Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 670

Chapter 670

The Liberation of Thousand Peak Mountain

In the end, Ye Cang took two silver dragon platinum and gave them to SpyingBlade and ThornyRose. He then distributed the black gold equipment to the core members, strengthening the troop overall strength.

Ye Cang heaved a sigh of relief. I have the godly spike for the last boss. I think it will be easier. The quest is about to be completed.

LordAsked and CloudDragon smiled when they saw Ye Cang heaving a sigh of relief. "We still have the final boss. Dont you think its still too early to be so relieved?"

Not long after, Ye Cang took out the spike and the two of them smiled bitterly. No wonder. "Lets rest for awhile. Once its dawn, well attack the final boss directly."

During the rest, CloudDragon, ThornyRose, and the others were distributing the equipment that they collected from elites and small bosses according to the players contributions. Almost everyone received something.

In the meantime, Ye Cang also arranged his ingredients. With much satisfaction, he stared at a large number of precious ingredients and materials to make leather. I could create some good stuff for myself when we go back.

Next day.

Using Dosains headless corpse as a bridge, everyone stepped on it to get to the other side. After passing through Gemini Peak, they came to a wide place. There was a giant who was as big as a mountain sitting on an enormous stone throne.

Mountain Giant Ogres Leader - Andon (Mountain Ogre - Abyss - Big Leader): The mountain ogre born in Thousand Peak Mountain. As the name said, its body size is as big as a mountain. Its enormous strength and destructive power is incredible. Yet, its intelligence is relatively low. It stems from one of Anyas guardian families. Its mountain heart is an extremely precious ingredient.

With a mocking attitude, Andon scanned around and gradually stood up, opening its red enormous eye. Casually, it picked a tiny peak and threw it at them.


Suddenly, the peak stabbed right at the body of Gemini Peak.

"How are we going to fight? This is totally different compared to the previous boss!" Ji Xiao panicked.

CloudDragon looked at Ye Cang.

"Just charge. Lets go." Ye Cang nodded and jumped on Little Blue Feather.

"Charge?!" NalanMight was shocked.

"Didnt you hear what my brother ordered?! Charge!" Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed his halberd and charged down with the best tanker - the Ten Colored Soup, LilColor. Seeing their respective leaders agreeing with Ye Cangss order, they had no choice but to follow.

"Jayjay." Andon smirked and Ye Cang shouted in mid-air. "He said. A bunch of reckless ants. "

Ye Cang then dropped low, aiming at the boss. Together with the godly spike, he began chanting for Meteor Shot. As Andon was so focused on the crowd, he sent the spike right into its heart. Andon smirked again. However, it felt something was wrong as black veins expanded at its chest and it was shrinking. Seeing that Andons body size suddenly became the same as the boss at the Skull Peak, everyone was fired up.

"Kill it immediately! Unleash all your skills! Grab all the chances!" CloudDragon shouted.

After swirling around in mid-air, Ye Cang took off his wolf-head hood and swung his hand, pointing at Andon. "Tactics! Charge! Pursuit! Powerful Attack!"

Moments later, he returned to the back of the troop and planted three totems, strengthening the mages.

"Ao! (No!)" Andon felt itself weakened as it was covered by the black veins.

At last, Andon was being heavily injured and it could be killed anytime soon. Yet, Ye Cang suddenly shouted. "Everyone stop! Dont attack anymore!"

CloudDragon and LordAsked frowned and asked their troops to reach a ceasefire. Whats wrong?

"Anya, she didnt forget your father. Do you wish to replace your father and return to the shrine to serve her?" Ye Cang asked in the Ogres language. Looking at the human in front of it and the disgusting spike at its chest, Andon finally lowered its head.

"Congratulations, youve successfully persuaded Andon. All players that participated in this quest will level up, receive a random pick of a class talent or skill, +1 class talent point, +1 skill point, +15 permanent strength and constitution, and a random pick of a piece of equipment ranged from gold to platinum."

"Under your lead, Thousand Peak Mountain is liberated! All players who participated will level up, receive a class talent or a skill, class talent points +2, skill points +2, a piece of equipment ranged from gold to diamond. Hunting in the vicinity of Thousand Peak Mountain will cause attributes to increase by an extra 30% and reduce half of the death time. Successfully unlock the major public area quest - The Chaos of Thousand Peak Mountain and also the special event in Thousand Peak Mountain - The Goddess Hunting Arena (Training)."

As for Ye Cang, his rewards were double that of the others since he was the chief commander. Everyone was on cloud nine because of the rewards they received and Little Ye Tian immediately began to prepare for future plans.

Goddess City

"He made it! Thats my Great Sage! My direct believer!" Anya let go of the Half-moon Goddess hair and looked with gratitude at the direction where the Thousand Peak Mountain was located.

"He is my direct believer! You are just lucky because youre the Hunter Goddess! When he first released my sculpture, he rubbed very hard on my...! In short, its obvious that he likes me! Me!" Mallow shouted, grabbing Anyas crop top tightly.

"You guys are so old and ugly! The one he likes is obviously me please!" Jam taunted while pulling Mallows stockings.

"Its destined that he is the Prince of the Night! Someone related to me!" said Aymuss while she was pulling Jams bra.

Upon stepping into the room, Maru Naya saw such a horrible scene. Swiftly, she turned around and ran. I must notify Pale Snow, the Great Sage. The goddesses are fighting! I cant stop them.

Just when Ye Cang was about to do the random pick for the skill or talent, he saw Maru Naya appearing from the moonlight. She looked panicked. CloudDragon and the others frowned. Whats wrong?! Is there something that happened in Goddess City?! Dont tell me that it has fallen! Everyone has seen how strong Maru Naya is. She might be even stronger than these bosses. Most importantly is that she is an instructor. Who dares to make her angry?

"Great Sage! Its not good! Its not good!"

Ye Cang immediately rushed over. Maru Naya looked left and right and then whispered to Ye Cang about the goddesses fighting.

Lol, its just this small matter? I thought something bad happened. These bitches, they just dont feel comfortable if they dont get whacked, dont they? Ye Cang then ushered. "Quickly bring me there!"

ThornyRose rushed over and said. "Bring me along! Together!"

Maru Naya looked at Ye Cang and Ye Cang nodded. Moments later, Maru Naya brought them back to the shrine.

Seeing the four goddesses tearing each other apart, ThornyRose facepalmed. Just because of this?! She then thought thoroughly. Of course, Maru Naya doesnt dare to get involved in this. There are four goddesses here. Even though they are stupid, they are still ancient goddesses that are written in the myths. Though they are forgotten by most people Lets see how he handles it.

With a serious face, Ye Cang walked over and shouted. "Stop right there!"
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