Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 663

Chapter 663

Sunset Street

Ye Cang came to Zhang Zhengxiongs room, holding a small syringe of reagent. He pushed out the needle which glowed with sparks even when it was in the dark.

Zhang Zhengxiong noticed him and asked when he saw the thing in Ye Cangs hands. "This is?"

"Some good stuff. I cant do much but Ive saved one set for you and Lele each." Using his own body as a filter, Ye Cang had absorbed all the negative energy and impurities from the reagent. All that was left were the essence and DNA of the crack.

"Ill do it myself. Its very painful whenever you give me an injection." Zhang Zhengxiong took over the reagent and injected it into his chest. Ye Cang then recalled that ever since young, he was the one who helped Zhang Zhengxiong to do injections.

Moments later, Zhang Zhengxiongs face turned pale and he fell on the bed, crying for help. "So cold...Brother...Im very cold...Its suffocating"

Then, Ye Cang placed his hand on Zhang Zhengxiongs head, transferring some energy to him to reduce his pain. In the end, Zhang Zhengxiong fell asleep with sweat all over his body. Ye Cang caressed his face. AXiong, even though its painful, its for your own good. You can only protect yourself and your loved ones if you turn stronger.

Ye Cang covered him with a blanket and went to Lin Les room. Seeing the blood-red aura surging through Lin Les body, Ye Cang mumbled. "Lin Sen"

Immediately, Lin Les hair turned white and he opened his eyes. However, his eyes were as red as a ruby crystal and his body was filled with an extremely evil aura. "Its you"

Without any hesitation, Ye Cang took out the reagent. "Inject this into him. You should know what this is since youre the one who brought it from the Void."

Lin Le stared at the blue reagent and took it over with psychokinesis. He carefully examined the liquid. "Fragment of Big Disaster. Wait, no. That thing is not this pure. This has been filtered. Eh? It even filtered away mankinds negative energy?! This isnt something anyone could do. Was it you"

"Its none of your business" Ye Cang interrupted him.

"Ill use it wisely, boy" Lin Les blood-red eyes squinted and Ye Cang left without saying a word.

"This Lele fella is damn lucky to have such a brother. Indeed, he is the little bastards heir. But that white-haired and I share the same characteristic" He then injected it into his chest and the blood-red aura turned into a cocoon, covering his body.

As for SpyingBlade, Fang Ci, and Little Ye Tian, Ye Cang did not plan to let them use the reagent. At the moment, he did not have any extra ones. Yet, most importantly was that their bodies could not handle the reagent, at least not now.

Ye Cang was standing on top of a reef, staring at the ocean. What a peaceful night. Ive nothing to do now He then decided to go to the market area for a walk.

In Lin Hai, there were four main areas - Day (West District), Moon (Ye Cangs East District), Stars (North District), and Time (South District). The most bustling area that came after Xinla Street in the North District would be Sunset Street in the West District. The East and South District markets were not as busy as the other twos. Even though it was already 12 at midnight, the time on the street seemed to have just started ticking. Shining neon lights, bars, prostitutes, hawker stalls, and massive casinos were everywhere. It was the best timing to do business.

Ye Cang was not unfamiliar with Xinla Street, Gamers area. In the past, when he was in need of money, he would come here a few times to trick for money. As for Sunset Street, he rarely went there. He put on his sunglasses and boarded the floating train to the west.

"Yo, young man with white hair, do you want to come in and have some fun? We have a lot of new girls today" A girl pulled Ye Cang over and promoted to him. She then mumbled. "There are transformed ones too. Owl girl, cat girl"

Having mutants in such area was not something Ye Cang did not know. This career line was developed by mankind itself, in order to satisfy some special needs. Actually, thats not quite true too because most of the mutants here are not forcefully transformed by the change of DNA. They are pure mutants. There was not much of a difference with an ordinary person. Well, at least not before they transformed. In order to survive and bring up their children, they have no choice but to join the human society to earn some money. The federal did not control this matter strictly since these pure mutants have been the target of federal, hoping to gain some benefits from them. Even in America, these kinds of mutants are nurtured to fight against the Salvation and to fight for scarce resources with other countries. There are a few in China but there arent that many unlike America since there are too many martial artists here. The heirs of each family are strong enough. Not to mention the official organizations. In the north, theres Dragon Group and Mutants Association in the south. There are even more among the folk. Not including Three Hidden Sect (Lin, Shen, Yu) and Extinct Sword, these two powerful ones, there are the Great Ten Families, the lesser families, 10 Commandments, Buddha Zen[1], Animitta[2], Rage Execute Hall, and Mercy Valley. These middle-class groups have been helping out a lot too with their second-class power and strength.

