Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 667

Chapter 667

Top-up-money Class

Ye Cang summoned Ten Colored Soup to follow the close-ranged combaters. What made LordAsked and the others surprised was that this monstrous colorful liquid man-like creature had high resistance. Even if it was being sliced into halves, it could quickly combine and continue to fight. Most important was that its damage was great and it could cast magic spells without chanting.

"HeavenShakingBear, you and I charge with your brothers biological creature." CloudDragon signaled and Zhang Zhengxiong nodded. Soon, the three of them got together and LilColor (Ten-Colored Soup) activated Consecration of Flames, getting itself covered with flames. Lightning was on its left hand and hurricane on its right. With both elements combined, it created a lightning hurricane and crushed a lot of skeletons. On the other side, LordAsked and the others followed Lin Les lead to clear the skeletons. The magic and bullets from afar were pouring like rain. The battle scene was surprisingly beautiful.

Suddenly, LordAsked frowned as the gigantic skeleton arm swung. So fast! Looks like we are going to have a few casualties for the close-ranged combaters. But after this swing, we could fight it head-on. Lin Le shouted. "Motherf*cker! The last time was because Lele wasnt prepared! And yet, youre still so eager to fight Lele?! Im going head-on with you! Come on! Lets damage each other! Lets clash with each other!"

Instantly, Lin Le poured out his gold coins and activated Once Rich, Dick Big, and all his status-enhancing skills. The Saiyans aura was covering him and his ahoge stood upright. With a grab of his handcart, he dashed to the arm swinging towards him.


The gigantic arm stopped and recoiled a little. Meanwhile, Lin Le was sent flying to the wall located a few hundred meters away and died with a twisted neck. "You mother"

LordAsked gasped. Just how insane is he? He could even stop this boss arm. Though its a pity that he died, he helped the close-ranged combaters to get an advantage in the first fight as we didnt suffer any casualties. It would be better once we fight it head-on. "Those at the back, immediately save him out of there! Quick!"

Little Ye Tian quickly sent an elite priest who knew quick resurrection to resurrect Lin Le. After coming back to life, Lin Le stared at Dosain angrily. With a smooth motion, he grabbed his war axe and hopped on Little Rens shoulder, heading to the boss again. "How dare you kill Lele!! Arghhh!!! This is frustrating!! Frustrating!! Burning money skill, okay, Ill use that. Brother LilWhite, is it okay?!"

"Sure, go ahead. Use it as much as you want, no worries. We have these idiots to claim from anyway" Standing at the edge of the cliff, Ye Cang smiled.

LordAsked, CloudDragon, and NalanPureSoul immediately sweated in cold. WTF! We are the idiots that you can claim your money from?! Although they were furious, they were curious at the same time. As they all knew Lin Le was an armed merchant and had gold coin abilities. He could strengthen himself and enhance his abilities by consuming the gold coins. This class which was related to gold coins was called the Top-up-money class. It was useless if one did not have money

Ye Cang and ThornyRose both knew that Lin Le has a special talent called Wicked Merchant which would reduce the number of gold coins consumed for the abilities by a large portion and it might rebate a few. Seeing Ye Cangs smile, ThornyRose knew his intention. This fella is bullying others to pay the full amount just because they know nothing about it.

Lin Le rejoined the battle like a mad dog being injected with steroids, using a large number of gold coins every once in awhile. The effects he obtained were very obvious and yet CloudDragon and the others were crying inside. Swiftly, LordAsked came to Lin Les side who was slashing rapidly. "Brother Lele, save the money, save it. Dont use too much"

"Indeed its the Top-up-money class, once rich, dick is really big" VastSea sighed as the number of gold coins that disappeared and turned into the golden energy increased. Despite that, Lin Les destructive power was strong.

Upon thinking about Lin Les usage of heavy weapons and the Top-up-money class, ThornyRose realized a thing. Lin Le is totally made to kill bosses. She then looked at Ye Cangs new pet - LilColor, the bull which can restrain boss. It cant be killed no matter what. I think Dosain is tired of smashing it already. It had wasted so many attacks.

After attacking the boss head, CloudDragon quickly backed off and dodged the elite skeleton warriors attacks. Dosains body had turned into many gallery roads.

On the other side, Ten-Colored Soup took a deep breath and opened its mouth wide. Moments later, it shot out numerous colorful liquids into the air and Ye Cang shouted. "Quickly eat it with your mouth! Its its enhancing ultimate!"

"......" All the close-ranged combaters were speechless.

"Just what the heck is this skill?!" ThornyRose shouted but still received it with her mouth. Even though the taste was not bad, she somewhat felt disgusted. Seeing the extremely strong enhancing buff and recovery effect, chills went down her spine. She then looked up to see the toads healing saliva was splashed on her body. She was speechless.

CloudDragon received it with his hands and said. "It isnt necessary to receive it with your mouth"

"Luckily I havent received it." LordAsked withdrew his head and turned around to see Ji Xiao opening his mouth to receive it. "Dont you think its disgusting?"

"I think its still okay. The taste is not bad though" Ji Xiao shrugged his shoulders. Surprisingly, LordAsked nodded and did not beat him up. This fella is still not bad in terms of mentality. "But still, what kind of creepy skill is that. The toad flying up there is dripping saliva that heals. Then, would it poop something directly from the sky next time"

Upon saying it, LordAsked immediately shook his head. Touch wood[1], touch wood. Better not come true!

Suddenly, ThornyRose was stunned and turned around to see Ye Cang who acted like he did not know it could be received with ones hands. She screamed out loud. "Ill make you pay once we are done with this! Argh!"

"Ill leave the archers commander post for you temporary. I need to change the location, it isnt big enough for me to use magic." Ye Cang whistled for Little Blue Feather after speaking to NalanPureSoul.

"Let me go with you. I cant use my magic spells well too." NalanPureSoul shook his head.

"Father, you can go with NalanPureSoul. Leave it to me." Little Ye Tian took over the command.

With a doubtful look, Wu Na stared at her future husband riding a bird with a guy hugging him from behind.

"Such a romantic scene" The teenage girls at the side were taking photos.

"......" Wu Na soaked in cold sweat and continued to cast spells.

Out of a sudden, ThornyRose felt something wrong and quickly got down and rolled over from the boss rib cage position. After brushing her hair, she turned around and saw a war axe swung passing by her back and Lin Les raged red eyes. Her heart sank for a moment. "Lele! Are you crazy?!"

Stunned for a second, Lin Le looked left and right and realized there wasn't anyone. "Eh? I heard someone is calling me. Whatever! Kill! Slash! Burn the money! Kill! Slash! Burn the money! Dancing Hurricane! Once Rich, Dick Big! Armed Destruction! Burn the money!"

"Those who are attacking the rib cage and are close to Mad Devil Le, retreat and go to the other places to attack!" Seeing Lin Le was slashing with his eyes closed, CloudDragon shouted.

On the other side, Zhang Zhengxiong and LordAsked were restraining Dosain at its shoulder, trying all possible ways to disrupt its vision.
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