Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 685

Chapter 685


With the team marksman, Ye Cang came to the cliff. Below them is the Shrine Square. He raised his eyebrow. The view is absolutely good. We can look at their lineup clearly.

"At the third stage, Jaynuor will fly up to the sky. We can then deal maximum damage to it at this spot. When the time comes, give it your best to attack. Try to force it to the fourth stage so that those people below us wouldnt suffer too many casualties. Listen to my order." After listening to Zacs words, Ye Cang knew what to do.

Standing on the tree branch, Ye Cang looked at the entrance of the shrine. Ill just have to wait for them to start the boss raid. But how many bosses to go? His eagle eye contracted. There seems to be no one behind. This should be the last shrine. He glanced at Zac. "This is the last boss right?"

Zac was stunned for a second but did not answer Ye Cangs question. Ye Cang did not ask furthermore as Zacs expression had confirmed Ye Cangs thought. Looks like I have to do something at this boss raid.

The ChildOfLight - Cadone who was commanding the main team glanced at the teams marksman on the cliff. Well make it through this time! "Kardon, Carpain, go get it out!"

The two of them led the tanker team into the shrine carefully.

Moments later, a roar that sounded like a dragons roar was heard.

"Roar! Stupid ants! How dare you step into my territory! Now, die!"

Ye Cang resisted himself from translating it. Soon, he saw a dragon-like creature crawling out. It had wings and its skin was reddish-brown in color. However, its forearms were extremely huge as if it was a combination of gorilla and dragon. He then activated identification.

Stone-hammer Dragon - Jaynuor (Special Field Boss - Viper Dragons Tribe): The Viper Dragon Tribe is a combination of red dragon and stone beast. It has the monstrous strength of a stone beast and the red dragons ability to extinguish flames. It is extremely dangerous. Players can deal a lot of damage to it on a soft rib at its left armpit. Its wings are top class ingredients for barbeque and its tail club is a precious material too.

Ye Cang then stared at its thick wings and swallowed. It should be delicious when its barbequed.

However, Ye Cang did not help but just observed them. Oops. Many died again after this swing. Well, their elites are not bad but its still far compared to the team that has AXiong and I supporting. I can give team buffs and AXiong aura can enhance it. Even though they have auras down there, its still weaker than AXiongs. That fella is the ChildOfLight Ca...Cadone? He is indeed strong. He has many skills and they are almost on par with mine. As the battle continued, Ye Cang saw how a gigantic Light Spell Circle - Star of David appeared. This magic it isnt epic ranked! I think its a heros skill! Damn! I dont even have one! But it looks like he cant cast it alone. There were many light elemental mages casting the magic with Cadone.

As the spell circle slowly rose up, it started spinning as if it was filled with many blades of light. Jaynuor had suffered much damage. Ye Cang was not resigned but little did he know that his hero talent was not bad too.

On the other side, Cadone frowned as he had a bad feeling. However, that feeling just lasted for a second. He then shook his head when he thought of the changes at Silver Dragon City. No, I must focus on this. We must win this fight! If not, our progress will be far behind China!

Cadone once again changed his magic from Light Spell Circle - Star of David to Guns of Thousand Lights. As he swung his hand, all of them pierced right into Jaynuor, dealing a huge amount of damage for a second time. "Maximize the damage and send it flying!"

"Be prepared." Zax took out his bow and put on the arrow. The entire marksman team is prepared to attack anytime.

The giant dragon slowly flew up into the sky.

"Shoot!" Zac shouted.

A rain of arrows, consisting of ice, fire, and lightning elemental, poured on it. On the other side, magic spells were shot too. The situation was massive.

The dragon took a deep breath and a sea of flames engulfed those on the ground. Many spell circles were used to block the flames but the close combaters suffered many casualties. Also, massive rocks were broken into pieces and killed many too.

Ye Cang glanced at the situation below. Their teammates are more or less dead. He then stopped attacking and hid behind a tree. He undid his makeup, changed back to his signature armor, put on the spiritual wolf-head hood, tiger-skinned jacket, and the golden belt. After brushing the fur of the hood in front of a mirror, he blinked to Zacs side with Shadow Step. "Hello."

Zac immediately turned over. "Is"

Darkness Single Strike!

As the cooking knife slashed, Zacs head slowly fell down. "You"

Ye Cang then took out his scepter, changed it into a shadow blade and entered into duo-blade mode. Swiftly, he started his massacre, killing the marksman and archers who were caught off guard. Moments later, he kept away his blades and pulled out his guns. "Overload! Anyas Berserk Shot!" As he danced and spun, the archers fell one by one.

"Whats the marksman team doing?!" Cadone had noticed that the damage has been reduced. Suddenly, Zacs call reached Cadone. Looking at the cliff above him, he shouted at the ranger with a wolf-head hood standing on the ice lotus. "White Emperor!"

Ye Cang waved his hands. "Yo! What a coincidence! We meet again!"

Cadone was trying so hard to keep his cool. "Retreat for now!"

Suddenly, the priests team was engulfed in fire.

Meanwhile, Jeyliss was holding some molotov cocktails. She threw them all over the place, burning the priests to death and blocked their route to retreat. Little Blue Feather then grabbed her and flew towards Ye Cang, avoiding the mages attacks.

"Alright, since the door is closed, lets start killing." Ye Cang took out a longbow because the guns range was not as far as the bows. Arrow by arrow. He casually killed the mages from afar while Jaynuor was still attacking.

Cadone stared at Ye Cang as if he wanted to peel his skin off. Yet, in the end, he sighed. I cant run away. But also, I cant die here. Theres one thing I cant let him have. As long as I have that thing, I can get revenge. Yet, now isnt the time. He took out a white stone.

Seeing Cadone turned into a while light and disappeared, Ye Cang canceled the Meteor Shot. Whats that skill?! He looked left and right and ordered Little Blue Feather to look for him. No?! Is there such displacement skill that allows one to travel so far?! "Damn it! Should have killed him first! Now, hes gone! Urghh!"

Jeyliss touched Ye Cangs spiritual wolf-head hood. So comfortable, so smooth. She looked at Ye Cangs shameless face, his signature white eyebrow and eyelashes. So white. Thats it. This is White Emperor. Hearing Ye Cangs words, she thought of the journey along the way. Indeed, he is as evil as the rumours said. Damn! I was bullied by White Emperor in person! Indeed, skipping class was a wise choice!

The people below were still hesitating on whether to escape or to continue the attack. It was a total mess.

Ye Cang did not bother about Jeyliss who was touching his wolf fur. He then summoned Ten Colored Soup down there to continue the massacre and defend the boss.

After finished summoning, he sat down and drank the magic water to recover his mana. Seeing Jeyliss was touching the tiger skin on his chest, he instantly smacked her head. "Why are you still touching?! What do you think I am?! A big panda?!"

"....." Jeyliss felt pain. "I just want to check whether its real or not."

Ye Cang rolled his eyes.

"There are only three left." Jeyliss took out the remaining bottles of molotov cocktails. Ye Cang did not take it but just said softly. "Keep it for yourself. Ive plenty of them."
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