Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 683

Chapter 683

Hubby's Rebellion

Outside the mayors mansion, Gallon and Arcass were having an intense battle. Though both of them were heavily wounded, they continued to fight.

"Looks like Ive gotten the upper hand." Gallon looked left and right, noticing the army defending Silver Dragon City could not keep up anymore.

"Oh really?" Arcass suddenly dashed at him and Gallon immediately swung his sword to block the attack. As their swords clashed together, Arcass smiled coldly. He pulled a dagger out from the hilt with his right hand and stabbed at Gallons heart.

As the dagger pierced into Gallons chest, blood splattered everywhere. However, Gallon was responsive enough to grab the dagger which almost reached his heart. "Lucky of me. You this fella...Almost let you get the advantage."

"Now, Im the one who got the upper hand." Arcass did not let go but continued to push harder. At this instant, Gallon smirked. He then started to chant a curse. Arcass saw a black arm surging out from the shadow below them, aiming at his chest. If I dont let go, I would be cursed to death! But I wouldnt get such a chance for the second time if I let it go! I dont care anymore! It is either he dies or I die! With all his might, he pushed the dagger ever harder. The dagger then slipped through Gallons iron gauntlet and pierced right into his chest. So did the black arm. However, the black arm was relatively faster. It had already pierced into Arcass chest before the dagger had. Gallon pondered. My heart is on my right. Hehe. With a cold smile, he said. "I won."


Gallon felt being knocked away by a giant meteor. The dagger then pierced right into his heart due to the shockwave. Meanwhile, Arcass was left barely surviving with a wounded chest. The two of them then stared at a short person who seemed to be carrying a handcart.

"Lele is too powerful! Instantly killed the city mayor! Haha! Eh? Who is this person called Gallon? The name sounds familiar"

Carrying the handcart, Lin Le came in front of Gallon and thought for a second. I think he is the leader of our dont know what troop. With anger, he stared at Arcass. "You actually dare to kill our leader?!"

He then pulled out the dagger from Gallons heart. "Leader, are you okay?! Eh? This is a diamond ranked dagger. Ill bring it back to Old Zhao as a present."

"You" Gallon pointed at Lin Le weakly. LIn Le suddenly recalled that in TV dramas, one couldnt pull out whatever weapon from a dying person. So, he stabbed back into the chest. Gallons jaw dropped and stared at Lin Le as he got weaker. "You...you"

Jayriss and Old Russ rushed over to see the city mayor who was dead and Gallon who was about to die. "What happened?!"

"I was late. But Hubby had got revenged for the leader." Lin Le said with much sorrow. Once again, he pulled out the dagger and Gallon stared at him with his eyes wide. "You"

Moments later, Gallons neck twitched and he died with much resentment.

"How did this happen?! Lord Gallon!" Old Russ dragged himself to Gallons side and cried out loud. He could actually feel how resigned Gallon was. He then made up his mind to continue the rebel as he stood up. "General Hubby, youll inherit Lord Gallons will since Lord Gallon was also mentioning about you before his last breath. Jayriss, what do you think?"

"Ill follow Lord Gallons will. General Hubby, youll continue to lead the rebellions right? To liberate the citizen of Anzas." Tears ran down Jayriss cheek as he looked at Gallons corpse. Moments later, he stared at Lin Le with much determination. His fists were clenched tight.

"Congratulations! Youve become the leader of Gallons rebellion! Your reputation has reached epic!"

Lin Le once again had three questions in his mind. Eh, what just happened?! How did I become the leader of the rebellions?! When will Brother LilWhite and Brother LilXiong arrive?!

Lin Le shook his head. Whatever. With a nod, he said. "Alright, I got it. Ill inherit his will. Okay, from now onwards, Gallons rebellion will be named Hubbys rebellion!"

"......" The two of them were speechless. Hey, hey, hey. Lord Gallon just died and you already wanted to change the name of the rebellions? However, they did not object because Lin Le was the new leader now and he had proved himself in this battle. He had enough influence among the rebels.

Outside of Silver Dragon City.

Seeing the flag of city mayors mansion had fallen, Marjos heart sank for a moment. Shit! "Quick!"


Zhang Zhengxiongs Fearless Troop was closing in from behind.Upon arriving at the mayors mansion with his team, Marjo saw Arcass corpse being hung on the flag. Wait, that isnt Arcass!

"Leader Hubby! You hang wrongly! Youve hung Lord Gallon instead of Arcass!"

"Oh really? Nevermind, Ill just hang it one more time!"

The rebels and guards stopped battling when they saw their respective leader and city mayor were hung on the flag together.

"Arcass has been defeated by Lord Hubby! Silver Dragon City now belongs to the rebels! Drop your weapons and surrender!"

At an instant, the guards of Silver Dragon City had lost their battle spirit and surrendered. As for those who still opposed, they were killed. Swiftly, Lin Le and his team arrived at the citys gate.

"Were doomed." At the outside of the citys gate, Marjo pondered. Weve got both enemies in front and back. Theres no way to run. With a bitter smile, he shook his head. "Root Emperor, Roar Emperor, and Acting Emperor who hasnt revealed himself. Looks like there will be a mess in Europe."

"Lele!" As the rays of sunlight slowly shined, Zhang Zhengxiong shouted when he saw Lin Le at the citys gate.

"Brother LilXiong, Im here! Im here!" Lin Le was cheering happily. "Brother LilXiong, lets see who has the most kills!"

"Alright! Haha!" With a wicked smile, Zhang Zhengxiong dashed into the enemies and started his massacre.

With a hmph sound, Lin Le jumped up in the air from the citys gate, holding his war axe high. Even though his smile was innocent, it still send chills to peoples spine. It was as if a God of War was descending from the sky.

"Jayna, shall we compete too?" Evans smiled.

"You? Lets try then!" Upon saying, Jayna pulled out her sword and followed Zhang Zhengxiongs path.

The enemies who were stuck in the middle knew it was the end. Were done. In front of us are the rebels led by Root Emperor and behind us are the fearless warriors led by Roar Emperor.

Europe. Huge Spirit City.

Verlianna was furious when she saw the horrible situation in SIlver Dragon City. Three Brothers from Really New VIllage! You guys have crossed the limit!

Suddenly, she slammed the table and sighed. "Since both Root Emperor and Roar Emperor have appeared, wheres that fella?!"

"If we are not mistaken, he should be the grappler in the ponytail group. The latest news shows that he uses magic that is similar to Acting Emperors flame magic." Assistant - Ashe said.

"Continue to investigate. As for Silver Dragon City *sigh*...its really Ill settle that myself." Verlianna facepalmed. Ill need to talk to those fellas again. Theres nothing that can be more horrible than this.
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