Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 676

Chapter 676

Personality Insult

“Flame Burst! Flame Burst! Burst! Burst! Burst!” The more bottles of molotov cocktails he threw, the happier Lin Le was.

Alissa was totally shocked. My men are completely defeated by him. The warriors that attacked him were all being knocked away by his so-called scepter.

“Magic Enhancement! Enhancement Spell!” Lin Le was chasing those who were running away with his scepter.

On the other hand, those people who were surrounding Iron Salt Town’s revival point were dumbfounded when they saw the people coming out were their men. What happened? Did you guys encounter some disaster? “You guys…”

“We met a boss who knows how to speak, has a mental illness, can move, and pretends to be a human.”


“President, let’s go! This thing is too insane! We can’t fight it! His self-recovery is too fast! Our magic damage is not enough!”

With her teeth grounded, Alissa stared at Lin Le in the flames and sighed. “Let’s go. I’ll inform the headquarters about this.”

Just when she was about to turn around, Lin Le shouted. “Have a taste of my meteor spell!”

Suddenly, a giant rock was flying towards her. Yet, Alissa saw a dark shadow forming under her foot and so she raised her head. What she saw was not a giant rock but Lin Le holding the rock above her. Lin Le then threw the rock at her. Alissa’s heart sank for a moment and her vision turned black. All she heard was ‘President! Everyone run!’.

“Flame Burst!”

“Summon-Weapon-To-Shoot Spell!”

“Magic Uppercut!”

“Magic Deathly Spin!”

“Magic Weapon Shockwave!”

Seeing the flames and mess behind him, Lin Le sighed deeply. “It’s not good to bully others, especially Lele. Okay, I better get going to meet Brother Lil’White. Where is Silver Dragon City?”

His ahoge turned to the left. Lin Le then continued his journey, skipping and hopping.

The little priest, Jeyliss felt like crying as she continued the journey with Ye Cang. She scrolled through the wanted notice on the internet. The bounty for my head is 100 gold coins which are equivalent to a dark gold item. I’m not LuckyHand though! And I have never seen a dark gold item before! Should I feel proud or speechless?

“Oh damn! I teamed up with this female priest before! She was so weak. She doesn't look like someone so strong.”

“Usually, those insane people have a completely different appearance to cover up. You might think he is as dumb as a pig but who knows he might be some mutant when you tear his skin away.”

“Hmm...makes sense. It was just like the Ma Jiajue incident in the ancient stories. I heard that this girl and a grappler with a black ponytail defeated all the members of War Wolf in the stone forest. But I felt so relieved.”

“Of course! War Wolf always bully us who are weaker. Heh, now they have encountered the wild Ma Jiajue and black-ponytail grappler. Immediately, they are nothing but eggs that can’t even bear a hit.”

Jeyliss turned around to look at Ye Cang. “We are wanted. I’m worth 100 gold coins and you’re worth 200.”

Ye Cang nodded as he was not really paying attention to it. Suddenly, he stopped and shouted. “How much you say?!”

Jeyliss sighed. Now you know you’re worth the amount of a black gold item. There are many people who want to kill you and even me. But I didn’t even do anything! *Cries* *Cries* She then sobbed. “200 gold coins.”

“200?! WTF! This is totally insulting my personality! I felt like I’m deeply offended!” Ye Cang was getting furious as he spoke. He was already shaking. “200. 200. I’m literally worth 200?! So, they treat me as a cat when I’m not as fierce as a tiger huh? Since you guys insulted my dignity in such an unfriendly way, I won’t be kind too! Which place has the most people in this area?! The more the better!”

“What do you want to do?” Jeyliss was shocked by Ye Cang’s intimidating manner. Don’t tell me he wants to… Hey, hey, 200 is a lot already! Besides, are you angry because your bounty is less?

“To get my revenge!” Ye Cang shouted.

“......” Jeyliss felt so helpless. Bro, you’ve killed hundreds of people. Even though I dislike them too, I still know what’s reasonable and what’s not.

“Don’t waste my time! Bring me there now!” Ye Cang grabbed her two ponytails and smiled faintly. “If not...I’ll tear your ponytails away.”

Jeyliss swallowed as she looked at Ye Cang’s smile. *Cries* *Cries* What did I do wrong to suffer this?!

