Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 690

Chapter 690

Bald Dual Ponytails

"Alright, alright. Real Rose, I bet youre here to negotiate since the situation has reached the current stage. Well, Ive handed over all the administrative matters to them now. They are now under HappyFirmaments - Europe branch. You can go in and have whatever discussion you want with them. The three of us are here for a vacation. So, would you excuse us since we havent been enjoying ourselves for the past 15 days." Ye Cang swung his hands and said sincerely. "Its great meeting you here. Come on, give me a hug!"

Seeing Ye Cang standing there with his arms wide open, Verlianna gave him a hug out of courtesy. I really dont want to hug him but Ill just give him a perfunctory one. Just when he hugged her, Ye Cangs hands touched her butt and pinched it. "You really do maintain a healthy lifestyle, better than the fake one. Not bad. Keep it up. Lele, AXiong, lets go."

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw Ye Cang walking out of the lobby with a calm look, showing no sign of being pervert. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhengxiong was amazed. Why didnt I think of having a hug?! Damn it! As for Lin Le, he hopped out of the place as he was overly excited about their vacation.

Verlianna was stunned. He...he! Her hands were trembling as she was pissed. With a deep breath, she glanced at Evans and the others. "You guys saw nothing, right?"

They shook their heads.

Suddenly, Ye Cang returned. "Oh yeah, LilMa, Alica, can you guys come out for a second? AXiong and I have something to hand over to you two. Real Rose, LilMa is the president of our new branch. So, she will be the one making decisions later on."

Verlianna did not turn around and did not want to either. This is because she would fight him and get killed by the guards if she does so.

The two girls then walked out.

In the lobby, it was so awkward as Verlianna stared at those traitors, Evans and Jayna.

"Well, Presider White Emperor, can you go on your vacation after the discussion with Verlianna?" Alica was still afraid of Ye Cang. Chills would just be send down her spine, especially when he smiled.

"Treat this as a test for yourself. When I leave, you guys are the one to expand the branch. So now, its time for you guys to show me what you got. LilMa, Ill plant those two ponytails back to your head now." Jeyliss was surprised when she heard what Ye Cang said.

"But, as the president of a branch, you must have an appearance which is better than that Real Rose. Ill specifically design a look for you. Its with dual ponytails~" Jeyliss was even more excited. He is finally going to create a look for me!

However, Alica felt something bad was about to happen. If the aura and beautiful appearance of Verlianna can be surpassed by some random appearance skills, then she wouldnt be called the Rose of Versailles.

"Close your eyes." Ye Cang smiled. Meanwhile, Lin Le and Zhang Zhengxiong turned around and sighed. "Brother, Lele and I will wait for you at the city gate."

Moments later, Ye Cang took out his barber box and the two ponytails from his pocket. Pinching his chin, he gave it a thought. Then, he used the razor to do the job. *Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh* Alica saw how Jeyliss instantly turned bald. In addition, Ye Cangs cutting skill was so refined that her head could reflect the light.

Ye Cang then pasted the two ponytails as if he was planting wheat. With much satisfaction, he nodded. "Perfect. Now, you wont be suppressed by Verlianna in terms of appearance."

"Alright, I gotta go now. LilAli, remember to help her out in decision making together with Jayna and the others!" Upon finished saying, Ye Cang left swiftly.

Just when Jeyliss wanted to take out a mirror to have a look, Alica grabbed her hands. "Dont look at it! When you log in to the game, close your eyes until you enter into the game! Dont bother even if there are people gossiping about it! Listen to me! Even for me, this is too much"

Jeyliss heart sank for a moment. She pushed off Alicas hand and looked into the mirror. Bald dual ponytails! She was stunned.

Alica pulled her over and hugged her. "Its gonna be alright. Its alright. Despite for the reflection, youre still a beautiful girl."

