ye Cang being excited.

"Poisoning." Ye Cang smiled in cold and they sighed. I knew it. Even though Im speechless, I know that in the past, he never failed to poison the boss.

Ye Cang poured all the bottles of holy water that he collected into a pot and added some holy elemental crystal power, organs and bones of hellhounds and fire-elemental creatures. He even poured in the new version of the spicy secret sauce that was made up of fire elemental crystal, black pepper mushroom, blood of fire-elemental creatures, and his own wine. At the moment he opened the lit, tears burst out from everyones eyes because of its spiciness. Moreover, it was extremely smelly. At last, he added holy water crystal (a rare ore) and covered the lit. Everyone backed off as they were afraid that it might explode. The pot was screaming and the lit cracked a little. A burning demons wicked smile appeared from the white flames.

"Its done. Little Tadpole, youll be the one to carry out this honorable task. Find an opportunity and stuff it into its mouth." Ye Cang turned around to look at Little Tadpole. It is the only one who could do it because of its size. Suddenly, Little Tadpole took a step back, shaking its head.

Ye Cang then smiled faintly. "Either you go or you eat it."

Little Tadpole immediately walked towards Ye Cang with a crying face, carrying the pot with its iron palms. It distanced its head as much as possible from the pot and it kept shaking its head, preventing itself from fainting.

"Oh yeah, if you fail...you know the consequences." Ye Cang patted its butt without changing his expression.

Instantly, Little Tadpole shivered and OldWang sighed. LilTadpoles childhood is ruined by this demon. *Sigh*

"AXiong, Lele, Brother CloudDragon, you guys prepare to open its mouth, Ive got a plan to restrain it!" Ye Cang notified the frontline and brought Little Tadpole to the other side to wait for a opportunity. Their location was precisely facing Ajoss mouth from the side. Being on top of Little Tadpole, Ye Cang pulled out his long cooking knife.

Meanwhile, Lin Le pulled out his handcart and hit Ajoss continuously. Zhang Zhengxiong also hit its mouth with his heavy hammer. As for LordAsked, he was trying to open its mouth from the corner. Even Tigerkin Little Ren was swinging its duo blades and slashing at the corner of its mouth to dig a hole. At last, its mouth was opened by CloudDragons Rising Dragon Kick and Collapsing Palm Explosion.

"Brother!" Zhang Zhengxiong shouted.

"Its now!" Ye Cang immediately commanded and Little Tadpole jumped towards its mouth like a shooting arrow. Its wings spread out to its maximum and clashed directly at Ajoss teeth. With a swift motion, Little Tadpole poured everything into its mouth. As it opened the lit, it slapped the boss, kicked it twice and bounced off. At this instant, Ye Cang slashed at Ajoss with a black flash. Darkness Single Strike!

When Little Tadpole was getting further away from Ajoss, it took a deep breath and shot a holy water bullet at its mouth, sending the remaining soup into its throat, not giving it a chance to vomit it out.

"This is your so-called idea? Feeding it with the food you made for us to eat?!" LordAsked sweated in cold. That familiar smell. Even though it smells different, its disgusting level is predictable.

When LordAsked finishing his sentence, everyone saw Ajoss covering its throat. Green smoke and flames were leaking out from its mouth. Suddenly, it fell to the ground, rolling and screaming in pain. Its eye was filled with pain and despair. Moments later, its skin started to crack and the blackish flesh under the crack seemed to be melting. The death aura tried to enter its body and yet was all bounced off.

Just when everyone was about to kill it, Ajoss shouted. Instantly, thunder struck on it and turned into electric current, covering its body. Despite this, everyone could feel it was getting weaker. This would be their final chance.

"Whose electric resistance is relatively high?" ThronyRose frowned. The closer to the ending, the more careful we need to be. The electrical shield is very annoying as its damage is very high. Most importantly, it has a paralyzing effect. If one's electric resistance is not high enough, its basically equal to dying.

"Ill take over here. I have in born electric resistance." LordAsked stood out. Zhang Zhengxiong did not say anything as his electric resistance was indeed not high. Yet, his fire, ice, and natural resistance were not bad. "Then, Im not going. It isnt worth to die."

CloudDragon nodded. There is no need to sacrifice the troops most important person - Father of Aura because of the electric resistance.

Zhang Zhengxiong then took out a set of platinum priests healing armor and a scepter from Lin Les handcart. LordAsked then looked at him confusedly. ThornyRose smiled bitterly. "His basic class is a priest, not a warrior or a paladin. I know what youre thinking. He was the priest who entered top 10 from the beginners village."

Although CloudDragon knew about it beforehand, he still felt weird seeing Zhang Zhengxiong wearing the priests clothes and armor and holding a scepter. It was as if a monstrous beasts original form was hello kitty.

Even ThornyRose was dumbfounded. With Shaking Bears aura, appearance, and body size, it was like a 2-meter tall gang leader wearing spectacles and dancing with a cheongsam[1]. Yet, this isnt the main point. Zhang Zhengxiongs actions of healing did not look like he was healing others but killing people. He even added some sound effects to make his actions more intimidating. "High-level healing spell! Roar! High-level light shield! Kill! Slash it to death! Roar! Your actions need to be clean! Like this! And like that!"

"......" All the priests gradually moved further away from him as the nearest priest was being knocked away by the swinging motion of his scepter. Looking at the one flying far away, the others continued to heal the troop under his scary roar. ThornyRose facepalmed. Better not let him join the healing team unless we really have no choice. If he likes to dash in front that much, then why on earth did he choose to be a priest in the beginning?! Upon thinking about the incredible healing aura, she sighed.

On the other side, Ye Cang felt pity as he saw there was still 10% of the food in the pot. He then raised his head and looked Little Tadpole. "Wasting food is not a good action. In order not to waste the food, we have no choice, you have to eat it."

"*Croak* *Croak* *Croak*"

Everyone turned to look at a torturing animal scene. Lord Fat Flying Toad, your sacrifice would be engraved in our hearts! Because of the torture she suffered along the way, Little Ye Tian was smart. She hid among the crowds from the very beginning and pondered. If father sees me, with his personality, he would definitely ask me to drink it. So lucky of me.

"Eh? Wheres Little Tian? I saved a bowl for her." Ye Cang let go of Little Tadpole who had lost consciousness and looked around. Since he could not find her, he turned around to see OldWang and smiled.

"......" Instantly, OldWang began to break out in cold sweat. "Leader, I...I"

"Come on! Drink it! Dont try to make me angry yo~" Ye Cang walked towards him with a smile.

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