"Is it free?" Ye Cang smiled.

"Go away, go away. Waste of my time." The girl rolled her eyes. Soon, she saw a woman with short hair, wearing coats and button-ups. She was exceptionally tall and handsome.

"Cruel Woman" The girl shouted with respect.

The woman who was called Cruel Woman glanced at her and nodded. She then saw Ye Cangs back. Because he looked skinny and weak to her, she did not pay much attention as she walked past Ye Cang.

Ye Cang did not turn around too because he did not bother anyway. Although we have met at Lin Hais underground meeting, she could not have remembered me.

Just when he was about to leave, Cruel Woman stopped. "Hold on a second, you are from the East District, right? One of the Kings of the Great Christmas War, the gentleman dancer from the three heroes and youre Dirt Wolfs servant."

Ye Cang was speechless for a second. Ive only attended the underground meeting once with Dirt Wolf (the head of gangsters in the East District) Its confirmed that he knew AXiong but Ive only been there once. Looks like it is because of Flasher Uncle and the others. Ye Cang remained silent.

With a heavy tone, Cruel Woman patted Ye Cangs shoulders and said. "Put more effort into your studies. Dont hang out with those underground people. You shouldnt waste your future in being a gangster. Theres nothing to be proud of"

"Oh, okay." Ye Cang was stunned. She actually asked me to be hardworking?! He raised his head to look at the woman who was taller than him.

"Give me an autograph. I really like your lonely waltz. If I was not born in this family, I would hope to" Cruel Woman then shook her hand and asked for Ye Cangs autograph. She then told the girl. "He is a VIP from the East District. All of his expenses tonight will be on me. Help me tell the others too."

Upon finished saying, she put her hand into the pocket, turned and left, waving with only an arm. She was cool and arrogant.

Ye Cang was dumbfounded and then said to the girl. "Its free now right?"

"Of course"

As Ye Cang went in to have a look at the mutants service, he saw an old friend of his, Gamer. Whats he doing here?

At the same time, Gamer noticed Ye Cang and the girl talking with him too. Even though, chills were still sent down his spine when he saw Ye Cang. "What did you come here for?"

"What do you think?" Ye Cang smiled.

"You have a special taste." Gamer glanced at the girl and made a hmph sound.

"......" Ye Cang was speechless and brushed off the topic by asking another question. "What about you?"

"King of Violence is about to die, I came here to pay the old fella a visit." Gamer smiled coldly.

King of Violence. Ye Cang knew he was a legend in Lin Hais underground power. To be precise, King of Violence isnt a person but a logo. Every generation of the leaders in the West District would be named like that. The West District is the direct descendants place. This tradition has been passed down for very long. But now, the situation has changed, Gamers power in the north has surpassed the wests. Even the West District has been cautious about it.

"Its sad that he once again put up his guard against me and forgot about the east" Gamer stared at Ye Cangs calm expression. That old fella totally forgot about the most dangerous enemy.

"Ive no interest in joining you guys and I dont want to either. Gamer, lets discuss something." Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders.

Gamer frowned as he looked at Ye Cang.

"Your game room. Give me two core members." Ye Cangs words sparked Gamers interest. Without any words, he directly gave to top-class members to Ye Cang. "You owe me a favor."

Ye Cang smiled and nodded. "But forget about it, if you want to open one of your games in the East District. Its impossible."

"Hmph, pathetic." Gamer left after Ye Cang replied.

Staring at Gamers back, Ye Cang gave it a thought. If he wasn't that stubborn in those things, he would actually be the best candidate to replace me in the 10 Commandments. The ability to see through the fake and to be not restrain by kindness. But because of this, he is too extreme. Kindness does exist but its too cruel.
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