Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 664

Chapter 664

Coincidental Meet Up With Flasher Uncle

Upon thinking about it, a familiar whisper caught Ye Cangs attention. He turned over to see a man in a windbreaker, hiding in the alley. "Flasher Uncle"

Ye Cang walked towards him quietly and Flasher Uncle pulled him over. "Damn it, people in the east district are insane. I cant even get out of my house at midnight. They are everywhere, wanting to capture the elephant, begging for prayers and some even wanted to taste it. WTF! What world am I living in? Are people so disgusting nowadays? Freaking perverts! Shameless too"

After hearing it, Ye Cang felt weird but he did not know how to answer him. So, he just smirked. "And thats why you came to the west to take a rest?"

With a nod, Flasher Uncle pushed down his hat and stuck his hands into the pockets. "Well, lets go and have some fun. To be honest, it has been almost half a year since the last time I visited here."

"Same goes for me. By the way, Flasher Uncle, I somehow remember that you said you knew King of Violence, right?" Ye Cang asked as the two of them walked side by side. Due to the fact that they were wearing sunglasses and were trying to be secretive, they gave people a feeling like they were two perverted suspicious men walking on the street.

"Yeap. There was a conflict between us as we fought for areas when I was young. Even though he was older than me at that time and had quite a good reputation in the South District, he was no match for me. I even kicked him out of my school. Do know that I have a title called Lynx of the South. Despite being young, I wasnt afraid of death. Thats how I became famous. I could do whatever I wanted in the entire south district. I too often went to the west district to cause some trouble. Even the previous King of Violence had to pay me some respect. Yet, I didnt have any greed. I was innocent and childish at that time, solely wanting to prove how strong I was. I was so strong that" Flasher Uncle then smiled bitterly. "But because of that, when I came back to my senses, I had lost the precious person in my life. So, at my teenage, I ended my legendary underworld life."

Flasher Uncle then switched his career to be a pervert. Using his elephant, he managed to get a new life and became an internationally famous artist. He published his own album, organized concerts, had his own religion, and had many believers. What was important was that he even applied to be a World Heritage after becoming a significant figure for Lin Hai. He thought of himself as a mobile legendary tourist spot. He may not have become the legendary priest but he did become the legendary pervert. Deep down in Ye Cangs heart, Ye Cang was helping him to fill the information after he resigned from the underworld.

"I heard that he is about to die soon, don't you want to pay him a visit?" Ye Cang turned around and walked towards a hawker stall selling curry fish balls.

"Is it real? When I retired from those things, he was still in my team. Although he isnt strong, his personality is pretty good. Well, lets go and visit him." The beef entrails beside the curry fish ball stall caught Flasher Uncles attention. He complimented after he smelt it. "Oh, its a masterpiece. Boss, give me a bowl of it. Add chili sauce ya!"

With the food in the paper bowls, they were eating their supper with wooden chopsticks as they walked and chatted. At last, Flasher Uncle brought Ye Cang to a marinated food shop. Ye Cang decided to learn from the chef after tasting the juicy and delicious vegetables and meatballs. It was because the food was easy to be kept and it could be eaten directly. Then, Flasher Uncle speechlessly dragged Ye Cang away as he blamed Ye Cang for almost exposing him.

Moments later, they arrived outside of a courtyard, located at the very end of Sunset Street. There were a few guards standing there.

Flasher Uncle took off his sunglasses and said. "Please inform them."

"Theres no need to inform. You must be the elder Flasher Uncle. Father must have wanted to talk with you." Cruel Woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere, looked respectfully at Flasher Uncle and glanced at Ye Cang.

With a smile, Flasher Uncle patted her shoulder and brought Ye Cang in. Cruel Woman was following behind.

Soon, they arrived in the living room. The house was vintage in general and most of the furniture was traditional in style. On the wooden-armed chair, there sat an old man clothed in black. He seemed tired. Even though he was old, he had not reached the stage where he could not move by himself. His face was just pale. This old man was the director of the entire underworld of Lin Hai - King of Violence.

