Virtual World Peerless White Emperor Chapter 695

Chapter 695

The Viper Guardian

Verlianna and the three of them arrived at a cave covered with icicles. There was a creature that was made out of white crystal and minerals standing in the middle of the cave.

"Thats not a dragon. Why does it differ from what Lele imagine? Shouldnt dragon be like those roaring, arrogant, intimidating lizard or snake-like creature with wings and a big ass? This looks like a bird to me. Its impossible to trick Lele! Lele is an art student!" Verlianna was shocked upon hearing what Lin Le said.

Ye Cang then identified it. "Its indeed a type of dragon but its called viper. It has the dragons bloodline."

Ice Crystal Viper - Anbass (Special Field - Leader - Dragon-Type - Crystal): A descendant of a Ice Crystal Bird and a Wind Dragon. It has the ice crystal attributes of a Ice Crystal Bird and the strong wind attribute of a Wind Dragon. Its ice heart and eyes are very rare ingredients. Its stronger than an Ice Crystal Bird but weaker than a Wind Dragon. Yet, its overall strength is not bad. It inherits the guardian characteristic of an Ice Crystal Bird. Its damage isnt high and it wont attack unless it is provoked. There is no obvious weakness. Immune to ice and water elemental magic. Fire elemental damage will be slightly higher than the other elements. Friendly reminder: this viper might have undergone mutation.

"Ive heard that the dragons in the west are very horny and perverted. They make out with any" As Zhang Zhengxiong mumbled, Verlianna rolled her eyes against him. "The dragons in the east arent any better though. There are dragons that give birth to nine children, some look like a tortoise and some look like a dog. All kinds of creatures. God knows what they did?"

"You are discriminating against the Chinese culture" Ye Cang turned around and said.

"You guys started it first!" Verlianna was speechless.

"If Im a dragon, that would be great. I could do anything" Zhang Zhengxiongs words stunned the two of them who were about to fight. He then sighed. "Children make mistakes. Children make mistakes." (he called himself a child because he is a scout)

"Brother LilXiong wants to become a dragon? Lele only wishes to practice the Exploring-A-New-World Art to master level" Zhang Zhengxiong was stunned at Lin Les words and turned around guiltily.

"Alright, lets discuss our strategy on killing it." Ye Cang said seriously.

Verlianna thought they were crazy. Even if you guys are the three emperors or even if you guys have three different hero talents or skills, its impossible to defeat it. Not to mention, our lineup lacks a healer which is on the same rank as you guys. Only Chrysanthemum Emperor and those people from the Golden Era could defeat these kinds of special field bosses. There arent many who can defeat it by themselves.

"Brother, how about this? Either Lele or I endure the damage, you or I do the healing, you or Lele deals the damage." Zhang Zhengxiong came up with a normal strategy. Meanwhile, Verlianna stared at him. You? Healing?

"What are you looking at? Im a priest, okay? Im good at healing!" Verlianna could not help but laugh at Zhang Zhengxiongs words. "Priest? Isnt that what you pretend to be?"

"Im not pretending. Im really a priest. A priest with a high constitution. Thats all." Zhang Zhengxiong showed his real class badge to her and Verlianna became speechless. This fella is really a priest?!

"Lele, what do you think?" Sitting on a rock, Ye Cang looked at Lin Le.

"Brother LilWhite, Lele thinks that we can disguise this lady as a female dragon and give her to the boss. See whether or not it is willing to give us equipments and rewards." Lin Le suddenly expressed his opinions like a strategist.

"......" Verlianna was stunned as she saw Lin Les serious look on giving strategies. Is this really the King of Heavy Weapon - Root Emperor - Mad Devil Le?!

"Leles idea is not bad. Thats plan B. Ill talk to it first, see whether or not it will give us the equipment and rewards. Its better to persuade rather than to battle since we are highly-educated people." Ye Cangs words caused Verlianna to recall the rumors about them. Are you sure you guys are highly-educated?! Do highly-educated people block the respawn point in every match?! "How are you going to talk?"

"I know draconic." Ye Cang brushed his beautiful spiritual wolf-head hood and walked forward in the snow.

Once again, Verlianna rolled her eyes. Will this fella die without acting for once?

