Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 693

Chapter 693

Serving The Guest

"Do you know whats most important to cook a first-class steak?" Ye Cang went to the empty space and took off the priest robe, revealing his naked upper body. Skillfully, he stabbed his cooking knife on the chopping board and tied a white headband. "AXiong, make a fire."

Seeing Ye Cang getting prepared, Verlianna thought. Is he really going to show off his cooking skills?

Even though Verlianna was not very good at cooking, she did eat quite a number of good food, especially steak. The meat itself must be high-class and the freshest . The familiarity of the ingredients, the control of the fire and the standard of the juice show how good the chef is. As to answer Ye Cangs question, Verlianna answered. "Ingredients?"

"Thats right. The most important part of the steak is the meat. However, its too simple and common by using just a piece of meat. The essence of cooking lies in the diversity of the taste" Ye Cang then cut a piece of meat from the toad boss and from the goblins penis. He also sliced a few pieces of meat from all the boss penises and bug. After that, he used the spider web to tie all those meat up. "Well grill it later. So, well put it aside to let those meat get familiar with the others. Oh yeah, what kind of soup do you like the most?"

Verlianna was stunned when she saw all kinds of penises and weird looking meat being tied together. Upon hearing Ye Cangs question, she quickly answered. "Oh, vegetable soup! Vegetable soup is enough!"

"You dont have to be scared that Ill run out of meat. Ive plenty of meat" Ye Cang frowned for a second and decided to just follow with her idea. "Alright then, vegetable soup it is. Two fire elemental crystal powder. The taste might be a little too much. It lacks some explosive taste. Lets add some lightning elemental crystal powder. Yeap, it should be explosive enough. Wait, it isnt smooth enough. How about some water elemental crystal powder. Hmm...it is smooth enough now but it needs some dark coloring. Lets add the heavy pit bats sh*t...Wait, its Glowing Night Sand. I think using the secret juice made out of slime gel as the soup base is a good idea. Add some dried wolf-excrement mushroom, leisurely rattan. Wait, this mushroom. Let me see. The Death of Red Chimpanzee? Its poisonous. But whatever, it should taste well even if it is poisonous. I remember theres a saying that the more poisonous the stuff is, the more delicious it is. Just like the poisonous snake. Those which are poisonous always taste better than those that arent. Eh, this mushroom is also poisonous? Poison against poison! Its double tasty! Alright, the soup base is done. Vegetables, vegetables. Ill just dump all these stupid wild herbs into it." After settling the ingredients for the soup, Ye Cang covered the pot with a lid. Looking at Verlianna whose face turned pale, Ye Cang asked with a smile. "What kind of fried stuff do you prefer?"

"Delicious and not disgusting ones."

"Then, fried boss it is."


"Do you like sashimi?"


"Nevermind, once youve tried, youll like it."


"We can still have the last dish. What kind of grilled stuff you like the most?"

"Human!" Verlianna was pissed.

"Dont tell AXiong about it. Actually, I do have" Just when Ye Cang put his hand into the bag, Verlianna shivered. "No! Bro! Brother Acting! Great White Emperor! Im sorry."

"Im just kidding. I dont have human corpses here. Even though I wanted to dismantle human corpses secretly and sneak them in, I was being observed" Verlianna was tensed after hearing what he said. Hey, hey, hey, your reason for not dismantling human corpses is not because of some moral issues?! Staring at Ye Cangs faint smile, she had goosebumps.

"Then, lets grill some fishes. Lele, go get some fish from the river! If theres a chest, remember to give it to me!" Lin Le was relieved and immediately escaped from them. Upon finished ordering, Ye Cang started to prepare other dishes. Looking at Verliannas pale face, Zhang Zhengxiong said. "I bet youll need to faint down a few times since you dont have any resistance to his dishes. Be prepared. Its impossible not to eat at all. In my brothers perspective, he views those who dont eat his food as No.3 in his Most Hated Ranking, above those who insulted his personality and those who snatch lucky draw coupons from him."

"Does the Chinese eat everything except for sh*t?" Verlianna smiled bitterly. Just how weird can his Most Hated Ranking be?

"Shh theres the bats excrement in your vegetable soup. We call that Glowing Night Sand" Verliannas jaw dropped after hearing what Zhang Zhengxiong said.

"Dont ever try to make my brother angry when he is cooking. He is very scary. Dont lose your cool. You wont know what he will do!" Zhang Zhengxiong patted Verliannas shoulder.

Moments later, Lin Le came back with a few mini fish bosses and Ye Cang was prepared for everything.

"Alright, heres the finale!" Ye Cang started to grill the steak. He flipped the steak after cooking it 10 seconds on each side with a customized giant shover. With an arcane attack, he sent the steak to the chopping board. He then jumped and drizzled the secret sauce made out of organs and fluids. The hot steak was like a cage consisted of hell spirits and the sauce was a baptism purifying the spirits. The scene was terrifying. As the lid of the pot was being pushed off, a gigantic purplish skull flew out. With a creepy laugh, it pointed at the soup, did a throat-cutting action and disappeared. Staring at those dishes, Verlianna was sweating. Just with the smell, Im almost falling. Shouldnt have pinched my nose.

Verlianna stared at the set meal Ye Cang gave her. A slice of the steak, a bowl of soup, grilled fish, fried XX and something that looked like organ sashimi.

Verlianna did not know how many times she had fainted. That disgusting smell which pierced into her bones and the explosive stink. It was as if there was a disaster happening at her taste buds. She died twice in the middle and ate them again.

Staring at Verliannas exhausted look, Zhang Zhengxiong cheered her up. "Youll feel better when you eat it next time. Lele and I eat his food once every few days."

Verlianna then looked at Zhang Zhengxiong and Lele with much respect. Yet, she looked at Ye Cang with fear. This man. He eats whatever he made. Not only that, he eats most of it. She then checked her food buffs. Wow! What an impressive food status! It comes with 6 passive effects! It even has damage increasing effect and energy recovery! The more disgusting it is, the greater the attributes? What an insane life skill. It would be great if the taste and attributes are directly proportionate.

"Not bad! Lets drink some wine! Cheers! From now onwards, we are the best brothers!" Ye Cang took out the wine he brewed and gave them a bowl each. The three of them finished it and fainted as their necks twisted. Verlianna was holding the bowl, trembling. Thats some good instant kill weapon. I represent Europe! I must not show weakness! She then drank all of it. Yet, she felt as if she was not drinking wine, instead, it was as if she swallowed a Flame Burst. Her entire body was burning.

As Verlianna slowly got up, Zhang Zhengxiong stared at her as he burped. "Youre one of the bravest woman Ive ever met. Brother, though it was very disgusting when drinking it for the first few times, its taste after a few drinks is marvelous!"

"Thats right! Thats right! Wheres the dragon?! Lele wants to slay some dragons! *Howl* *Howl* I want to drink the dragon-blood-black-dragon-kill cocktail!" Lin Le was slamming the floor.

"Lele, calm down. We still need to do some preparation before slaying dragons! For example, drink two more bowls!!" Ye Cang said calmly.

"Cheers!" The three of them once again toasted and fainted.

"......" Verlianna was speechless as she facepalmed. So disgusting. The taste of this wine is too strong. I admit my alcohol level is high but this totally changed my thoughts.
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