"Never thought you would come, Lynx." King of Violence smiled.

"Havent heard this form of address for tens of years. It feels weird." Flasher Uncle smirked.

"If you didnt resign back then, I bet now" King of Violence recalled the past and Flasher Uncle immediately interrupted him. "Im glad that I resigned and paid the price for being reckless when I was young."

"True. Youre now the significant figure. Haha. I even asked the servants to buy your album and listen to it. Haha. *Cough* *Cough*..." King of Violence coughed as he started to laugh. He then stopped talking and scanned through Ye Cang. He knew that Ye Cang was one of the three heroes from the east and was a friend of Flasher Uncle.

Gamer was sitting at the side, looking at Flasher Uncle, the famous legendary figure in Lin Hai. Even though he looked funny, Gamer did not dare to show his expression because he knew that even the current King of Violence and the previous one were cautious of this person. Snatched the position of the direct descendent of the south district in his teens and resigned after conquering the entire district. He had not lost a single match. The entire underworld in Lin Hai was afraid of this fella. Of course, those who didnt know his past would just think that he is some pervert guy with some weird kink.

"Lynx, it has been so many years...I would like to try fighting with you again" Flasher Uncle rolled his eyes against King of Violence. "You? Why dont we talk about something else? You cant beat me anyways."

A few leaders of the west district at the side gradually stood up. Among them, there was one man with a kohaku fish tattoo on the face who shouted. "Who do you think you are?! Youre just some guy with some famous past. But now, youre just a pervert that entertains people. Do you really think we look up to you?! We are just giving you some respect!"

Flasher Uncle then turned to stare at the man and the others who were known as leaders. His pupils contracted as he walked towards them. Even though he was looking from below, he gave the others a feeling of him staring down on the people. Just when Cruel Woman was about to ease the situation, those men were being sent out of the window, screaming. Flasher Uncle brushed his windbreaker and sat down. "Those people were annoying so I threw them out. You wouldnt mind right?"

Gamer squinted his eyes. What a strong fella. I didnt even see how he did it. This is too scary. Is he as insane as the white-haired?! Cant believe the east district is this strong!

"You this fella...Looks like I couldnt beat you in the end anyway. If you would like to, this position" King of Violence took a sip of the tea and smiled bitterly.

"You do know I swore before. Besides, I dont have the intention too." Flasher Uncle swung his hands. The King of Violence nodded sadly and then started coughing.

Flasher Uncle sighed and walked towards him. "Touch it. Since we knew each other for this long and you helped me before in the past."

Staring at the elephant in front of him, King of Violence sweated in cold. He had heard the rumor before as it went viral. With a doubtful look, he touched it. Suddenly, a warm flow of healing energy surged through his body. It was not just the body that was healed, even the soul too. He then smiled. Cruel Woman and the others who saw this creepy scene were speechless.

However, King of Violence felt the change in his body. The infectious exhaust was healed. Although it wasnt like before, at least the source was healed. He then looked at Flasher Uncles elephant and grabbed it due to his over-excitement. His eyes were filled with respect as if God was standing in front of him. He raised his head to meet Flasher Uncles eyes. "Thank you. From now onwards, if you, Lynx need me, I wouldnt reject."

Gamers eyes contracted. King of Violences exhaust is fully recovered? And this is real?! That thing of his actually has such strong healing power?! Dont tell me that those trainings of his in the past tens of years were not merely journeys but the plans to master the divine martial art?! I cant believe the three heroes from the east are this scary. Then, what about Panty Uncle?

Being able to witness the real thing surprised Ye Cang. That healing energy is the purest energy I have ever seen. It has a strong stimulus and it helps the cells to reproduce and discompose. King of Violence now looked better than a few months ago. Im afraid Flasher Uncles elephant would really be a divine artifact that could heal all kinds of illnesses.
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