Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 669

Chapter 669

Diamond Silver Dragon

At last, with everyones forceful attacks, Dosain was finally killed. Its gigantic upper body fell on the ground. Right at the time when it was defeated, Ye Cang sweated in cold as he saw everyone coming at him.

Once ThornyRose confirmed that Lin Le had touched the body, she signaled them. Everyone was eventually relieved and glad. Meanwhile, Ye Cang stared at them. "Is it necessary to aim at me? Its the same no matter who touches it. Besides, Im the chief commander. Alright, since this boss is contaminated by you guys, Ill not argue with yall. But the final boss, Ill"

Just when he was about to finish his sentence, everyone stared at him, showing the if-you-dare-to-touch-I-will-kill-you expression. Ye Cang then pouted. "A bunch of ordinary people"

Sitting on Dosains head, Ye Cang received the equipment which Lin Le handed over. "Brother LilWhite, we could take an extra of the best ones. They promised me."

"I got it." Ye Cang nodded and displayed them out after he finished counting.

Dosains Grab - Tear of Giant Dragon (Silver Dragon - Diamond - Abyss - Leader)
Category: Gauntlet
Requirements: 285 strength, 210 dexterity, 215 constitution
Damage: 73-80
+210 strength
+180 dexterity
+195 constitution
+30% on all attributes
+245 armor penetration
+35% armor penetration
Add on dark damage: 110 - 135
The next attack, once every 10 seconds, will cause an explosion, dealing area damage.
On every fifth attack, it will deal an extra 100% damage.

Dosains Grab - Tear of Giant Dragon (Passive): Damage increases by 70% when dealing with dragons. There is a probability that will tear the targets armor and reduce its armor by 50%. Last for 30 seconds. Effects are doubled against dragons.

Roar of Dosain: Accumulate energy for 1 second and cause a shockwave damage to a large targeted area. It will cause targets to be stunned, knocked away, and other controlling effects. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Dosain - Large Rip: Select a target area and accumulate energy. After that, the user will jump up high and land on the targeted area, dealing a shockwave explosion. It will cause the targets in the area to be stunned and knocked away. Cooldown: 2 hours.

Dosains Halberd (SIlver Dragon - Diamond - Abyss - Leader)
Category: Heavy Long Weapon.
Requirements: 330 strength, 350 constitution
Damage: 83 - 91
+260 strength
+300 constitution
+35% on all attributes
+200 defense
Increase 20% of maximum health points
+15% of lifesteal
Lifesteal damage (the extra amount stolen from target on every attack): 60 - 103

Dosain - Blood Rush (Passive): Damage increases the maximum health points by 20%. When the user engages in a battle, rage points increase by 10 every second.

Dosain - Blood Rush (Active): Costs 30% of health points and increases all attributes by 80%, defense by 30%, and reduces the damage received by 25%. Lasts for 5 minutes. No cooldown. Cant be stacked.

Dosain - Pierce of Giant Dragon: Costs 50% of health points. The user accumulates energy for 2 seconds and pierces through the target with all energy, dealing destructive damage. Damage dealt is 10 times of the original damage plus the number of sacrificed health points. It will cause the target to be weakened and causes massive bleeding. There is also a chance of killing the target instantly. Effects are doubled when dealing with dragons. Cooldown: 3 hours.

Skill Books:

Pierce of Giant Dragon (Dosain - Extremely rare)

Blood Rush

Tear of Giant Dragon

The descriptions are as above.

Dark Explosive Orb (Epic - Extremely rare): Chant a large verse to accumulate a massive amount of dark energy and cause destructive dark explosive damage to a targeted area. It will cause the targets to be stunned, their armors to be weakened and corrosive of darkness. Cost 255 mana. Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Holy Rage (Epic - Extremely rare - Item of the world): Deal extra 75% of damage and double the holy negative effects and chances on devilish creatures.

Mater Razers Palm Art - Shaking Thunder (Epic - Extremely rare - Item of the world): Use up all qi points and deal a high-damage qi penetration to the target. This damage ignores 70% of the targets armor and it deals the same amount of lightning elemental qi damage at the same time. The lightning damage will cause a second explosion, causing the target to be paralyzed, knocked out and stunned. Cooldown: 20 minutes.

LilMings Strategy & Guide For Love - Beginner Level (Exclusive - Item of the world - Only one - Quest - ???): +100 Charisma, +20% of charisma. Easier to be liked by female NPCs. (ps: a legendary penetrating guide created by the legendary master of lovers in Land of Rosa - LilMing. Its divded into beginner version, intermediate version, and master version. The intermediate and master version can only be learned if the previous version has been mastered.)

Diamond silver dragon! Its the equipment ranked above platinum silver dragon! CloudDragon, ThornyRose, and the others were on cloud nine. We are the only ones with platinum silver dragon and now we have diamond silver dragon!

Moreover, there were another six platinum silver dragon left among the remaining ones. Happiness was written on everyones face.

"Well take three equipments first, is that okay?" Ye Cang asked as he looked at CloudDragon and the others. They nodded. This time the reward is great! Everyone could get quite an amount of stuff! Its no big deal for him to take an extra one. LordAsked then said. "Two skills and one equipment."

Without hesitation, Ye Cang took LilMings Strategy & Guide for Love, Tear of Giant Dragon, and the blood-red war halberd - Dosains halberd. He then passed the remaining items to CloudDragon. "Therere six left. You three divide among yourselves."

They were fine with Ye Cang taking away the mysterious guide. At the side, LordAsked squinted. Of course, he would want that book. Being liked by female NPC and increase charisma. Its easier for him to control the three goddesses and other female NPC. He is indeed the evilest fella Ive ever met.

"Alright, Ill give the Tear of Giant Dragon to Lele, the war halberd to AXiong, and the book that increases charisma to myself. As an important figure in HappyFirmaments, its natural for me to increase my charisma and communicate with the NPCs. So, its okay if I learn it right?" Ye Cangs words made ThornyRose roll her eyes. You just want to act. Do you think I know nothing about you? Theres no way you would be interested in the phrase charisma. She then sighed. But, its true that he has the greatest networking skills with the NPCs, especially female NPCs. The three goddesses Oh wait, its four now. Upon thinking about the saddening fate of the goddesses as they are being tricked by him, ThornyRose once again sighed.

"Where can we find dragons?! Lets go! Go! Go! Time to kill some dragons!" After learning Tear of Giant Dragon, Lin Le looked left and right for dragons. At last, he stared into afar with his chin held high.

On the other side, Zhang Zhengxiong kept his war hammer away and held the war halberd. With a body of heavy armor and a blood-red cape swaying behind him, he stood beside Lin Le like a god of war. "Ill defend and youll slash! Lets go. Time to hunt some dragons! Brother, what about you?"

With his arms crossed, Ye Cang thought for a second and then nodded. "Lets go! I want a dragon penis to make some dishes. Remember not to hurt its penis during the battle ya."

"If its dragon hunting that were talking about, try finding those small in size. I need to collect the data and characteristics of dragons in this season. So that, I could make predictions for the next" Little Ye Tian shrugged her shoulders after seeing Ye Cang agreeing with dragon hunting.

"Hey, hey! We havent finished distributing the equipment yet! Lets talk about it after fighting the final boss! After that, you guys can do whatever you guys want!" ThornyRose saw the three of them walking away. Shit! Theyre really planning to go! They arent joking! She then shouted speechlessly. "I still plan to get a platinum silver dragon equipment though!"
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