Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 680

Chapter 680

Fearless Troop

China. Goddess City.

“Those three fellas went to make things worse, causing so much trouble for Knights of the Round Table and Union Alliance.” LordAsked was watching the news.

“Hah, it isn’t a bad thing having them there though. At least, we get some peace here.” Seeing Ye Cang who pretended to be a grappler, CloudDragon shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Well, since two of them have revealed themselves, where’s the third one?” NalanPureSoul could not find anyone that seemed like Zhang Zhengxiong.

“I think I found him.” NalanMoon quickly turned on the news. Everyone saw a big-sized priest standing among the crowd.

“Breaking game news! A mysterious priest from Union Alliance used a scepter to knock out the leader of the second team - Kasnat alive! The reason seems to be that Kasnat didn’t admit to being called an idiot by the priest. The priest then dethroned him, became the temporary commander for the second team and defeated the boss. He is now negotiating with the Queen of Union - the Rose of Versailles - Verlianna. Another breaking news! The negotiation failed! It was because the priest wanted to touch Verlianna’s butt and the queen rejected. Now, the priest is heading to Silver Dragon City along with a few thousands of volunteer followers. The second team of Union Alliance is dispersed!”



Acali was dumbfounded when she turned around to see a bunch of people following the priest who was still hugging her. She then recalled the moment when she brought him to meet the leader.

“This idiot is the leader?”

“Who are you calling an idiot?!”

“I’m calling you idiot! Idiot!”

Kasnat was dead.

“So much bullshit when fighting a special field boss. Brothers! Follow me! Charge!”

With everyone being amazed at what he had done, Zhang Zhengxiong activated a few auras, including Warsong Aura and killed the boss swiftly. He then distributed the equipments, gaining many’s loyalty, especially the original team’s second, third, and fourth commander. What made Acali even more speechless was that Zhang Zhengxiong was actually negotiating with the president about the terms to touch her butt while hugging Acali at the same time. That was the president’s taboo. Ever since being touched by Brother Hero, wait, no, he is now the Acting Emperor, the incident has become the president’s worst nightmare. Now, this fella is hugging me and brings a bunch of followers to Silver Dragon City. I don’t know what he is up to. But this man… he has an inborn intimidating manner and he is manly. It was as if his mere existence has inciting powers. He looks like Roar Emperor. But that’s impossible, Roar Emperor is in China.

“Leader, there are many members of Knights of the Round Table at the Eludo Swamp. Should we take a turn?” The team’s second in command - IcedArrows - Evans said.

“Turn my ass! Why should we walk away when we can fight heads on?! Get your ass moving! Destroy the rich and help the poor is our purpose of being high ethical players! Give down my orders! Don’t simply kill the weaklings and clear the place for them! We’ll distribute evenly for the things those players dropped! Just hand in whatever rare and special materials! That's the reason we play games! If not, what are we playing for?!” Zhang Zhengxiong shouted. Evans was shocked as cold sweat ran down his cheek. He felt guilty, embarrassed, angry but most of all excited! “Got it!”


“When we kill, don’t use what Union Alliance’s flag or slogan. If not, those people would say we are using their slogan. We are now called...let me think... Fearless Troop!”

Evans nodded heavily and went to give orders. Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed Acali tightly. “Something’s not right… Hey, that someone! Yeah, you, come over!”

The second team’s third in command - IceSickle - Jayna walked over. She has the military force’s manner. “Leader, give your orders!”

“I need one more on my left! This is so not cool!” Zhang Zhengxiong then pulled her over and hugged her. “Alright, that’s more like it. Now, that’s what we called a vacation.”

“Fearless Troop! Charge!” Zhang Zhengxiong laughed.

Acali saw that Jayna did not even feel angry when she was being forcefully hugged but instead she blushed. Hey, hey, hey. I can’t believe you’re such a… Upon thinking about it, Acali heard someone shouting from behind. “So that’s how it feels like to be the woman of the leader.”

On the other side, Ye Cang and Jeyliss were heading to Perth Town in Calonian’s Forest. They tried to avoid the dangerous path. Yet, with Ye Cang’s talent, it had turned into a shortcut.

“Brother LuckyHand, Perth Town is the nearest replenish point to the Aesir Shrine and also the temporary assembly point for the main branch of Knights of the Round Table. There is recruitment going on here. We can go and try. If we succeed, we can mix into the team.”

“How did you know so much? That’s something you wouldn’t know, isn’t it?”

“I have a cousin brother participating in this battle. He always shows off in front of me, telling me a lot of things that he shouldn’t be telling.”

“Why does your cousin brother act in the same way as someone I know?” Ye Cang was reminded of Lin Le who always fights the corpse with him and talks a lot after that.

“But, if we go there like this, we would be noticed. This idea isn’t working We could only sneak around and find an opportunity or maybe by using some other ways.” Jeyliss pointed at their appearance and started to think of a solution, trying to find another route.

“It’s alright, I know how to change our appearances.” Upon finished saying, Ye Cang changed into an archer’s armor, took out a platinum bow and started the makeover. He untied his ponytail and dyed them red. With the makeup on, he immediately turned into a cold ranger. Jeyliss stared at him in bewilderment. No wonder you’re this strong. You know an appearance-changing spell. Excitedly, she pointed at herself. “My turn! My turn!”

Two slashes flashed.

Ye Cang instantly pull out a razor and chopped her ponytails. He then roughly put on makeup and pasted a fake mustache on her, turning her into a boy.

Jeyliss’ jaw dropped as she had not come back to her senses since her ponytails were cut off. She stared at herself in front of the mirror unbelievably. Why am I a boy now?! “My two ponytails! You this demon! Give me back my ponytails! Why did you put so much effort into putting makeup on yourself but not on me?!! Why?!”

“Because it is troublesome. Well, keep it simple will do. As long as it works. No worries. I’ll paste it back for you in the future.” Ye Cang kept that pair of ponytails in his pocket and promised reluctantly.

“*Cries* *Cries*” Seeing Ye Cang who looked cool and handsome after the makeup, Jeyliss looked back at herself. I turned into a male priest but that’s not the worst part. What’s worse is that I look ugly. She then began to cry, mumbling. “Give me back my ponytails. Give me back my ponytails.”

“Let’s go. Let’s go. It’s just a small matter. I’ve promised to stick them back for you in the future” Ye Cang patted Jeyliss shoulders to cheer her up. He then smiled coldly. “If you complain again, I’ll make you bald.”

Upon thinking about how she would look if she was bald, Jeyliss immediately covered her mouth. This fella is the real demon! Mom! I shouldn’t have skipped class to play this game!
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