With tears in her eyes, Jeyliss led Ye Cang who was still grabbing her ponytails to the venue where guilds hangout recently, instead of the route to Silver Dragon City. Standing on high ground, they saw thousands of people attacking a giant. Ye Cang did some calculations. My magic could only kill a maximum of hundreds of people. Looks like I need to use guerrilla warfare. There are just too many people here. I’ll wait for an opportunity. When the boss activates its skill, I’ll ambush. I’ll kill the tankers and healers first. Dragging Jeyliss along, he went into the jungle and climbed up a pine tree. The distance is perfect. Staring at Jeyliss who was shaking, Ye Cang shouted. “Heads up! Chest out! Hands on your hips! Smile! If not I’ll tear your ponytails away!”

Jeyliss looked even uglier when smiling than crying. Bro, can’t you just know your place? This is a branch of Knights of the Round Table! Seeing Ye Cang smiling wickedly, she cried inside. My gaming career has ended.

As the giant jumped and raised its war axe high, Ye Cang pondered. Now is my chance! His hands then shined with light. Light Strike Array!

The main tanker who had calculated the distance to dodge suddenly saw the ground getting heated. “There’s a map-wide magic!”

Tens of meters wide of flames suddenly covered the tanker while the others on the side managed to dodge the boss. As the war axe swung into the Light Strike Array, many had died. The commander in the frontline who was also the president of the branch of Knights of the Round Table - Alujay shouted. “We have ambushers! Find their position! Backup tankers, it’s time to go! Change position! All teams change your position!”

Casually, Ye Cang used all his mana to activate his skills. Massive amount of icicles, wave splashes, acid rain. It made the lives of those surrounding the boss harder. Alujay was extremely angry and furious but he knew the location where the attacks were coming from. On the pine tree, he saw two shadows. However, in a blink of an eye, they disappeared in the north-west forest. With the camera zooming into them, Alujay managed to see who they were. A grappler with a black ponytail? A priest with two ponytails? Are they mages? Wait!

Seeing the situation was in a total mess, Ye Cang carried Jeyliss and ran away. He ran to the cliffs behind the troops, located south-east and drank magic spring water, waiting for the boss’ next skill. What came to Jeyliss’ surprise was Ye Cang’s incredible speed. If he wants to escape, no one could catch up to him. I bet those people still think we are in the forest. Jeyliss then observed the messy battlefield getting better quietly. “That’s one of the three main tankers from Knights of the Round Table - Carpain. Never thought he could come to assist in such a short period of time. Or maybe he had always been in the backup team. That’s more like it. Maybe they are training the freshman with him observing behind. Let’s go. With Carpain defending the boss, it’s pretty much the end. Besides, they have known that they were being attacked. They would defend.”

“I’ll kill him first then! Who ask them to insult my personality!” Ye Cang immediately pulled out his new weapon, a heavy motion crystal ballista. Once he had placed it perfectly, he started to accumulate energy, preparing to unleash the spiraling Meteor Shot. With a stomp, he summoned another light crystal ballista as a shadow weapon and aimed at them.

On the battlefield, Carpain managed to dodge the slash of the gigantic war axe. Suddenly, he saw a light from the side. There! Shit! It’s a sniper attack! He quickly used a displacement skill - Lightning Jump to dodge the ballista shot. Yet, before landing on the ground, a meteor-like ballista shot at him in mid-air. It was as if he was being pinned on the cross. Everyone was surprised and Jeyliss covered her mouth. Not only knowing how strong Ye Cang’s magic was, Jeyliss saw how a real baiting shot looks like. The first shot was a bait and the second shot was accounted for the trajectory Sniper shot in mid-air!

Ye Cang kept his ballista and pushed Jeyliss. “Heads up! Chest out! Hands on your hips! Smile!”

The two of them appeared on the cliff, looking down at the others with the sun shining behind them. Ye Cang pulled the bow and unleashed Enchant Arrow - Flame Shot to kill a large number of healers. He then turned around and pulled Jeyliss who was shaking away. “Let’s go, the boss is enough to kill them all.”

My gaming career has really ended. Jeyliss thought of it when she was pulled away.
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