Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 682

Chapter 682

Reveal of Identities

Everyone was shocked! He is Brother Big Diamond from the Three Brothers in China! The Roar Emperor!

"Why are you guys still stunned?" Zhang Zhengxiong turned around to see everyone staring at him unbelievably. "Come on! Follow me!"

Instantly, he summoned his beast - Little Tadpole and charged with his blood-red halberd. Little Tadpole looked left and right. It heaved a sigh of relief when Ye Cang was nowhere to be found.

Staring at Zhang Zhengxiongs fearless back, Jayna wondered. He had lied about his identity but does it matter? Because when you decided to follow the persons lead, you dont care who the person is. Just looking at his back will do. She then pulled out her sword and followed up. "Kill!"

"Kill them all! Fearless Troop!" Evans got back to his senses. Thats right! Only this kind of man deserves to be an emperor!

"Kill! Fearless Troop is the best!"

With the moon shining on the night sky, the field had turned into a river of blood. Both sides suffered severe casualties. Marjo stared at the man who couldnt be killed. Our numbers are ten times greater than theirs and yet, we are only on par now? Wait, no, were at a disadvantage! He looked left and right to see the troops beside him had lost their battle spirit. His opponent however, was so hyped up. His aura is really giving us a hard time. Luckily Acting Emperor isnt here. If not, with his tactics abilities, I believe they could easily outplay us. At the same time, the news of the rebels attacking Silver Dragon City worsened the situation. "The fourth team will defend against them while everyone retreats! Silver Dragon City needs backups! The rebels are there!"

Seeing Marjo and the others retreating, Zhang Zhengxiong was confused. This isnt right. Even if we fight until the end, we would just barely win. The chances of them winning isnt low either but why are they retreating? Worse still, they sent these idiots to defend against us.

"The rebels are attacking the Silver Dragon City. They must have sent more than half of the core members to surround us. So, they are rushing back to save the city." Evans smirked.

Zhang Zhengxiong nodded and then he called Lin Le. "Lele, what are you doing?"

"Brother LilXiong, Im not free now! I am...am...what am I doing?! Hey, you, over there!"

"Yes, general?"

"Why are we here again?"

"To rebel."

"Brother LilXiong, Im rebelling! Kill!"

"General! Spare his life! He is an ally!"

"Are you sure?! He looks suspicious! Say! Are you the enemys spy?!"

"......" Zhang Zhengxiong sighed. "Lele, you can reveal your identity. Change back to your original equipment. There is a large army returning to SIlver Dragon City for assistance. But Im on my way to assist you too."

"Okay, alright, Brother LilXiong!" Lin Le immediately took off his mage robe, pulled out a giant war axe and carried a giant blade on his back.

"Damn it! General Hubby has transformed! Everyone stand further away!"

After he had canceled the call, Zhang Zhengxiong gave out his orders to Jayna. "Ask some people to clear the battlefield while the others will follow me to back up the rebels! Lets go!"

"Logistics stay here! The others continue to pursue! Our target is Silver Dragon City!" Jayna wiped the bloodstain off her cheek.

Perth Town.

The recruiter in Perth Town, ExtremeSpike who was also the main assassin in Knights of the Round Table, looked at the two of them. That archer is a good one. He may look casual when walking but in battle, his hands are always close to his weapons. Not bad. As for the priest? No one would ever reject a priest with good equipment.

Jeyliss was nervous. This female assassin is ExtremeSpike! The main assassin in Knights of the Round Table! Im one of her fans!

"Ive heard Aysha said that you guys would like to join Knights of the Round Table and also the battle of the shrine." Suddenly, ExtremeSpike shouted angrily. "Say! Whats your intention?!"

At the instant, Jeyliss panicked. The aura made her feel uncomfortable. Yet, Ye Cang made a hmph sound coldly. "Just for the sake of rewards. But since you guys dont welcome us, theres no point staying here. Lets go, tiny."

Both of them stared coldly. Moments later, Ye Cang turned around and left, forcing Jeyliss to turn too.

"Hold on a second. You guys can start from the beginners' team." ExtremeSpike said softly.

"Its meaningless. Beginners team? Hmph. Im not here for that little reward. I want to join the main team and get more rewards." Without turning around, Ye Cang glanced at them.

"What qualifications do you have?! Who do you think you are?!" The assassins beside ExtremeSpike sneered at them. However, Ye Cang shot an arrow at an instant before she could finish her sentence. ExtremeSpike immediately swung her dagger to cut off the arrow. Meanwhile, the assassins at the side dropped their jaws. We couldnt even react and the arrow was already in front of us. Worse still, he was directly in front of us. His archery skills are almost on par with Demon Hunter - Zac.

ExtremeSpike stared at Ye Cangs hands in amazement. Thats fast and clean. This person is something else. She then sat down and said. "Alright. I agree. Gather at the square by tomorrow. Youll be under Zacs troop. Ill talk to him about it. You guys can stay at the town for a night."

"Leader, are you really going to let them join the main team so easily?" The assassins stared at the two of them.

"Well see. That archer is talented. We need him on our side. As for the priest, she might be just average. But she has equipments. We are in dire need of a priest that has developed itself." ExtremeSpike thought of how hard it was to nurture a priest with good equipment.

Seeing Jeyliss still panicking, Ye Cang smacked the back of her head. "That small scene and youre already this scared! Useless!"

Jeyliss was helpless. Brother! You and I are different. Im just a tiny little sand in the sea. Ye Cang smiled faintly and touched her head. "Lets go wander around. Weve accomplished our aim."

For some reason, Jeyliss felt warmed as if Ye Cang was really taking care of her. She then turned around to see his kind smile slowly turning into an evil smile and the touch on her head was getting tighter. "You guys are about to die."

Mom! This man is scary! Jeyliss suddenly thought of her two ponytails. Will he really return me my ponytails?

Silver Dragon City.

After changing his equipment, Lin Les battle power had gone up a few levels. Alissas heart sank when she could not see any of her allies within 10 meters of Lin Le. Its Root Emperor! The one leading the Fearless Troop is Roar Emperor?! Then, does it mean Acting Emperor is here too?! Just when she was still in shock, a giant blade flew towards her and killed her instantly. Lin Le dashed over and put the giant blade on his back. He then swung his axe madly as if he was a living meat grinder grinding all the people. These fierce and mad red eyes of his sent chills down peoples spine.

"Its Root Emperor!"

"Mad Devil Le?!"

"Isnt he in China?!"

"Teleportation scroll I guess? Hehe. Look at you people of Union Alliance, dying miserably. Luckily Im Mr. Nobody. I dont care who wins in the end. Ah! Lord Le! Im neutral!"

"Whats neutral?! Whatever! Whoever that is not my ally is my enemy!"

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