Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 679

Chapter 679

Underground Force

Alissa and the others swiftly returned to the place as the revival point was nearby.

"Wheres he?!"

"Im not sure. But that fella got mad and killed a lot of guards and people who are nobility"

"How did he escape?!!"

"There are only three doors here! No matter which door he is using, there are many guards guarding the door, even the forbidden army is there! Its impossible for him to escape!"

"Maybe he used some powerful invisibility skills? He is a mage that relies heavily on magic tools. That fella doesnt look like he lacks money. Its just the middle season of the game."

"Its really embarrassing this time. But he has been listed into the death list by SIlver Dragon City. He should be running to other places"

"Damn it! Go and gather information! President had given the orders. We must find that fella!"

"Alissa, this incident happened because of you. Try to describe that fella in detail"

"A person with a mental illness who has a double personality. Sometimes, his smile is creepy as if he was a demon from hell. But sometimes, his smile was kinda cute and innocent...Thats all I can describe. I cant think of anything more."

"We must try to solve this incident as soon as possible. Must not let Knights of the Round Table get hold of this and make a big fuss about it. It will definitely damage the guilds image and popularity."

"Theres news from Knights of the Round Table. They were once again destroyed by a ponytail duo. We were already informed about them being killed on the first time. On the second time, the fifth and sixth team went to help but the dual ponytail wild Ma Jiajue and the single ponytail ballista grappler returned to kill them all"


"Looks like both guilds are more or less the same."

"This isnt something to be proud of and it isnt something good either. Well, anyhow, we have to settle this Hubby first."

Silver Dragon City. Underground Ruins.

"Old Russ, Ive brought a freshman. He is super strong. Just now, he created chaos up there and killed a lot of vampires!"

"He is even entitled to the death list. Hmm its indeed a good one to be trained. Jayriss, freshman, come over quickly. The member arrangement meeting is about to start soon. Gallon is about to launch his revolution at Silver Dragon City three days later. Its time for us, the people who were persecuted, to stand out for ourselves!!"

"Is it real?! Lord Gallon is going to take back Silver Dragon City?! Lets go! Lets go!"

At the side, Lin Le was confused. What are they talking about? Where am I? What should I do? With those three questions in mind, he was dragged deeper into the smelly tunnel.

After walking for quite some time, Lin Le realized it was like a massive maze. However, he knew the way back. Even he himself did not know how he knew the route.

"Destroy those nobilities! Get back our homeland! Ever since Variathus[1] the third succeeded to the throne! Being a citizen of Anzas, we are once again being persecuted! We are even worse than the slaves! But! The time has come! Silver Dragon City will be the main base to rebel against Variathus after we have conquered it!! We fight for the sake of Anzas citizens! Anzas! For justice!"

"Anzas! For justice!"

Lin Le had three questions in mind too. But it had turned to Whats happening?! Where am I this time?! Whats Anzas?! However, when Lin Le heard the word justice, he shouted righteously. "For justice! For justice! Accept the justices punishment!"

"Accept the justices punishment! Vampires of Variathus!" Everyone shouted.

Just when Lin Le was cheering with the others, Ye Cang, on the other side, was staring at the boss who was about to die and the corpse all over the place. As the last shot of ballista was launched, he received a large amount of experience. Jeyliss had gone up 5 levels and received skill points as a reward.

"Haha! This time the corpse belongs to me!" With a bright smile, Ye Cang rushed down to touch the corpse. He was running and skipping happily as no one was there to stop him. He felt joyful. Meanwhile, Jeyliss was still recalling how Ye Cang killed three teams all by himself.

"Eh? Why isnt there anything from such a big boss? Damn it, I knew it. The boss must have become scared when these idiots almost killed it for the first time and returned to hide his equipments." Ye Cang was complaining while dismantling the corpse. Jeyliss confirmed the system message that there wasn't any equipment this time. She then looked at Ye Cang, from amazed to unbelievable. With much curiosity, she asked. "Where did you get your equipments from?"

"I made it myself!" Ye Cang was still pissed at the boss not giving any equipments.

Once Jeyliss had gotten her answer, she realized something. True. He knows harvesting skill and equipment producing skills. If not, I bet he would be on the same level as me. But of course, his skills were impressive. He just cant touch the corpse. "Let me touch the next boss"

"I will tear off your ponytails if you do so!" Ye Cangs eyes shined with green lights.


"Eh?! Theres a chest!" Ye Cang dashed over and opened the chest. "The people from this guild are horrible! How can they take the rewards in the chest before killing the boss?! What a shame!"

Jeyliss quietly lowered her head. A chest. Even I would get something from it. Upon thinking about it, she sighed as she felt helpless. LuckyHand...this name *Sigh*.

"Alright, lets not stay here any longer. Go walk around and look at what the players have dropped. Pick whatever armor you want and wear it. Also, learn whatever skills you want. Ill give you 20 minutes and well leave after that." Ye Cang said while handling the corpse of the boss.

Jeyliss heard what Ye Cang said. Oh yeah, I can still pick up the items they dropped! Swiftly, she ran to the mages' side and picked the items. Moments later, she got herself half gold equipments and some dark gold ones. She even picked a few skill books which she could use and looked at Ye Cang. "Dont you need to pick some?"

"I dont need it. Lets go. They are almost here." Ye Cangs eyes flashed with a glimpse of light and he noticed the general who was on his way through Little Blue Feathers vision. Immediately, he dragged Jeyliss and ran away from the place.

Alujay and the others arrived to see a messy battlefield. The boss was gone, including the chest.

"Ponytail group! F*ck you! F*ck you! Knights of the Round Table will not forgive you!"

The furious voice echoed in the empty battlefield. Jeyliss could hear the voice coming from behind and then she quietly checked their bounty. "Now, you worth 30,000 gold coins and Im worth 20,000 gold coins"

"30,000 gold coins that seems more or less okay to me. But I still feel like Ive been insulted. Urgh, forget about it. Thinking that earning money isnt easy, Ill forcefully draw a line from them then." Ye Cang was not resigned.

Jeyliss looked at Ye Cang and then looked behind. Forcefully draw a line? I, from nothing to No.3 on the most wanted list in entire Europe. She then examined the equipments she had now. Its worth it! Staring at the fella who was a rank above her, she wondered. This fella seems friendly though. Not someone scary. Lets look at his name. Dual personality demon - Hubby. What?! He looks even more innocent than me but his bounty is higher than me. Her sight then returned to Ye Cang. "Still want to got for another one?"

With a surprused smile, Ye Cang turned around and asked. "Where? "

"Not now though. But I have internal news that the Knights of the Round Table's main branch will be attacking the Aesir Shrine in hope to catch up to the progress of China's team on the Battle of Thousand Peaks Mountain"

"Sigh, what for? I've drawn a line between them. But since you mentioned it, I can't pretend not to know right? Let's go."

"Can I touch the corpse? "

"If there are more than 3 bosses, I'll let you touch one."

"What about the chests? "

"Hmm I'll let you open two for that."
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