Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 678

Chapter 678

Speechless Lin Le

With much satisfaction, Zhang Zhengxiong nodded, put on the ring and headed to the Silver Dragon City. Just when he took a step, he felt that there was someone charging at him from behind. He quickly turned and was about to smash whoever that was. Out of his expectation, he saw a female mage with black long hair and a good look. She looks familiar. Zhang Zhengxiong thought for a second. I think she was one of the teammates back in the prison. He then scanned through her from the top to the bottom. Hehe. His eyes focused on the girls white legs. In a cool manner, he asked. "Whats wrong?"

"Do you need this ring?" The mage took out a green water-droplet-shaped ring. Zhang Zhengxiong looked at it. The Ring of the King of Forest Slimes. Its just a dark gold item. "Yes, how much does it cost? State a price."

The mage shook her head. "I just need you to do me a favor"

"......" Zhang Zhengxiong was pissed. Why do the people here dont like money? You can just random state a price. I would pay even if its a price of silver dragon platinum equipment because there are idiots back home for me to claim the expenses from. "What kind of favor?"

"Actually Im a member of Union Alliance. Even though weve the clues for the hidden boss, it doesnt matter anymore since it had been defeated by you. Our second team was trying to defeat a special field boss. I hope you can join the team and share your aura with us. Please, I beg you. As long as we defeat the boss, we would treat you well, not just giving you the ring"

Seeing her being honest and sincere, Zhang Zhengxiong sighed. I indeed need the ring anyway. Ill just collect and evolve the ring as many times as possible. Besides, they are giving me other rewards too. Im here for vacation though. He suddenly hugged her at the waist. I can bring her home and Or I should just ask her to lead the way. Yet, Zhang Zhengxiong resisted. Brother once said that we cant be too passionate when flirting with girls. We must remain cool. "Lead the way then. Whats your name?"


"Single? Where do you stay? How do you look in real life?"


"Im just kidding."

"What a unique person. Are you a member of the Knights of the Round Table?"

"Nope, I dont have a guild to belong to."

"Then, you can join our guild"

"Nah, its okay. I like to travel and explore the world alone. Guild *sigh* Im tired of it. Thats a depressing place." Zhang Zhengxiong whimpered as he stared at the sunset. However, he was thinking of Ye Cangs dishes.

Alica pondered. Judging by his tone, could he have been a member of some great guild? He must have been a core members since he is this strong! There probably was some hatred back then. Its common. Many great players have left Knights of the Round Table because of some arguments. The same goes for the Alliance. A priest Is he the godly priest - Earl Gerrald?!

Just when Alica was lost in her thoughts, Zhang Zhengxiong hugged her even tighter. Brother is right. This strategyhehe I finally get to have some fun. The foreigners are quite friendly too. Give me the ring and let me have fun at the same time. *Sigh* I should travel more next time.

Silver Dragon City.

At the location where they promised, Lin Le looked left and right. He then called. "Brother LilWhite, Brother LilXiong, where are you guys?"

"You stay there for a while or you can wander around. People had insulted my personality! Ill get to you once I get my revenge! Dont miss me too much!"

"What about Brother LilXiong?"

"Actually, the thing is like that. Lele, I was almost here but then suddenly, there was a helpless lady*cough* *cough* girl that needs my help. So, I decided to help her. Ill rush over once Im done! You enjoy yourself for now!"

"You two liar! Weve promised to assembly first!" Lin Le pouted and angrily hung up the call. With his arms crossed, he leaned against the fence and thought for a moment. Hate it! Well, then Im going to play by myself. But what to play? He then turned around to see a lot of players heading to the place which looked like a marketplace. Lets go there then!

Staring at the square, Lin Le was excited. Something is happening! He squeezed through the crowd and soon, he started tossing people to the back. Swiftly, he arrived at the front and stared at the three people on the stage. There is a red-haired and big boobs female swordsman Did I meet her before? I cant remember though...Urgh, whatever! What are they talking about? Why is everyone listening?

"Everyone, please remember this fella! He mocked us from the Union Alliance! Challenging our dignity! Alissa, describe that fella."

"The incident was like this. I was accidentally being killed when I was attacking the boss with the fifth team. Then, when I arrived at the revival point, I met this bastard!" Alissa pulled out Lin Les image. Lin Le stared at the image and looked at himself again. I think she is talking about me

"He asked me the route to Silver Dragon City. So, I showed him the way. Its just that I answered him a little slow. And then, he killed me. Not just once, but five times! This is obviously mocking us the Union Alliance! Besides, he had killed many of my men on the field! I must get revenge for this! This person is a demon! He is arrogant and evil just because his magic is relatively strong!"

The people beside Lin Le stared at Lin Le. It is this fella right?! Why would someone be so stupid to come to the Silver Dragon City to reveal himself? But the image looks almost the same as him though.

When he heard how they described him as an evil bad guy, Lin Le was getting furious. Lele isnt a bad guy! He then lowered his head. Do you guys really want to bully Lele? Then, don't blame Lele for this! Brother LilWhite once said we must fight violence with violence! Before the others wanted to bully you, you must destroy them! So all these people are bad guys! Lele must sentence yall! He then took out his battle bag slowly and the tactical mace. Staring at Alissa who was shouting on the stage, Lin Le shouted. "Accept Leles punishment! You these bad guys who wanted to bully me! Storm of Flame!"

Immediately, Lin Le swung his battle bag and many molotov cocktails flew out. He once again entered into the arsonist mode. "Flame Burst! Flame Burst! Flame Burst! Ahahaha! Bad guys! All are bad guys!"

Alissa was shocked when she saw a sea of flames. He has come to Silver Dragon City. Is he really going to be the end of the world?! Seeing a few bottles coming to her, her heart sank. Boom! She lost her vision.

The guards of Silver Dragon City arrived to see a guy holding a tactical mace and some red flammable stuff.

"You guys want to bully me too?!" Lin Le turned around to smile wickedly at the guards.

"Go away! What did you come out for? Youre suck at intimidating me! Lele isnt that fierce." Lin Le's wicked smile turned into a cute face. "Hey, watchdogs, Ill leave once I killed everyone here. Do you allow me to do so? Or you want me to kill you guys too?"

The guards went berserk.

Hey, hey, hey! Could you mind your words?! Youre not fierce?! Lin Shen sweated and then started to kill the guards. However, Lin Les massacre was slowed down as more guards arrived. He needed the flames to protect himself.

Suddenly, the was opened and a hand grabbed Lin Le down the manhole. "Dont move! The forbidden army is coming! Lets go!"

Lin Les mind was full of questions. Who is this?! He seems to be helping me. He then obediently allowed the person to carry him and run through the underground water tunnel.

"Congratulations, youve been recognized by the rebellion. Youve activated the Gallons rebellion reputation. Reputation: respect."
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