Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 673

Chapter 673

Nations Border Teleportation Scroll

"Hunter Goddess - Anya has activated her hunting arena. The monster to be hunted for this week is the Bird of Wind - Anza! Players will receive a massive amount of rewards and experience!"

Little Ye Tian immediately turned around and stared at the cave. Anyas virtual shadow appeared and a portal popped out. With a loud eagle cry, a gigantic white bird flew out. As its wings expanded, a strong wind caused Little Ye Tians hair to fly. After swirling around in mid-air, it landed on a huge rock pillar to rest.

"Thousand Peak Mountain has totally liberated! Please choose to edit the worlds notice! It has to be done within 12 hours if not, the system would notify by itself!" When Ye Cang was still thinking about the previous quest, the editing of the worlds notice once again cause him to be stunned. He then nodded. Thats right. This is whats missing.

Ye Cang gave it a thought.

"[HappyFirmaments- Brotherhood- Corporation -Conglomerate - Invincible in the firmaments - Whether in the heavens or underground, always available for catering, medicine, engineering projects, equipment, hairstyling or manufacturing of highly-priced growth amplification devices. Our mini guild studio promises a fair price. Apologies, currently not recruiting. We wish everyone a happy gaming. PS: just a friendly reminder O(n_n)O, you can shorten this name to Happy Firmaments Brotherhood because we will be changing the name irregularly.] [Mad War], [Thorns and Roses], and [Freedom Alliance] have successfully finished Chinas large area special field - The Thousand Peak Mountain War, becoming the first team ever that challenged the large special field! Cheers to all! Lets give the warriors a big shout out! In the upcoming 7 days, all players who participated will receive an extra 10% experience! The team will receive an exclusive prize!"

"Congratulations! Youve received three National Border Teleportation Scrolls!"

National Border Teleportation Scroll: Once used, users can teleport to a selected nations revival point. Within 30 days, if the user dies or uses the scroll again, he will be teleported back to the revival point.

"What did the system give you?! Quickly come over! We are about to test the difficulty level of the arena!" ThornyRose shouted.

"What is it?! Show us! Brother LilWhite!" LordAsked asked.

"Brother White, if its something good, you have to show us. Quote us a price." CloudDragon said.

Seeing his contact was about to be bombarded with various messages, Ye Cang shouted. "Its none of your business! Its some useless stuff. Some National Border Teleportation Scroll."

"How many do you have?! Give me one if you have extra! I wanted to go to Europe to kill two bastards." LordAsked quickly replied.

After wiping the equipment, Zhang Zhengxiong lifted them up and craned his neck over to see the scrolls in Ye Cangs hands. "Three scrolls? Its just nice. You, Lele, and I can go one a vacation. Its so tiring battling this stupid Thousand Peak Mountain. Just in time to go on a vacation and relax. We can see how those idiots in other countries look like too."

"Good idea. Call Lele." Ye Cang entered into his one-second thinking mode with his arms crossed. Within a second, he clapped, sent Lin Le a message and muted the noisy contacts. After that, he messaged ThornyRose and Little Ye Tian. AXiong, Lele and I planned to go on a vacation to see how the idiots in other countries look like. Take care. Love yall."

"I got it, father. Its good for you guys to go and relax too. The Bird of Wind in this arena isnt something we can handle now. Its almost at pre-instructor level. I saw LordAsked, CloudDragon and Aunty Rose leading a team to battle in. Seconds later, they were all killed. Hehe. Worst still, it is a monster that masters wind and lightning and is able to manipulate the weather" Little Ye Tian analyzed the situation. "Oh yeah, you guys better be careful. Its best to disguise a little."

"Disguise you said...hmmm...let me think" Ye Cang pinched his chin and thought. What she said is true. He then started to think about their disguises.

"Ill go revive Sister Rose. She just so happened to land at my place, stuck right into the ground upside down." Little Ye Tian canceled the call and used a resurrection spell on ThornyRoses corpse.

"Brother LilWhite! Im here!" Lin Les voice came from nowhere. The three of them then discussed it beside the furnace.

"Brother, lets talk about which place we are going to."

"Let me see...South East Asia, Europe, Russia, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and Middle-East. Lele, what do you think?"

"There are so many places. Leles brain couldnt interpret. Lele is a little dizzy. Brother LilWhite, you decide!"

"Brother, Ill follow your decision."

"Then, let the system sort them randomly and Ill pick. Eh...its empty"

"......let Lele pick then."

"Brother LilWhite, its Europe."

"Okay, since the location is decided. We just need to disguise ourselves. Our titles are famous now. So, I decided to disguise as a professional chef. I think no one would recognize me."

Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le stared at him speechless. This is so obvious. Your cooking skill is so famous in China. Its even easier to recognize than your battle class.

"Brother, I think you should change it. Your great cooking skills are too symbolic. Its so easy to recognize."

"Thats right. Thats right. Brother LilWhite, change it to something else."

"Thats true. Ill just force myself to be a grappler then." Ye Cang took out a pair of platinum silver gauntlets, mixed the light armor and heavy armor and took off his wolf-head hood and tiger-skinned blazer. He even used his haircutting set to change his appearance. He dyed his hair and eyebrows black and tied his hair into a ponytail. Zhang Zhengxiong was dumbfounded. "Brother, you"

"My haircutting skills have advanced to grandmaster level. Im a fashion designer now and have makeup skills." Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders. Only just then did Zhang Zhengxiong remember that Ye Cangs second class is a barber. We still lack a person to drive the excavator. Otherwise, the three legendary technical skills will be completed. "Ill just disguise into a priest."

Swiftly, Zhang Zhengxiong changed into the priest armor and war skirt, covering his face with a priests hood which had a cross on it. Even so, his enormous body size was still intimidating. Ye Cang took off his hood and helped him to apply make up. Lastly, only Lin Le was left who was having trouble thinking about it. "Brother LilWhite, I havent thought of what to be. Let me think for a while more"

"Just randomly choose one! Quick!" Ye Cang knew it was probably going to take Lin Le a year to decide once he entered into the dilemma stage. Wait, no, he might be still thinking after a year.

"Okay." Lin Le wrote his classes into papers and randomly picked one. He then looked at the paper. "Mage."

"Oh yeah, mage. Lele is a mage!"


"Well, my dear Lele, what kind of magic do you have that makes you look like a mage?" Ye Cang was curious. Lin Le then carried a 3-meter-wide rock and smiled. "I know Manual Stone Moving Spell ."

"Cracking...wait, no, it is Manual Fire Explosion!"

"Manual Summoning Weapon To Attack Spell!"

Seeing Lin Le took a giant blade out and sent it flying, Ye Cang nodded. "Not bad, Lele. You can still Manual Enhance Magic on yourself. Remember to shout Magic Enhancement when using it! And this, and that. Then, you can take out the wolf-fang club and start smashing people."

Zhang Zhengxiong was dumbfounded. "......"

"Brother LilWhite is smart!" Lin Le put away his armed merchant drive and the battle bag and put on an intelligence mage robe. Lin Le happened to match the requirements to wear it. Yet, he did not change the equipment under the robe. He then took out a scepter that looked like a platinum baton-like weapon. Meanwhile, Ye Cang combed Lin Les hair up and changed his appearance a little. In the end, Lin Le looked like a mini version of NalanPureSoul but shorter in heights. Despite this, his hair was still colored in red and his ahoge in gold.

"Oh yeah, we need to change our voice too." Ye Cang asked the two of them to adjust their voice. When they were done, Ye Cang gave one scroll to each. He then looked at the moon in a 45-degree angle which Zhang Zhengxiong and Lin Le copied.

"Lets go!"
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