Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 677

Chapter 677

Ring of Six Slimes

"LilShuang, check my bounty now. Tell me how much is it now?" Ye Cang asked Jeyliss.

"13000 gold coins." Jeyliss replied frustratedly because she saw that she herself was worth 7000 gold coins and was named as wild Ma Jiajue by the people. She continued to scroll.

"These two ponytail duos are extremely dangerous and shameless in ambushing the White Peak Towns guild event! Whoever that reports their locations will be rewarded 100 gold coins if its real!"

"Dual ponytail wild Ma Jiajue and a ponytail ballista warrior? The ponytail duo? Oh damn! What are they up to now?"

"The branch of Knights of the Round Table in White Peak Town was fighting a special field boss and these two ambushed them to destroy the entire branch without killing the boss. It was so hurtful. Most important is that they embarrassed the guild."

"Pfft, 100 gold coins for confirming their locations. Oh yeah, I heard that the Union Alliance in the west had been trashed too. Alissas guild was also destroyed by a person who seemed to be a mage. Even she was killed in seconds."

"WTF? There are so many big news all of a sudden. Its a little hard to accept all of this at once. At first, China was the one who defeated the big special field boss. And now, we have three such serious criminals."

"The Three Brothers from Really New Village created a better uproar in the Great Christmas War."

"Damn, dont even mention them! Immoral and perverted! They even made a blasphemy on our Rose of Versailles."

"Oh well, lets come back to the topic. Do you think Union Alliance and Knights of the Round Table can get their revenge on them?"

"It shouldnt be a problem since those being attacked are just branches of the main guilds. If those guilds get serious, I dont think any ordinary people could withstand"

"Looks like thats it. Wild Ma Jiajue...hmmm, I like this kind of cutie who has an extreme personality."

God damn it. I didnt even do a single thing. *Cries* *Cries* Jeyliss who was named as the wild Ma Jiajue was helpless while crying inside.

"13000? Pfft. Its still a little less. Is there any other special venue where there are a lot of people?" Ye Cang pouted, showing his dissatisfaction. He then pinched his chin and entered the thinking mode. Within a second, he clapped. "Lets go! Well go back and kill them! They will definitely rearrange and continue to fight the boss. Lets surprise them again. They must have thought that we have run away. They will never expect us to be back. The most dangerous place is always the safest place. Most importantly, there are more people there this time. Hehe."

Bro! Please. Dont torture me anymore. Just how sensitive are your dignity and soul? Even though she wanted to say that, she kept her mouth shut and stared at the sky helplessly.

Gejass Town.

Zhang Zhnegxiong joined the quest. He glanced at the members but did not say much. "Quickly activate the hidden quest. Im in a rush"

Upon finishing the sentence, Zhang Zhengxiong carried his scepter on his shoulder. Even though the other members disliked Zhang Zhengxiong, they did not dare to say a thing due to his intimidating aura.

Zhang Zhengxiong shared two auras and instantly, everyone felt as if their health points were doubled and their defenses had increased. Whats more shocking was that the aura helped to recover mana. They then looked at Zhang Zhengxiong respectfully. This fella must be on par with the main core members from the alliance formed by Union Alliance, Knights of the Round Table, and Seven!

Noel took out a few tools, removed a handful of torches from the prison door and stabbed them into the tools. Moments later, he shouted at the empty abandoned prison. "Be prepared"

Zhang Zhengxiong came to the frontline and dropped low, taking out the shield from behind his back. He pouted. Its been a while since the last time I used the shield. Noel then confirmed the line-up. At my left is the second tanker and at my right Wait. "Bro, youre a priest"

"Dont talk so much! Just follow!" Upon seeing the vengeful spirit. Zhang Zhengxiong dashed at it immediately. With holy energy in his scepter, he smashed the spirit like a mad dog. Noel and the others were dumbfounded when they saw the furious battle style, intimidating manner, and accurate dodging skills.

"What are you watching?! Quickly fight!" Zhang Zhengxiong shouted.

"Oh...okay" Noel and the others quickly followed up and besieged the boss, completely restraining it. The enchantress knocked everyone away and started taking a deep breath. Noe shouted. "Its a howl!"

Zhang Zhengxiong immediately activated Holy Judgement and attacked the boss by using the scepter filled with holy energy. The boss dispersed when he launched his last hit. Yet, Zhang Zhengxiong did not give up. He opened his holy text and activated Desperate Prayer, instantly replenishing the entire teams health points and revealing the boss invisible body. He then continued with another round of attack.

"Congratulations, youve successfully defeated The Hidden Howler - Masilly!"

Noel immediately edited the notice of getting the first kill.

"Player Noel, unknown, completed the quest of Scalon prison perfectly!"

"Alright, give me the ring." Not being interested in the black gold equipment they got from the boss, Zhang Zhengxiong said softly.

Noel passed him the ring and Zhang Zhengxiong left the team.

"You dont want the item?!"

"Not interested. Just distribute among yourself."

"Where did you find such a scary guy? He is almost on par with Roar Emperor. That furious and ever-changing battle style. The boss is already having a hard time dealing with just the aura."

"I met him at the stall I opened. He says he will only help us if we give him the ring that is given by the slime we killed last time. He needs it for some mission."

"Do you know which guild he is from?"

"Since he didnt say, I didnt ask much too. Maybe he isnt in a position to tell. Well, lets distribute the equipment first."

Zhang Zhengxiong went out of prison and left the town. He then took out the Ring of Dark Slime and placed it together with his Five Coloured SIime Ring. The black water droplet then began to react as if it was an atom reacting to another atom. In a split second, it jumped into the Five Coloured Slime Ring.

Slime Ring (Unique - Slime - Mission - ???)
Category: Ring
Requirements: None.
Constitution +500
Wisdom +400
Strength +225
All attributes +40%
Constitution +30%
Health +35%
Damage +25%
Defense +25%
Reduce all damage received by 120.
All resistance +40%
Damage +45
Defense +220
Reduce the impact of negative effects by 55%.
Recover 3% of health points every 10 seconds.
Recover 3% of mana every 10 seconds.
Luck +50

Gliding Wings: Can fly. No cooldown.

Super Speed: Activates when using any displacement or charging skills. Instantly, the users speed will increase by 5 times. Lasts for 15 seconds. Such an effect can be activated every 30 seconds.

Dark Finger: Instantly point at a targeted area. The user can ignore the area after chanting the magic. Then, a dark explosion will automatically occur after 2 seconds, dealing great damage, stun, and knock-away. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Fortune (Choose three among the six in a day. It will be refreshed on the next day.)

Fortune - Spell Storing - White: Can store any two spells in the ring in a day. To change the stored spell, one must wait one natural day. The cooldown of the spell is the same as it normally is.

Fortune - Flame Burst Transformation - Red: When receiving fire damage, one can attempt to absorb it, then turn the energy into a random flame spell. Damage is based on the strength of the absorbed fire ability. Cooldown is the same as that of the absorbed fire ability.

Fortune - Gold: Activate to forcefully make the next attack received deal only 1 damage. Only works on 1 hit. Cooldown: 12 hours.

Fortune - Water Source Transformation - Teal: Instantly consume 10% health to recover 15% mana or consume 10% mana to recover 20% health. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Fortune - Absorption Barrier - Black: Instantly create a dark barrier and absorb all dark damage and turn 20% of it to the extra health points temporarily. Cooldown: 12 hours.
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