Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 661

Chapter 661

Aken's Totem Legacy

Regardless of the fuss on the other side, ThornyRose, Ye Cang, CloudDragon, and the others only paid attention to the main boss because there were a few equipments they wanted.

Reborn Through Nature (Fallen World - Ancient Style): After learning, the user would receive natures protection. When the users health points drop to zero, he would be automatically resurrected. It only recovers 50% of status. Cooldown: 1 day.

Ye Cang knew how useful it was to himself. He touched his ring as he thought about it. The ring helped a lot in the past. Who doesnt want to have another life? If I could get it, the chances of me touching the boss would be increased. Risking my life to get a divine artifact. I bet they would be frightened! Even if I dont take it, it is useful for AXiong or Lele. They could block and deal more damages.

As for CloudDragon, he was more focused on its usefulness in PK and on giving it to a tanker. This is something beyond description, especially when ones equipment and skills are well-developed. A second life. With this, we would be able to tolerate mistakes. LordAsked and NalanPureSoul shared the same thought with CloudDragon too.

Yet, ThornyRose sighed. There are three emperors and three Heavenly Kings here. I feel so ordinary standing beside them. It would be a waste if I took it. Wait, thats not true too. It might be useful since that lowlife always says bad things about me in front of the bosses.

"How are we going to distribute?" LordAsked gradually squinted. "Brother LilWhite, you guys did take all the good stuff from the previous boss"

Ye Cang knew if he was about to fight the equipment with them, it might cause a major quarrel. Indeed, we took a silver dragon platinum and two skillbooks. But these idiots didnt know draconic. There is a treasure map here. Most importantly, its located in my third base - Endless Swamp. Without much choice, he sighed. "Well, I have no choice. But I would take a skill book and this map."

CloudDragon, LordAsked, and the others looked at him with confusion. This map? They then examined the old and crumpled piece of paper. There was some non-human language written on it. I bet this fella knows what it means. "Hold on a second, the words here, what does it mean?"

"Its draconic. Something about the ancient recipe of dragon lizards wine. Dolass means living water in draconic. In our terms, it should mean slime. Yaiss means salt from the ocean. Yaiss Dolas, Sea Salt Slime. Also, Waylayasmarkila, powder of dry grilled child of wormman? Oh, and this Lasadoss It is a kind of tree in Endless Swamp and has a deadly effect on wormman. And this" Ye Cang was pointing and explaining those words on the map as if he was some expert.

"Okay, okay, okay. Take it. We three would distribute these among us." LordAsked did not want to hear more bullshits from him as he knew how wormman looked like from the videos he watched. Even though CloudDragon was feeling suspicious, he shook his head and paid full attention to Reborn Through Nature. NalaPureSoul pouted, not saying anything. Team leader must be bullshitting

VastSea also smiled. This fella must be bullshitting again

Ye Cang then kept the map and acted as if he suffered a loss. "*Sigh*..."

As he turned over, he saw SpyingBlade helping Fang Ci to wear the bra. He was stunned and the shouted. "Hey! What are you two doing?!"

When the two of them looked at him, Ye Cang casually took out the virtual camera and smiled. "Say cheese~ Hmm...the expressions are not bad. You guys can continue."

Wearing the bra makes Fang Cis robe curved out on the chest part. With a decent face and the long hair he had, he looked like a version of NalanPureSoul, except that he was low in standard.

Looking at Zhang Zhengxiong and others, Fang Ci sighed. "I will be the first to change inner wear when we get those kinds of equipment next time."

"Not talking about how long we would need to wait for the next item. This kind of unique equipment, youre the only one who has the rights to wear it in the team. Besides, if there is this kind of equipment next time, we would fight for you anyways. But before that day comes, stay still with this." OldWang laughed.

"You guys" Fang Ci sighed.

In the end, LordAsked took the Reborn Through Nature but he had to give up on all the remaining equipment. CloudDragon took a silver dragon platinum gauntlet that was black in color. As for the remaining skill books, Ye Cang was the first to take one shaman class skill book - Soul Connection.

Soul Connection (Epic - Shaman): Chant 2 small verse and connect to three nearest targets. When dealing damage to any one of the targets, the other two would also receive 45% of the damage. Lasts 10 minutes. Costs 130 mana. Cooldown: 2 hours.

As long as one was observant, anyone could realise Ye Cangs second class was shaman. It was no longer a secret. And yet, after this, they could confirm it.

Ye Cang then distributed the remaining stuff and started to dismantle the corpse, especially the shaman crystal.

Shamans Soul Crystal - Ajoss: Once used, the user would receive and learn a special characteristic, a talent, and a skill of this shaman or user could sacrifice this to pray to the ancestors and randomly obtain a shamans skill talent.

Without any hesitation, Ye Cang used it and chose the lucky draw within seconds.

"Congratulations, youve received hero talent - Akens Totem Legacy.

Hero talent? Ye Cang immediately added two points in the class talent to make it into advanced level.

Akens Totem Legacy (Hero - Advanced level - Shaman): The effect of every tortem of yours would be increased by 65% and the area of its effect would be doubled. For every different totem or totem creature you placed, the totem effect and your wisdom and will would increase by 10%. The basic effect and area of effect of the totems would be affected by your attributes.

Ps: The Huge War Bear - Aken. It was from the Winter Huge Bear Tribe from the Greenland of the north. Even though it was retarded, it was also fearless in front of any enemies as it had an inborn godly strength that was the ancient bear tribes totem. Every totem on that gigantic totem was the blessing and honor it received. When it placed totems and started dancing, well, all enemies, prepare to flee. Because you guys are about to witness the descent of a war god that was born for the tribe. Its life was extraordinary. God damn it, once the retarded bear defeated me, it shook its butt against me as it went home to find a female bear to get themselves a child. -retrieved from

Ye Cang pouted. I only know three types of totems for now and I usually use the water one. Looks like I better start collecting totem skills from now onwards. Besides, whats a totem creature? Hmm...Ill figure it out next time. He then continued to arrange the ingredients and kept them properly.

The skeletons in the valley no longer resurrect but the death aura was still strong. Little Ye Tian was bothered. This doesnt make sense.

"I think when you pass through the stone bridge, it is the route that leads to the final boss." LordAsked came to the end of the cliff and looked down into the endless dark abyss. If there wasnt this stone bridge, it would be a gigantic abyss. God knows whats down there.

Once Ye Cang had dismantled the corpse and kept its parts into the handcart, he came swiftly to the cliff. This feels familiar. Casually, he grabbed a skeleton corpse and threw it down there, hoping to find out how deep it was through the sound. However, it was not sound that they heard. It was

"1 out of 30,000."
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