Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 681

Chapter 681

Silver Dragon Citys Rebellion

With Jayna on his left and Acali on his right, Zhang Zhengxiong casually walked towards the center of the battlefield. He shouted. "Attack faster! Faster! Im almost at the center and you guys havent finished battling?! Do you guys really want me to wait for yall?!"

Upon saying, Zhang Zhengxiong shared an attributes-increasing aura and activated the Warsong Aura. Instantly, everyone was as energetic as if they were injected with steroids. Swiftly, they cleared the place. The people at the back quickly picked up any equipments they found and followed Zhang Zhengxiong closely. That was it. They cleared a few practice arenas which were conquered by a few guilds and the name of the Fearless Troop gained popularity. As they moved, the fourth in command who was a mage that handles administrative matters - Kelosa interviewed and recruited many people. The size of the troop was getting bigger like a snowball rolling down the hill. The guilds which sought revenge started to take things seriously and in the end, they decided to form an alliance. The core members of the alliance were from two teams of Union Alliance and two teams of the Knights of the Round Table.

Underground of Silver Dragon City.

For the past few days, Lin Le had been drinking and discussing the life they wanted after the revolution with many brothers and sisters. Moments later, he was dragged away by a random head of department for a second round.

Lin Le and the others slept in an old broken house. At this point in time, the three questions in his mind had changed to Eh? Why am I still here? What are they going to do tomorrow?! Why am I sleeping with them?! And, when are Brother LilWhite and Brother LilXiong, those two liars going to come here and gather?.

On the second day, Lin Le was assigned to the ambush team. They were given the task to go around from the left and right wings to support the main team in ambushing the city mayors mansion. Lin Le did not know how he had become the leader for the right-wing ambush team. His job was to create arson to mess up the place. I think the fella who dragged me here recommended me to be the leader. Everything was in position. They were just waiting for the night to fall.

Street of Silver Dragon City.

Alissa frowned as she felt something bad was about to happen. Weve sent too many people to eliminate the so-called Fearless Troop. What if a problem occurs here? The rebellion might be up to something. Its just so hard to unlock the rebellions popularity. There arent any clear terms and conditions for it and no one knows about their requirements for recruiting members. All we know is that there is a hidden force in this old city. They seem to be Anzas citizens. The mayor launched many attacks on them before but to no avail. So, this matter was put aside. But the underground landscape is indeed too complicated and confusing. Weve sent a few teams there before and they succeeded in joining them but they couldnt influence them much.

With a sigh, she came to the street on the right of the mayors mansion. Suddenly, the manhole cover burst open and a familiar shadow flew out. She immediately drew her sword. "Whos there?!"

The first thing that came into Lin Les view was this red-haired big boobs female swordsman. Why does she look familiar? Well, who cares! Ill just kill her! After dodging three consecutive slashes from Alissa, he dashed over, suppressed her to the ground and smashed her to death while covering her mouth. Then, he skipped and hopped along the street, throwing all the molotov cocktails with his teammates behind him. "Flame Burst! Flame Burst! Flame Burst!"

Since Lin Le had distributed some molotov cocktails to the teammates too, they were also throwing the bottles everywhere. Soon, the right door was on fire.

Instantly, the war of Silver Dragon City has begun. The main team was attacking from the main door while Gallon attacked the courtyard from the left-wing along with a team. He was battling intensely with the mayor. With Lin Les help, many houses were on fire. The situation was horrible. People did not dare to get closer as the swords of Gallons and mayor - Arcass clashed together.

With a roar, Lin Le took out his tactical mace and crashed a handful of gold coins. "Body Strengthen Magic!"

Moments later, he dashed into the crowd and started his massacre. As usual, he would accidentally injure his allies. The rebels quickly ran or jumped away when they saw Lin Le coming.

"General Hubby from the right-wing ambush team is insane as if he kills people without blinking his eyes."

"Hes coming! Hes coming! Quickly dodge! General Hubby would even kill his own allies when he got insane!"

Once Alissa had revived, she quickly led people to help in the battle. However, their arrival did not actually help much. Remembering that she was killed by Hubby again, Alissa felt sad. The members of other guilds around Silver Dragon City also came to the city. Yet, those people were just there to observe the situation. In the sea of flames, despite seeing Lin Le killing her allies like it was nothing, she grabbed her weapon tightly. I must bring him down!

Alacane Field. Located at the north-west of Silver Dragon City.

Zhang Zhengxiong sighed as he saw the large army in front of him.

"Leader, we are surrounded." Jayna said as she saw Zhang Zhengxiong sighed. "Besides, their leaders are the core members of Union Alliance. The Poison King - Marjo and the Light Swordsman - Jazz."

"What the heck! Why are there people blocking the way when all I wanted is just to go to Silver Dragon City?!" Zhang Zhengxiong let go of the girls and threw the heavy armor on the ground. He then casually changed his armor and held a big hammer. Moments later, with a wicked smile, he turned around to look at his team members who were scared of the opponent. "I want you guys to kill all the enemies, can yall do it?!"

"Yes!" Evans shouted.

"Just one person?! Are the others all pussies and idiots?! Whats the Fearless Troops slogan?!"

"Whats that?" Alica was curious. Since when we have a slogan? I dont think you mentioned it before.

"Fearless charge is the best!" With a roar, Zhang Zhengxiong turned around and dashed towards the enemy alone.

The thunderous roar woke everyone up and they were instantly hyped. Seeing an army which was ten times larger, they felt as if they were the 300 spartans who fought against the Persian forces. Thats right! They have more people but so what?! God damn it! We are the best! "Fearless charge is the best!"


Marjo stared at Zhang Zhengxiong and the others who were hyped up. "That man is too scary. That inborn incitement ability is the scariest weapon. I feel like he is so alike with a person"

Jazz drew his long sword and dashed directly at Zhang Zhengxiong. "Ill battle the leader of this Fearless Troop! He must be good since he can defeat Kasnat!"

Seeing Jazz dashing towards him alone, Zhang Zhengxiong smiled coldly. "You dare to come alone?"

As the two clashed together, Zhang Zhengxiong dodged the moonlight slash perfectly and used the war hammer to knock him away. Swiftly, he launched Thunder Strike on Jazz and killed him instantly with Holy Judgement. Under the hood, a pair of blood-red eyes stared at Marjo and the others. "Are you guys underestimating me? How dare you send one person to fight me?! Idiots"

"Thats really him!" Through the battle between Zhang Zhengxiong and Jazz, Marjo recognized him. He shouted. "Roar Emperor! Why are you doing this?!"

Zhang Zhengxiong took off his hood and wiped away the makeup, revealing himself. He changed his luxurious armors, put on his helmet and his signature diamond gauntlet. He even took out his blood-red halberd and carried it single-handedly on his shoulder. "Nothing much. I came here for a vacation but people are blocking my way Thats all."
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