"This, this, this look is so cool! I like it so much! It will be great if I have a tattoo scroll. I can tattoo a Hello Kitty on it. Then, its perfect. Most importantly, my two ponytails are back!" Jeyliss words surprised Alica.

Seeing Jeyliss skipping and hopping back to the lobby, Alica mumbled. "No wonder she is chosen to be the president. Indeed, she is different from us. Bald dual ponytails and wild Ma Jiajue. With these titles, I bet it will shock the whole of Europe"

When Verlianna saw Jeyliss returning, Verlianna was shocked. How did she change her aura by just going out for a second?! Bald dual ponytails! This idea is interesting! She started to get cautious about Jeyliss. She must be no ordinary person since she was appointed as the president of the Europe branch by those three fellas. Even though she was being killed by normal players for more than 100 times, it must have been her plan all these while. She may seem foolish but deep down inside her, she knows it well.

Jeyliss then sat on her seat as Evans signaled her to. Seeing Verlianna sitting directly opposite of her, she was nervous. Yet, upon recalling that her ponytails are back, she was somewhat calm. Alica also returned to the conference room and sat down after glancing at Verlianna.

"Okay, lets not talk about the rebellion in Union Alliance. President Ma Jiajue, youve teamed up with the rebels and killed most of my guilds members in the north. How are you going to compensate for this?!" Verliannas tone got serious for a second and she stared at Jeyliss. Streams of sweat were running down at Jeyliss back as she felt numb. Instantly, she was shocked by Verliannas intimidating manner. Meanwhile, Jayna was whispering at the side. "Dont be afraid. Youre chosen by White Emperor, Root Emperor, and Roar Emperor. You dont wish to disappoint President White Emperor who nurtured you, right? He gave you this chance. Even though we can lend you a hand, you still have to be responsible for some matters. Dont disappoint the name of HappyFirmaments."

Thats right. Even though I might not have the ability to carry out the responsibilities of a president well and couldnt compare with the most beautiful woman in Europe, I must not give up! Jeyliss then recalled the moments before meeting Ye Cang. I was once a timid priest who was being bullied by almost everyone. After knowing Ye Cang for almost half a month, I understand that as long as youre brave, have an evil personality and are shameless, everything is possible! Even though I might not learn all those at once, I must at least try to be arrogant for once! In front of the Rose of Versailles!

Originally, Evans wanted to help Jeyliss by breaking the silence. Yet, he was shocked when he saw Jeyliss suddenly looked up with much confidence.

"Compensate?! I think the Union Alliance and I have quite some businesses unsettled! When I was at level 2, I was killed 5 times by you guys. 3 times in Pea Village at level 5; 26 times at Contrary Wind Valley at level 10; guarding the Salt Ground for a night at level 13!" Jeyliss was getting more and more frustrated, especially when she recalled what happened at level 13. That time, I bought an excellent item with all my savings. Just because of a conflict between Union Alliance and Blood of Promises, I was killed by a mages Flame Burst. Upon thinking about it, she slammed the table and shouted. "Rose of Versailles! How are you going to compensate that then?!"

Verlianna was surprised by Jeyliss sudden change, from a coward to a gangster. Even Evans was shocked by Jeyliss furious manner.

"Does it mean you wish to see the entire north region as your enemy?" Verlianna said coldly.

"No, youre the one who wanted to oppose the entire north region. Dont forget that Silver Dragon City is the largest center in the north! Im the boss here!" Jeyliss did not back down and answered with a cold smile, imitating Ye Cangs action.

Verlianna frowned as she stared at Jeyliss bald head. This bald dual ponytail girl is not easy going. She shut me down with her first sentence. Its obvious that she is seeking revenge. Her second sentence also emphasizes her position in Silver Dragon City.

"Well, about that...I think Im the boss of Silver Dragon City" Jayriss interrupted them calmly. Yet, Jeyliss glared at him. "Okay, okay. Youre the boss. Youre the boss."

"......" Everyone.
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