Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 660

Chapter 660

Poisonous Blood

"Stop fooling around at the back! We need your help here! The other marksman couldnt penetrate through its lightning shield!" ThornyRose shouted when she saw that OldWang lost consciousness in Ye Cangs hands.

Ye Cang then let go of OldWang and backed them up with his ballista.

"Yoka!" Ajoss growled and the close-range combaters gradually frowned. Were gradually losing our health points! This is not good! Lets charge at the boss!

Ajoss suddenly laughed out loud. "Gaga!"

Then, it fell down, looking at LordAsked and others unbelievably. It roared in frustration. "Aludos! Aiwawa! Zuaka!"

"It said, You bunch of idiots! Cant believe theres poison in your blood! Disgusting! Get away!" Ye Cang translated.

Everyone was stunned and remained silent as they gradually looked at Ye Cang. Ye Cang was shocked. Why did you guys look at me? Crazy idiots.

Speechlessly, they sighed and LordAsked wiped his sweat. I knew it! The food that we have been eating is poison!

"It stopped absorbing our blood! Knock it out! Stand closer! Hug it!" Even though ThornyRose was speechless, she could not afford to miss this chance of killing it, especially when Ajoss was about to die. Immediately, Lin Le swung his handcart. The hit was so hard that the weakened Ajoss was knocked out. Everyone then gradually jumped towards Ajoss and hugged it despite the painful lightning shield . Their health points were being absorbed rapidly but the priests were trying their best to replenish them. At last, Ajoss lost consciousness and fainted. It passed away with pain and found his peace.

"Congratulations, youve successfully defeated Ajoss!"

CloudDragon could not help but smile bitterly. I thought that it would be a tough battle in the end. But who knew, it would be killed by his poisonous soup. Not only that, it was its own mistake of absorbing our health. Even though he was speechless, he could only sigh. They have the rights to get those unique equipments again.

At the same moment, Ye Cang was being pressed to the ground by everyone who was defending the corpse, seeing Lin Le touching the corpse in front of him. He struggled hard. Yet, everyone let go of him when they saw that Lin Le touched it. Ye Cang was laying on the ground, staring at the sky. "You guys will soon pay the price for your stupidity and stubbornness"

Upon saying it, he got up and stared at the purplish corpse with much doubt. "Why do I feel like its death is caused by something weird"

Everyone then looked at him and Ye Cang felt uncomfortable. "Well, how did it die anyway?"

"It wanted to absorb our blood but our blood is poisonous. It caused it to lose even more blood. In the end, it died due to the overdose of poison." CloudDragon was speechless.

"Oh, so thats how By the way, why is everyones blood poisonous? Is it because you guys always go and have sex with others often?" Ye Cang asked after realizing the reason of Ajoss death.

"Its because we have been eating your food all these while! We are polluted by this biological-weapon-like food!" LordAsked shouted, feeling that the buff obtained from the food has a hidden characteristic which is poisonous.

"Oh, now I understand. You guys ate my food and then the boss was poisoned after absorbing your health." Ye Cang pinched his chin as he thought. Suddenly, he clapped with a smile. "Cant believe cooking actually has this kind of effect. Im so good! Those food doesnt only provide strong buff but also prevent the boss from absorbing our health! Hehe! Gonna increase the price when we go back."

"......" LordAsked, CloudDragon, and the others were stunned. Increase the price?! Despite the terrible taste of the food , they still provide excellent buff. If he increases the price, the expenses are going to be too great. They smiled bitterly.

"Lets not talk about something bad. Why dont we have a look at what we got from the boss?" NalanPureSoul knew how good Ye Cang is when it comes to earning money. Shameless was not enough to describe him as a businessman.

"Look at the ghost angels first." LordAsked was selfish. That boss rank is lower than this. Besides, it most probably would give equipments related to necromancy. So, we would let them take those equipments and I can make any call for this boss.

CloudDragon knew what LordAsked was thinking and yet, he agreed because it was beneficial to himself too. ThornyRose then frowned. Are they trying to use Fang Cis characteristic to get the equipments from the big boss? Lets see what NalanPureSoul says. At the side, NalanPureSoul sighed. Even though Im a member of the team, Im still the president of Freedom Alliance. And so, he agreed. Surprisingly, Ye Cang was okay with it and started distributing the equipments from the ghost angel.

Enways Tube Top (Silver Dragon - Platinum - Ghost Angel)
Category: Uncommon bra
Requirement: None
Health points +1000
Mana +500
User can reflect any magic that is below level 6 every 5 minutes.
Increase a level of necromancy magic below level 6
Necromancy spell effect +20%
Charisma +30
Ps: it has a smooth lace feeling. It is more comfortable than it looks. Enways favorite item.

Temporary Grave Of The Dead (Super Rare): Chant a large verse and surrounding allies who are dead would be buried. 5 minutes later, they would be resurrected from the grave, having 25% of their status. Cost 50% of any amount of mana the user had at the moment. Cooldown: 12 hours.

Summoning of Ghost Angel - Efella (Enways - Epic): Continuously chanting. In the end, an Efella would be summoned and be the users servant. The summoner can name her. Cost 300 mana. Cooldown: None.

"It looks like most belong to Brother LilFang. Lets give him. Then, just distribute the platinum and black gold to the others and look at the other boss." LordAsked pondered. Thank god Im right. But those two spells are really amazing. Its sad that I dont have a necromancer in my team. That Temporary Grave is a group reviving spell. Not to mention the summoning spell, its an epic rank skillbook. As for that bra...its atributes are amazing too. Spell level is increased by one, spell effect by 20%, and major increment for health and mana. Also, it has charisma as a hidden effect.

Ye Cang nodded and handed the bra and book to Fang Ci who was dumbfounded. Im fully upgraded this time. Im no longer the small fry in the team. But, do I really have to wear this? Seeing Fang Ci did not know what to do with the bra, OldWang, AV, and Zhang Zhengxiong immediately came over and advised him.

"Team leader fought for this for you. Any of us dont even have a silver dragon equipment. You must quickly wear this strong equipment." OldWang rushed him.

"Dont disappoint my brother." Zhang Zhengxiong said in a low tone.

"Thats right! Thats right! This bra came out from Leles hand. Even more, its a F-cup." On the other side, Lin Le craned his neck in and smiled.

"Wear it and be a core player. The team lacks a strong necromancer to share the healing burden with me." AV got surprisingly serious.

Upon thinking that he has to wear a bra as a man, Fang Ci subconsciously looked at SpyingBlade. Zhang Zhengxiong smiled and shouted. "Old Zhao! LilFang wanted you to help him wear the bra!"

"F*ck off!" SpyingBlade shouted.

"Hello Sister-in-law Qian, Its about Old Zhao. He is totally *Sigh* You do know about the female servant cafe in Imperial City right?"

"You this bunch of bastards" SpyingBlade facepalmed. He shivered for a moment and walked towards Fang Ci with everyone smiling evilly at him.

On the other hand, Fang Ci was also threatened that Lin Le would use Tian Tian to invite Flasher Uncle over. Thinking that his sister, Tian Tian would be chasing after the elephant that can heal ones body and soul, Fang Ci could not help but to tremble. He stared at the innocent Lin Le. At last, he had no choice but to accept.
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