Standing in front of the Ice Crystal Statute, Ye Cang looked at the eye of the ice storm.

The three of them were staring at Ye Cang as he spoke to Anbass which just resurrected. What came to their surprise was that the two of them were sitting on the rocks and chit-chatting. At last, Anbass let out a joyful cry and all the ice crystals went flying.

"Congratulations. Youve successfully persuaded Anbass to be the Guardian of the Shrine in SIlver Dragon City! Level +2! Immediately receive a hero skill! Skill points +5! Talent points +5! Randomly obtain a diamond-ranked leader class equipment! Reputation in Silver Dragon City +30,000!"

Verlianna was stunned at those great rewards. What just happened?!

"Brother, how did you persuade it?!" Zhang Zhengxiong asked Ye Cang.

"Actually, its very lonely. It is standing here every day, hoping there will be someone to talk to. Yet, a lot of people only want to attack it. Coincidentally, it was raised by a human called Tuloss. There was once a war here and Tuloss died. The corpse was nowhere to be found so it has been guarding this place ever since. It feels lonely as it has nowhere to go to. So, I asked it to come to the Half-moon shrine and be the direct guardian of Aymuss, responsible for security matters in Silver Dragon City. I also told him that the salary there is high, benefits are great and their lack of moonlight crystals. If it comes, everyone will worship it. Also, this fella is humorous. Its jokes are really funny. It said there was once a bald rabbit monster and a reptile having sex" Ye Cang shrugged his shoulders and smiled as he spoke. Verlianna then interrupted him. "It itself is a moonlight crystal?"

"Do all people named Rose like to interrupt others when they are telling a very funny joke?! All the crystals surrounding us are not ice crystal, they are all moonlight crystals. Even though some are considered ice crystals, they are influenced by the moonlight crystals as if they are magnetized by magnets. They has the characteristics of an ice crystal but also the light energy of a moonlight crystal." Ye Cang was not resigned.

"Brother LilWhite is the best! Kill dragons by using the mouth! Too impressive! Lele learned something new again! Why is Brother LilWhite so impressive?! Why?! Why?! Why?!" Lin Le started to beat his own chest as he complimented Ye Cang. Ye Cang then touched Lin Les head gladly. "Its not that impressive. Its normal."

Hehe, I know why Brother pampers Lele more than Little Ye Tian now. When he looked at Lin Le, Zhang Zhengxiong thought of Little Ye Tian who was always blamed for anything. Suddenly, he howled. "Thats my brother! The real strategist!"

"Oh, AXiong, dont exaggerate. Be humble. Be humble. Actually Leles idea was good too." Ye Cang patted Zhang Zhengxiongs shoulder. Meanwhile, Verlianna saw how Ye Cang enjoyed being praised although he sounded humble. I better stay away from them, in case I would be influenced by them. Upon thinking about it, she saw Ye Cang looking at her with the expression of it is your turn. She smiled bitterly. "Indeed is the White Emperor! As good as the rumors said!"

"Aww, they are just rumors. Real Rose, youre not bad too. Heres the Fake Roes address. Go kill her and you can be my fiance." After hearing what Ye Cang said, Verlianna stopped whatever she wanted to say. This conversation is impossible to continue. I could only smile. Looks like that b*tch, ThornyRose doesnt have a good life after all. Verliannas hatred towards ThornyRose was then reduced. She even felt pity for her.

"Alright, alright. What hero skills do you guys get?" Ye Cang returned to the main topic.

Zhang Zhengxiong glanced at Verlianna and Ye Cang nodded. "Real Rose, can you turn your back against us? This is private and confidential."

Verlianna did as they said speechlessly.

"Brother LilWhite! My hero skill is something called Dragon-Slaying Execute!"

"Thats a cool name. Let me have a look. Deals a permanent bleeding effect and unhealable wound on the target until...the battle ends. The effect is 5 times greater when used on dragons. When the targets health points are lower than 20%, the effect is 5 times greater on ordinary targets and 15 times greater on dragons. Thats good."

"......" Verlianna did not know whether to laugh or cry. Whats the purpose of asking me to turn my back against you guys?! Are you guys trying to insult my IQ?!
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