Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 691

Chapter 691

Heading To The South

Evans and Alica were terrified as Jeyliss unleashed her anger like a Chiwawa. Verlianna frowned. That shout of hers was indeed influencing. Ive been suppressed in terms of aura. I cant let that happen!

As an expert in socializing, Verlianna started to bombard Jeyliss with all kinds of words and reasons. Jeyliss was as pissed as if she was a volcano that was about to explode.

Jeyliss immediately raised her scepter high. Jayna tried to stop her but was being hit by an advanced healing spell. "Youre pissing me off! Pissing me off! Ill heal you to death! Heal you to death!"

Verlianna was stunned by the enormous amount of healing and its add-on effect. This bald dual ponytails healing spell is so powerful. Most importantly, it even reduces damage received and increases, armor, magic resistance, attributes, health points recovery and other effects! Yet, the highlight is on this delaying sentence effect! Any instant kill damage will come after 3 seconds. It activates itself every 20 seconds. She has a hero talent too! A strong one! Its function is even more useful than mine! She came back to her senses and said. "Alright, Evans, I accept your offer! But I want your president to return me a favor."

Evans knew what kind of favor she wanted. Knights of The Round Table has conquered the shrine and she is anxious about conquering the Spirits Maze. With Ma Jiajues healing, it would increase her success rate! He then whispered to Jeyliss. "Its a deal, president."

Jeyliss then imitate Lin Les holding-chin-high action and said proudly. "Deal!"

Alica did not know whether to laugh or cry. She actually imitated all three emperors actions and expressions. She even added the Chiwawas anger, forming her own unique behavior, especially that shout after she slammed the table. It was terrifying.

With a smile, Verlianna glanced at Jeyliss for the last time before leaving. "Ill remember you, bald dual ponytail."

Jeyliss then lowered down her chin and sat down. Once again, she copied Ye Cangs action of crossing fingers like a commander. With a lower tone, she said. "Ill remember you too"

Verlianna smirked and left the room. This bald dual ponytail is interesting.

As Verlianna left, Evans and the others saw how Jeyliss instantly collapsed on the table. They just smiled without saying anything. Yet, they all praised her deep in their hearts.

Staring at the moon, Verlianna put on her hood and recalled the demons hand on Christmas. I couldnt even escape from it in my dreams. That hand had done many things to me Upon thinking about it, she blushed and quickly got going.

Outside Silver Dragon City.

The three of them once again used quite some time to disguise themselves. Ye Cang had turned into a graceful priest, Lin Le became a short heavy armor knight while Zhang Zhengxiong turned into a gigantic archer.

"Brother, where should we go?" Carrying a bow behind his back, Zhang Zhengxiong swung the rangers hood. Why do I feel so weird?

"Yeah, Brother LilWhite, where are we going? You can forget about that side, I came from there. Its a boring place, nothing much to play with." Lin Le was satisfied with the squeaking sound of his armor.

"I came from that side too. Lets go to the south. Ive gotten ourselves a map. We can decide as we go. We must have much fun in the last ten days." Ye Cang took out the map and got into the newly bought carriage. Lin Le got up too and covered himself with a blanket. "Brother LilXiong, I think you can control the carriage. Lele is a little sleepy."

"Brother, why dont you" Zhang Zhengxiong had not even finished his sentence when Ye Cang frowned. "Im researching the route. This map is far more complicated than what I imagined. I need to think carefully. Its hard to explain to you with that IQ of yours. Control the carriage, quick! Dont bother me."

Brother, my IQ is obviously higher than yours! With a sigh, Zhang Zhengxiong got on the seat, took the rope and ushered the horses.

Seeing Zhang Zhengxiong controlling the carriage, Lin Le quickly got up and watched a homo drama with Ye Cang.

Hearing them discussing about the plot of the drama behind him, Zhang Zhengxiong grabbed the rope tightly. How I wish I can turn the entire carriage upside down. Suddenly, a graceful shadow came into his sight. Hehe. Wait. Isnt that the Rose of Versailles? "Brother, brother, your best friend!"

Ye Cang got up straight and glanced at her. "Lets go and trick her! Well do this...and this"

After getting the decision she wanted, Verlianna immediately rushed to Swaytan City in the south. She glanced at the carriage. Wow, rich ass players. Even I am reluctant to buy a carriage for myself. Besides, its better to not be so obvious since Im alone. Just in case others know that Ive gone to Silver Dragon City to negotiate. Its better for this news to be known as late as possible. She then increased her pace with her head lowered down.

"Hey girl, do you want a ride?" Zhang Zhengxiong smiled.

"I have a blanket for you to warm yourself up. Get up." Ye Cang smirked like a pervert.

"Thats right. Thats right. Brother LilWhite lacks a person to get warm together. Brother LilWhite, what does it mean actually?" Lin Le asked.

"......" Verlianna was about to fight them. However, when she heard what Lin Le said, she knew who they were. This tone. The body sizes of the three of them. Its so obvious. "You guys changed your disguise again?"

Ye Cang rolled his eyes against Lin Le. "You suck at acting. Cant even remember the script. Dont ever think of investing in the movie filming industry or even wanting to be the main actor!"

"You cant blame Lele. Its this womans fault! She didnt follow Leles script! Its all her fault!" Lin Le immediately explained and pouted at Verlianna. "Quickly apologize! Do you know you caused an NG?"

Verlianna facepalmed. "Alright, alright, what are you guys up to?"

"Theres nothing exciting in the north so we decided to go to the south to have some fun. Weve only ten days left before going back to China." Ye Cang turned on the music. "What about you?"

Verlianna pondered. These fellas are going to the south for a vacation?! Bullshit! I must be aware of their actions. Theyve made me and my second team suffer a huge loss in Silver Dragon City. With a graceful smile, she said. "Im on my way back to Swaytan. Since you guys are going to the south, I can introduce you guys a few tourist places in the south."

"Sounds great to me. Get on!" Ye Cang once again pulled up the blanket.

Verlianna looked at him with a doubtful expression. This fella is obviously doing some weird stuff but it just gives out a sincere, not pervert feeling? She hesitated and then got up the carriage.

What made it more awkward was that Ye Cang was watching a homo drama. Those B ranked homo dramas that displayed naked men. Out of boredom, she glanced at it once in a while.

"Brother LilWhite, why does LilFang try to participate in the Birds Fighting Competition?" Lin Le asked.

"Have you forgotten? In episode 4, they introduced the Bird Fighting Competition. That bird isnt some ordinary birds. Whoever wins the competition will be blessed and obtain the Sexual Ultimate. With that, only then Brother LilDao will change his mind." Ye Cang explained.

"I bet there must be some hidden plans behind it. That LilDao doesnt look kind to me." Verlianna said with her arms crossed.

"Dont judge the book by its cover, you filthy woman. LilDao is not perverted." Ye Cang was pissed.

"Then please take off your hands." Verlianna grounded her teeth.
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