Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 672

Chapter 672

Pale Wolf-head Hood

Little Ye Tian was busy settling the issues regarding the liberation of Thousand Peak Mountain and yet, Ye Cang and the others were at ease. Ye Cang chose the largest spot in the Ten Colored Pond cave, preparing to open a restaurant of his own. LordAsked and the others were thinking of what kind of business they should start here. Upon remembering the pond was just beside them, a thought flashed through their minds. If that fella starts collecting fees, the supernormal profit he gains is beyond words. But in order to not cause public outrage, he wont set the price to one gold per bottle. The maximum he would go is one silver coin. Even so, it is profitable. Besides, he even builds a disgusting restaurant beside it. He is just basically forcing the players who come to participate in the quest to eat his dark recipes.

Ye Cang left Skull Peak with much satisfaction and returned to Goddess City. Soon, he started making his own equipment. Using the feathers, ghostly hair of the ghost angel and a few high-level materials, he remade his wolf-head hood. In the end, the glowing spirit wolf head hood was completed. The white fur was glimmering with spiritual energy. It looked like a spirit flickering in the dark.

"Congratulations, youve successfully created a silver dragon diamond equipment! Please name it!"

"Pale Wolf-head Hood."

Pale Wolf-head Hood
Category: Special hood
Requirements: None
+353 Defense
+280 All attributes
+30% All attributes
+200 Overall resistance
+40% Overall resistance
Recover 0.2% of mana every second.
Mana recovery speed increases by 70%
Recover 0.2% of health points every second.
+10% Lifesteal
+200 Mental defense
+450 Speed
+35% Speed
The calibration and the visibility of long-ranged equipment which has lock-on will be reduced.

Light of Tranquility: The pale wolf-head hood will accumulate spiritual energy. Once activated, it can recover surrounding allies mana by 300 points, costing one stack of tranquility. The tranquility will recover every 30 minutes. It can only be stacked up to 3.

Glimmering of the Spirits: Instantly change into a spirit and blink to a targeted area. Upon reappearance, it will fear and silence the targets in the surrounding area. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Invisibility - Spirit: When the user remains calm and stagnant, he will enter into an invisibility mode or can actively enter into the spiritual realm for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Standing in front of the mirror, Ye Cang put on the hood to have a look. The effect was great and the eyes of the wolf-head glowed with spiritual light. He then made a platinum gauntlet made out of platinum. Ill ask AXiong to make a heavy chest plate and a golden belt for me. I couldnt waste the effect of the Rangers Mashup Spirit.

The blacksmith in the church was wiping his sweat as he stared at the rosary in Zhang Zhengxiongs hands. At the side, Conrad was brushing his beard. This fellas smelting ability and body potential are extremely scary. He can make a diamond ranked equipment just like that. With a smile, he went over to take the rosary and put it into the furnace to smelt it again, adding the holy jade into it. At last, frost appeared in his hands as he pulled the rosary out. "Here you go. Youve mastered making magic tools. Ill teach you how to make holy weapons next time."

"Your brother is here" Conrad saw Ye Cang and his new wolf-head hood. Made by magic. Interesting

"Brother, Ill make you your chest plate and belt now." Zhang Zhengxiong excitedly equipped the colorful diamond ranked rosary and sealed three epic level skills in it.

"Its okay. Im not in a rush. I came here because Im bored." Ye Cang nodded to Conrad and casually sat on the stone fence, looking at how Zhang Zhengxiong made his equipment.

Armed Merchant Association. Goddess Citys branch.

"Oh, Lele, please let the Armed Merchant Association join in the development of Thousand Peak Mountain. President Ajasha from the headquarters in the Imperial Capital has assigned you to be the chairman of the entire Black Peak. You can arrange any manpower and resources from Black Stone and White Rock City." Wayjane stared at the teenager standing in front. Arghh. Its frustrating. How can he become the manager for the entire north region?! *Sigh* Even I myself and the people from the other two branches have to listen to his commands.

"Oh! Okay! Send some people to the Thousand Peak Mountain to find the main contractor from our Goddess Association, Little Ye Tian. Tell her that its Brother LilWhites instructions, she will arrange it. So, does that mean you guys have to obey my instructions now?" Feeling his current ranking had been leveled up, Lin Le held his chin high.

Wayjane nodded. This Brother LilWhite is the leader of the Goddess Association, the mayor of Goddess City, and also the head of priests of the three goddesses. His words have the most influence in the entire north region. He is also the marquis of a few powerful sects and seems super close with Ashara. Moreover, he has some close relationship with the church. Developing Thousand Peak Mountain is his idea. He really intends to develop the entire Black Peak. So ambitious. Is the Great Wasteland his main aim? Her eyes squinted. This is not a small investment though. He has cooperated with the Planetary Empire to get the route to Farsarqi through boats, airplanes, and underground tunnels. They seem to be incorporating Black Peak and the Great Wasteland too. Our (Armed Merchant Association) financial support is more or less on par with the Planetary Empires national bank. Besides, at the Great Wasteland, we have the Fallen

Upon thinking about it, Wayjane felt pain from the back of her head.

"What are you dreaming?! Quickly get to work! How dare you daydream?! Stop being a slowpoke! Call me Boss Le in the future!" Lin Le pouted, smacked her head, and sat at the presidents seat angrily with his arms crossed. He slowly looked at HappyFirmaments location.

"......" Wayjane was dumbfounded and she was trembling. This fella She stopped herself from bombarding the entire office with a magic shot and smiled. "Ill go now, Boss Le."

"Get going~" Lin Le was imitating the rich boss action of being a sugar daddy of a female university student in the homo drama. With his ahoge swaying, he just needed a cigar to complete the entire look.

On the other side, Little Ye Tian was segmenting the place. She divided it into four main district and named them after the goddesses names. Main peak - Anya belongs to us. West peak - Mallow belongs to MadWar. East peak - Jam belongs to Lords Reign and the south peak belongs to Freedom Alliance. Well just set up these four districts. We cant be too greedy since we have limited financial support. Just the development for these districts is draining our money already. Most important is that we cant seek support from Planetary Empire because once something happens, it will bring a big threat to the empire. The same goes for the church. We can only depend on other societies such as the Ritualist Association, Spiritual Association, and Martial Arts Schools. Of course, its best to handle everything by ourselves but it is obviously impossible. Little Ye Tian sighed and pulled out her contacts. Oh? Armed Merchant Association? How could I forget this association? Damn that Lele! After much consideration, the corner of her lips curled up. Lets see whats their quotation.

Seeing Little Ye Tian staring at the map of Thousand Peak Mountain and planning, ThornyRose wondered. Is this girl really just 10 years old?! She sighed. Well, its true that if those three fellas dont have such an intelligent person at their sides, they would She then smiled bitterly. But this girls intelligence level is way too high, isnt it? Suddenly, she saw Little Ye Tian still had the time to talk to her father about the horse racing gambling. Quietly, she took out a notebook and started jotting down.
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