Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 666

Chapter 666

Return To The Valley

Raising the colorful crystal ball up high, Ye Cang stepped on a piece of ice created with his ice elemental magic. With the flow of the water, he slowly reached the center of the pond. Yet, he was still holding the ball high as he spun around at a slow speed.


As everyone had no interest in looking at his act, they went to the side of the pond and drank the water. After consumption, their overall attributes and resistances were greatly improved. Moreover, they gained quite a number of buffs and passive effects. They were on cloud nine because this soup is limitless. This is even better than the goddess blessing! They then gradually took out their water bottles and filled them with soup. Seeing such a scene, Ye Cag quickly jumped to the side of the pond. With a somersault, he landed gracefully and bowed gentlemanly. "One gold per bottle. Same for child or elder. Fair and square. Thank you"

"*Cough* *Cough* Brother LilWhite, this relates to our plan on conquering the Thousand Peak Mountain. You, as the chief commander, how could you be so business-minded?" Instantly, LordAsked pulled Ye Cang over and spoke from a committee point of view. ThornyRose also agreed not to charge for that. Ye Cang pouted. "For now, Ill temporarily let you guys drink for free. Once this is over, Ill start charging fees."

"Hey, thats not too good, dont you think? Contributing to China...what a wonderful thing to be done" CloudDragon also expressed his opinion as a committee member. If we could use this thing wisely, its benefit would be unpredictable. Its not like an equipment, its a team benefit.

"Then, Ill add things inside. You guys forced me to do so." Ye Cang took out various new products, including the product he introduced previously. He had tens of big jars of them.

"Okay, okay. Well listen to you." Everyone quickly stopped him from doing anything reckless. Once these things are added, it cant be consumed for a long period of time even if the attributes are good. Most important is that we dont know whether its poisoned or not. If theres a chance of being poisoned, the more the number of people who drank it, the more the number of deaths. It isnt worth it.

"Told you guys its best to be this way. Dont know why you guys had to force me. But I think adding those products wouldnt make much effect. It might even enhance the taste and flavor" Ye Cang scooped himself a bowl and drank it. The taste was surprisingly wonderful and the flavor was on point.

Everyone immediately shook their heads and Ye Cang rolled his eyes against them. "Come on, Im the chef. Do you think I don't know how my own food tastes like?"

Instantly, everyone was soaked in cold sweat. The hell you know! Besides, you can only be considered as a biochemist. This thing must be your failed product by accident.

Everyone was extraordinarily happy because they finally got to drink something consumable and most importantly, it was delicious. Zhang Zhengxiong then asked. "Brother, what was that thing just now?"

Ye Cang took out the colorful crystal ball and said. "My cooking pet, Soup Creature - LilColor. Its also an accessory at the same time. It could save me a lot of trouble when I cook next time"

Upon hearing that it was his biological product, everyone had no interest. They then moved their attention to Fang Ci who was the biggest winner after receiving the loot from a few bosses. LordAsked smiled. "Hey, summon the ghost angel and let us have a look"

Fang Ci looked at Ye Cang and Ye Cang nodded. Soon, Fang Ci started to chant the verse and a graceful ghost angel appeared. Its size was the same as Zhang Zhengxiong and its eyes were filled with coldness and arrogance. Lin Le immediately went over and grabbed its butt. "Eh, Brother AXiong, I could touch it!"

"Are you serious?!" Zhang Zhengxiong got up and grabbed one of its boobs. "Oh damn, its real! Brother, come touch it too!"

Then, Ye Cang grabbed the other with a smile. "LilFang, your summoning is not bad ya this time. Its a real deal. Okay, okay. Stop touching it. There are many people here. It isnt good to affect them"

Fang Ci and the others were dumbfounded, staring at the three of them. Fang Ci was extremely speechless. I didnt even get to see it properly and boom. It was being touched by them already.

As for the ghost angel, it immediately hid behind Fang Ci and looked at those three in fear after it came back to its senses. This was because it knew those three were not some ordinary guys one would wish to deal with, especially the white-haired. Its memory was affected by the previous battle where Ye Cang ordered Little Tadpole to bully it.

CloudDragon and LordAsked smiled bitterly. These three fellas

"Brother, can you talk it out with them? I want to touch it too..." Ji Xiao whispered after seeing the ghost angels body shape. Immediately, LordAsked suppressed him to the ground and started beating him. "You this useless bastard! Useless!"

"I know you wanted it too. Its just that" Ji Xiao screamed and LordAsked performed all kinds of shoulder throws.

"I wonder how the hell did Ji Xiao survive through all these?" ElegantFragrance said when she saw Ji Xiao being beaten up.

"Dont just look at the surface. You dont know that there was once LordAsked Ah, forget about it. Its better not to tell anyway. In short, he loves his brother very much. Besides, Ji Xiao is talented. Among the Ten Great Families, he has the first class apprentices standard. Its just that I think his brain had gone crazy when he was born." NalanPureSoul smiled.

ElegantFragrance gave it a thought. Indeed, Im no match for him. I bet he was being underestimated since LordAsked managed to stand out among all. Even though he is retarded, he is still the second best in Lords Reign and also one of the great ambush kind of professional players in China. Well, at least Ive never seen him lose in a match of X-hero card game. It is considered as Lords Reigns guaranteed-win entertainment game.

Once everyone was here and got their bottles filled up, Little Ye Tian once again discuss the tactics.

"This time we wont be taking the valley path. Instead, we take the high grounds on both cliffs. Even though we might need to divide into two teams, it is still advantageous for us no matter in terms of clearing the path or other aspects. Besides, the death aura isnt that strong up there, the priests burden can be reduced. Oh and most of the vengeful spirits on the high ground have come down during our first battle. So we can basically walk through the path and attack the boss from a certain range. There are many obstacles up there for cover too. Most important is that, in the valley, we could not spread out. With one skill from the boss, we would suffer a lot of casualties as we cant dodge. So, only close-range combaters have to go down to the valley. The rest would be on the high ground, launching attacks from afar. Are we clear?" Little Ye Tian presented the self-made 3D map as she spoke. Despite the messy battle last time, she did not forget to memorise her surroundings. Because of this, LordAsked, CloudDragon, and NalanPureSoul were amazed. She actually presents such a detailed map. And its a self-made 3D man. Not just that, the map is so detailed that it precisely pinpoints all the rock pillars positions. With one glance, anyone could instantly find a cover spot and the path to walk. Is she a mobile plugin?!

According to Little Ye Tians strategy, Ye Cang was assigned to lead a team and CloudDragon led the other. The two teams separated and arrived at the top of the cliff at each side. As they watched each others back, the two teams came to the end swiftly after clearing a few vengeful spirits. Below them was the open area and the gigantic skeleton ogre was still howling. NalanPureSoul calculated the shooting distance. Its almost at its limit even if we go to the furthest end. But its still sufficient. "Those who do not have enough shooting distance, find your way to get closer. If you cant, be the logistics! We need to increase our physical damage here!"

On the other side, BlackIce had the same plan. She pondered. This is a good place. Even if its a large-area type of skill, there is time for us to find cover as there are a few in the surroundings. The only problem is the close-range combaters. We could almost hit the boss arms from this spot. The wind is excellent as it helps our shooting distance. That girl even accounted for the direction of the wind? She then shook her head. Its impossible. This isnt reality. It isnt that easy to calculate the weather in a virtual world.
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